The people of Imo have decided for progress; a bold and courageous rejection of being lifers in their own home. The exhilaration can be felt even in far distances; the elation of a people for the restitution of violations. This is the forced in-gathering of over-reached tentacles and the rebounding of wills that refuse to die:

And so he goes the squint-eyed one

Handicap, headed toward the river

Forgetting the night fall of the zone?

Poor you, Flagellant of the verger

Keel over the sand-dunes of Nworie

Tumble into the gateway of the Atlantic

Wayfarers route, Afor, Nkwo, Eke, Orie

Dredger of the river, merchant of the frantic

Fare thee well, fetid fardel of the market

On the shoulder of a harlequin

Oh, fain-buyers, have you forgotten to racket

I see! This is a chloroquine

I need no medication, just a bath

To reinvigorate my essence and being

So a cleansing of the river of my birth

Yes, from IMO, the essence of my being

Dust all seat, prepare the feast, chant

The refrain of the hymn - clean and green

Ignore the racketeers and their rant

Louder! Louder! and with a grin