The President and Boko Haram State of Mind

There are two theories making the round these days. Both of them have been unsubstantiated but in these days of bombings, pillage and kidnapping of young women for forced marriage; the gift of rumour is akin to that of military intelligence. There is a truism in the saying that there is truth in every rumour.

Both theories revolve around the compliciteness of our President in the activities of Boko Haram. The first theory purports that the President, with a horde of his PDP brethren have been supplying arms, money and now women to Boko Haram. The President knows all their intimate hideouts. He is in constant touch with the feisty Boko Haram leader and even calls to congratulate him each time the rebels score another devastating blow.

The second theory, linked to the first has its epistemological origins from the qualities of good leadership. This theory avows that there are two cardinal qualities of a good leader. First he must have an ability to frown. How can one be president when he cannot frown? When he seems to be smiling, when he is actually trying to look hideous? The ability to look hideously gruesome as a survival technique is as old as the universe, employed by animals to scare off predators. Surely a well practiced presidential frown should be a prerequisite for a good leader. This theory is also linked to an ability to know that the dance steps of the crotch pulling Michael Jackson is un presidential. It is certainly unpardonable for a seating president to step to any rhythm while the country is burning. And a Michael Jackson routine at that! There are more presidential dance steps which can be danced in times of sorrow but a list of these dances will come later.

These are crimes against Nigerians which the President must answer for immediately after his tenure. It is common knowledge that the fire raging in Nigeria was ignited by the re-election ambition of the President. Well meaning Nigerians have reminded him of his promise to serve for only one term but he has reneged on this promise. The inferno threatening to swallow this country could have been averted, if he had refused to seek re-election. For harbouring ambitions of further presidential grandeur, the President has become responsible for the deaths of many. The carnage will end if his ambitions end. For this, he must answer to the people.