The idea that America is trying to lap in Babaginga should be discarded. It's obvious that they have laid the cards on the table to further disruption of the political train. America knows too well that Babaginda holds the aces and he's the man to call to order. After all, they have his lengthy file. Carson's visit was to bring this fact home to IBB and nothing else.

It is therefore not strange that Babangida's voice has not been heard. The calculations suddenly and without warning went wrong. He has been put off from saying anything that would fry the Nigeria drive for democracy.

Obama has shown his teeth and the direction he is going. He understands the implication of Nigeria failing itself as a state, the effect on Africa as a country. The roll call from the northern Oligarchs and IBB most especially do not fit Obama's bill. There is presently no hold bar, no withering of errors anymore and this point had been brought home to IBB by Carson.

We know where we are headed. This is what's important now. We should therefore not waste time dilly-dallying with men whose ship of state had long left standing in the plank.

*Patrick Nwadike wrote in from Japan and can be reached via; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.