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Nobody is being witch-hunted. Those crying witch-hunting are actually the witches hunting us down. Our problem is the failed justice system ...a sane mind can easily outline our problems... witch-hunting is the most commonly used word in this fight against corruption. I understand when the suspects use the expression but when I hear an average Nigerian use it just because of his/her hatred for Buhari, I just shake my head in disbelief. So this is just one example of a fake war that we fight. Instead of standing with the person that is doing the right thing and condemning he who did wrong, we turn it into a Buhari lover versus Goodluck lover war a.k.a. PDP versus APC war.

Now, that we know the problems, looking forward to "we the people to act" in Nigerian. LOL!

Lol! Continue laughing now. That's the same way these politrickcians are laughing to the bank because we can never come together to fight them.

Let us come together. Why can't "we"?

That is exactly what the politrickians love about Nigerians...we love to chase shadows..form interest groups and camps while the looters continue to suck Nigeria dry...

Yes, but that person doing the right thing must be seen to be doing the right thing. I'll not stand with any President who does and said that he will disobey court orders. I'm sure it's not the progress you had in mind. Presidents and better leaders make decisions when it is very difficult so to do.

It will become the progress I had in mind if the millions of Nigerians out there will allow the guy in charge to fight corruption; if the justice system, the. ..tricians will allow the guilty to be prosecuted, if Nigerians will say no to corruption and stop pitching several tents..if we all unite in nation building...I understand no leader is perfect, but any leader that truly focuses in tackling corruption has done Nigeria noble...that is if Nigerians agree and unite...we are having a difficult time saving ourselves from ourselves...and if you can just stop hating because of the so called Biafra agitation...I can see that you are a wailer. This wailing has taken the sunshine out of your life. Wailers focus on this court order. None of you praised him for the fight against corruption rather those were termed witch-hunting. This takes us back to our failed legal system: a country where a political elite steals millions and is released on bail, bail he secured with part of our stolen money, while a poor Nigerian is remanded in jail for stealing a mobile phone. I'm not saying that Buhari is infallible. We should look at every issue on a case by case basis and condemn he who has done wrong and support he who does right that's all I'm saying.

Thank you for the word, "if". May I simply add that someone is in charge now and his name is Mohammadu  Buhari. You want a united Nigeria, yet, you termed me a wailer for making contributions. Thank you. I van only remind you that I have never earned a cent from Nigeria government in any department. So, I'm no reason why Nigeria can't afford pipe-borne water to her citizens for over 55 years.

My point is that Nigerians need to call their leaders out. If we weren't busy pitching tent the past 55 years perhaps pipe borne water will be a thing of the past...

So, when are they gonna do that? Do you have plans to go back to Nigeria and summon them? LOL!

What do you mean? Who are the 'they'?

Nigerians! Or are we not chatting about Nigerians?

Are you not a Nigerian?

I am trying my best. I have given solutions here if you read back. I suggested that Nigeria should contract other countries to provide those things the leaders couldn't do for 55 years. For instance, China provides electricity and water in the next 5 years. Germany provides good efficient transport network in the next seven years. Russia or USA provides security of lives and property forever. Buhari can effect these in six Nigeria major cities to start with and still keep his eyes on his corruption activism. How you see am?

 What we should do is to all stand on one queue and that's the queue of people who weigh two rights, two wrongs, one right and one wrong then choose to be with the "righter" of the two.  For instance someone had the audacity to distribute our money the way Dasuki did, that's one wrong and another decides that contrary to the law, he does not deserve a bail; that's another wrong. I'll stand with the "righter" of these two wrongs!

Ok! Send me a court decision by any court in Nigeria where the court said that Dasuki distributed our money. Also send me a link about the decision of that court on what you said Dasuki did. Please, don't tell me about our laws not being enough because we have to work with what we have up until a legislative arm make new laws or amend old ones. I don't agree with this your "righter" thing because human beings when given long rope can usurp power for different reasons. We have seen it severally. Remember Hitler. People held for crimes as bad as terrorism are charged to court within 24 hours. Where the police need hold them longer, they must obtain court approval. Here, we have EFCC holding Metuh for over four days without charges. That is morally bankrupt and corrupt. That is worse than money stealing because both our values as human beings and the country's constitution is being trampled upon. Yet, you expect me to clap. No, thank you!

Dasuki has not been proven guilty . No dispute about that but he was the one that confessed to all these so no need asking me to bring proof. Now back to where the fight should be--our legal system. Tell me, why should someone distribute $2.1 billion like that and the judge posted only 200 million Naira for his bail? Reeks of corruption. The judge must have been bribed because the amount to post depends on him. He should have made the bail amount steep at least.

No, Dasuki did not confess. On his appearance in court, he entered "NOT GUILTY" and that was the last time. On Dasuki's bail, court set parameters for bail. If Judges were bribed, were they also bribed to swear Buhari in as President?

He entered not guilty to ALL the charges against him does not mean he did not confess. Go back and Google his confessions to EFCC on how he shared the money. So how do you think we got the exact amounts he gave out? Biko go and read up on this and come back.

Did he confess guilt or did he make statement to EFCC?

Have you seen this info-graphic? All those specific figures came from Dasuki himself.

Has the so-called info-graphic been presented in court and the court certified or admitted it just as done in Dokpesi case?

All I know is that Dasuki did not confess under duress. In fact he tried to justify the whole thing by saying that Goodluck approved the distribution. This is why we should start fighting the right fights. We should be questioning the bail amount that is placed on this guy's head not whether he has been proven guilty or not. Anyway, it's 2pm here in Spain and siesta beckons.

Remember that Buhari  got two SUV's as his entitlement from the $2.1b. Femi Adesina (Buhari's pressman), received 50 million Naira. We need our courts to actually know what was stolen and what was not. We cannot rely on newspapers and bloggers in a matter as important as this. Nice nap to you! Since you're in Spain, extend a hand of freedom to the Catalonians.

Patrick Nwadike

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