January 15 every year is the day set aside as holiday by Americans in honor of a man who, though long dead, his memory and legacy remains evergreen in the hearts of freedom-lovers in America and across the world. To date, the man's words still inspire those who yearn for liberty and justice everywhere, regardless of their race or background. And his Nigerian man happens to be one of those who has been greatly inspired by the work of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr while he was alive. Like many of his fellow Nigerians, this man also thirsts for the freedom of his land from those who have kept the country in their stranglehold for so long. So, on America's Martin Luther King Day, he imagined the rise of a powerful Nigerian version of MLK, who had vigorously campaigned across Nigeria for several months to compel Nigerians to gather at the Eagle Square, in Abuja, the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory. And he imagined the 'Nigerian MLK' give the following speech at the gathering:
"Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We gather here today for ONE thing that the human heart yearns for across the lenght and breadth of this Mother Earth. We gather here to demand that which has eluded us for so long in this abundantly blessed land of ours. We gather here because our hearts ache - because our hearts bleed - our souls long desperately for that which all humans love and cherish. We troop out here today to seek so we shall find; to ask so we shall be given that which every man and woman on Earth is entitled to - that which every man, woman child can lay claim to as their birthright. Like the fish needs water, like all living things need air, it is in the same way that we need that thing for which we are gathered here today."

"Today, my dear people, we converge at the Epicentre of Power in the land of our ancestors - the land of our grand-parents and great grand-parents for several generations; this land where we catch the scent of our ancestors in air; the land whose soil is composed of the body of these same long gone ancestors; the land which is the only place we can call home. The land where we should never feel inferior - the land that each and every one of us can and should lay claim to - OUR LAND. It is on this land that we stand which makes us a proud people. We own this land, we own the resources and everything else in it. We have everything except for that ONE thing we desperately need. And as I earlier said, that is why we are here today. What we demand is of such universal concept that every living man, woman and child - and even animals in the woods cherish; and that is nothing other than that which we call FREEDOM."

"The day you and I exited our mothers' womb and inhaled those very first breadths of air into our tender lungs was the day we got our entitlements to freedom. And that freedom we got was the right to breadthe that air unfettered and live unhindered. The life in you at those early hours was no other person's but yours and yours alone. And what more, if you were born on this soil, or born to parents of this land, you are entitled to every natural thing this soil has been blessed with. First amongst YOUR rights in this land is your right to life and personal liberty - the very basic interpretation of the word "freedom". It is this freedom that guarantees everything else you and I yearn for in life: the freedom of worship, the freedom of association; the freedom of movement; the freedom of economic prosperity; the freedom to have a say in how your resources are managed; the freedom to choose who shall represent you or your interests..and how he shall represent those interests; the freedom to choose what your Motherland is a signatory to; the freedom from oppression and coercion - etcera, etcetera, etcetra."

"Alas, it has been two score and six years ago when we demanded and got our independence from those who came to colonize our land; leaving that sense of true freedom as elusive as it was in the days preceeding our so-called independence. Bandits posing as liberators have hijacked our constitutionally guaranteed powers; criminals and looters have killed our compatriots and fleeced the land; our national heritages have been militiarized - our anthems and pledges were chosen for us by military hegemons without our inputs; alien ideals have been shoved down our throats without as much as researching if those ideals are compatible with our values, cultures or way of life; our beautiful and rich diversity has been badly exploited by opportunists; our culture of tolerance and respect for consituted authority has been subjected to repetitive and blatant exploitation; our collective psyche has been subjected to a successive and relentless assaults of deception, manipulation, exploitation, extortion and a host of other 'tions' which has left a large majority of our people disillusioned and badly battered. Oh, what a great shame for a land with so much potential!"

"Today is January 15, 2007, and the story has remains the same. One can even say that the situation has worsened. The audacity with which the current leaders perpetrate their acts is mind-boggling; the effrontery of the past leaders to come back and continue where they left off is perplexing! When the humble ones - the people with integrity - amongst us offer to give us hope, when these people offer to serve us teeming multitude of people who thirst for freedom, the killers threaten them or snuff the life out of them - they murder them! When we vote for the good people, the thieves run away with our votes and ballot boxes! When we ask for people with proven records, the tainted and the failures of yesteryears show their ugly faces and try to hyponotize us with their money and their lies or they simply force themselves upon us!"

"Oh brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grand-mothers and grand-fathers! Are WE going to seat idle while the thieves, the despots, the opportunists, the manipulators, the deceptors, the brutes and the prostitutes of power continue to toy with our collective destiny? Are we?  I didn't hear you respond loud enough! I SAY, ARE WE GOING TO SIT IDLE WHILE A CONSCIENCELESS MINORITY CONTINUE TO HOLD US HOSTAGE TO THEIR VICES IN THE LAND OF OUR FORE-FATHERS?!!!  LET ME HEAR YOU YELL THAT ONE MORE TIME!!!!"

"That is the spirit, my people! Life is not worth it without Freedom on your own God-given land! Or what is a man's life worth without access to the basics of his rights as a citizen of his OWN land? In our 46 years of existence as an independent nation, we have not had to fight for anything close to what other lands that enjoy true freedom today had to fight for. We did not loose our men and women in the battlefields to arrest our freedom from the colonial powers. We were lucky to get our independence without the type of battles the Americans went through for theirs; we were lucky we did not go through the apartheid that South Africans went through for their freedom; we are lucky we did not have to endure years of Guerilla Warfare with foreigners like the Kenyans! We had our independence on a platter of Gold! Apart from that, we woke up to a nation abundantly blessed with human and natural resources in virtually every region - from the creeks of Yenagoa to the plains of Plateau; from the deserts of Borno to the to the rainforests of Ekiti, Anambra and Cross-Rivers. We had all that but freedom."

"If we are to change anything from this point on, we must be prepared to fight for what is ours. We must be willing to tell those who keep us in bondage - those who are have fed fat on
our Commonwealth for so long, that this is MY land and YOUR land and NOBODY will henceforth make either you or me a slave on our Fatherland ever again - never! NOBODY shall be allowed to toy with our collective destiny in this country no more! Today is the day that we cease to be afraid of Government or so-called elite in OUR land! Rather, we shall begin to make the Government -President, Governors, Senators, Representatives and all these polticians - afraid of messing with us or our affairs! Yes, we shall put the fear of the masses in them, such that they will tremble when next the thought of toying with our collective destiny crosses their minds again!"

"Today, we humbly acknowledge the existence of our rights and the power in unity! We have all travelled far and wide to this venue to make a point to those past, current, and future leaders of this blessed land! We have come to say to Mr. President, Mr. Gomina, Mr. Senator, Mr. Representative, Mr. Politician - past, present and future - that "if you mess with us, we shall mess with you. Be afraid Gentlemen, it is not going to be business as usual anymore. From this point on, you shall all be answerable to us! You shall ONLY be in power with our consent! You shall only taste power if you learn to humble yourselves before us! And if you think we are joking, you may dare us and watch your lives turn miserable. We shall make your tenures as leaders a bed of thorns for you! This marks the Dawn of a New Era in our land! Fellow citizens, say the last words of the following statements after me: This marks the era of FREEDOM! The Era of true DEMOCRACY The Era of ACCOUNTABILITY! The Era of SERVICE! The era of JUSTICE! The era of RESOURCE CONTROL!! The era of PROSPERITY! The era of true PATRIOTISM! The era of PRIDE!"

"Yes, my people!! I stand humbly before you today, assured that the Freedom we yearn for has been found. The dream of a free society is real now more than ever before..and the testament to that assertion is the presence of you and I here today. That we are able to converge here is the very essence of what we seek. Let us not stop with this gathering. As we leave this venue for our different homes, let us remain determined more than ever before to fiercely guard that which NATURALLY belongs to us since we were conceived: our freedoms - in every sense of the word. Influence your spheres about this - talk to your wives, husbands, girfriends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters, co-workers, friends, rivals or enemies who are also fellow citizens - everybody you can share this message of freedom with. Tell them it is now the Era of Freedom; that this Land is only going to prosper if they don't sit back while others operate with impunity; that they have a say and CAN influence the destiny of this country in their individual tiny ways because NO EFFORT IS TOO SMALL! You can start from your families, your street or community, your towns or cities, your states or regions. In the end, we shall all mushroom as one powerful nation of freedom-lovers who will no doubt be the determinants of the direction of this country from now on. And so shall it be."

"Thank you all for coming. May every positive aspiration we seek come our way. Freedom from this day on shall cease to be elusive in our lives because we have found our voice and together we shall keep that freedom ours for good. We have tasted freedom and it sure taste good. So please, dear brothers and sisters, let us feast! Thanks you for joining in the battle to take back that which belongs to us from those who have selfishly held onto it for so long. It is well! May God bless our the land of our fathers always!"