Phillip Troussier: God Is Wiser Than Men

Philippe Troussier"THIS TROUSER NO FIT NIGERIA" That was the title of an article written against Phillip Troussier sometime in 1997 in one of the Nigerian dailies. It was also one of the several negative media campaigns made against him at that time.You may want to ask, "What was the man's OFFENCE"? Very simple, he just assisted Nigeria to qualify, under excruciating circumstances to qualify for the world cup. Immediately he got the ticket for Nigeria, there was a Tsunami- type negative media campaign against him. It was then that the media remembered that he was not a good coach, that he was a THIRD RATED coach. That Nigeria's image will be dented if she presented a third-rated coach at the world fiesta etc etc. There is this morbid attachment to national pride that one wonders if respect is earned by just asking for it or working for its achievement and retention.He was replaced by Serbian coach Bora Milutinovic.Of course the super eagles did not get far in the world cup and have since then been wobbling and fumbling. Surprisingly it did not occur to Nigerians, especially the press that INJUSTICE had been done to Phillip Troussier. He was HUMILIATED FOR NO JUST CAUSE.Despite the fact that more than 80% of our population are Christians and Muslims, we committed a great error and sin against God by that singular act.I do not often want to take matters to the spiritual realm, but one cannot deny the presence of that invisible hand in the affairs of men. Though the physical and the intellect are visible and can be quantified, the spiritual is manifested only when the cycle is completed. But men have short memories and believe that the spiritual realm does not count much or even exist. Despite the universal truth that man is a spirit, he pays less attention to the spiritual and treat spiritual laws with impunity. The consequences for such acts of impunity is what we are witnessing in almost all the aspects of our lives today.It was that impunity and miscarriage of justice that made us deny Troussier his deserved honor to take us to the world cup in 1998. It was akin to denying a labourer his wages after a day's job.Unfortunately the Eagles have not performed well in international engagements ever since.I am avoiding the technical details for obvious reasons. I do not have the facts. I also do not know the number of laurels he has won for Japan, South Africa or Burkina Faso, but I know that he won a world cup ticket for us and we sacked him.There are also questions being raised currently Ø Why can't we hire a better coach?Ø Why not get a coach from England etc?My responses are:Ø How many good coaches worldwide have laurels to their credits? Few.Ø Are these few ready and willing to work in Nigeria?Ø Can Nigeria afford to pay them?Ø Would they want to leave the limelight of European soccer and other advanced countries for Nigeria?While I am not advocating the promotion of mediocrity over achievement or professionalism this Troussier matter is deeper and has spiritual extensions.His record with us is not that of a mediocre but an achiever who was denied his prize.It is a timely lesson that God is teaching us if only we will drown our ever rising and noisy voices and LISTEN.The lesson in this for all of us is that man is a spirit and so is subject to the laws of God. And so should be just. God loves JUSTICE. In this realm,i.e the spiritual, there is nothing but TRUTH (No Nigerian factor) in its stark reality and everything is weighed on the scale of justice.No one can change this process however clever or crafty that person may be.And no matter how hard we try we cannot interfere with the outcomes of our actions both as individuals and as a nation. But there are countries that don't believe in God and countries that are run on as secular states and yet they are doing well. True. A close look at such countries will reveal well organized states where the rule of law and/orderliness rather than impunity and/or lawlessness is the norm.If we agree with this principle, then it is time we examined other aspects of our national life and seek God's assistance so that we can have the courage to right the many wrongs that we have committed. This will enable us to enjoy peace, tranquility and progress. It is restoration time only if we make the effort.According to the Bible, there is time and season for everything under the sun. This is the time to seek repentance for our sins so that we can WALK WITH GOD.I am neither a pastor (I am a Muslim) nor a soccer agent but this is my candid opinion. BON VOYAGE MR. PHILLIP TROUSSIER AS YOU MOVE TOWARDS ANOTHER GLORYThank youTaslim Anibaba (FCA) 22nd July, 2005Any comments can be sent to

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