Talk is not cheap; Talk is the Essence – By Ibraheem A. Waziri

Mongols converted to Islam after the untold destruction they brought to it. They crushed the Abbasids. They turned river Tigris of the then Baghdad to blood. Yet they became Muslims. It is said that two merchants were responsible for their conversion. Just two merchants! Their names have been lost in the debris of history; their bloodline also.

The Mongols were the Khans, the Gengis, Hulagu, and Kublai Khans! They erected the Mughal Empire or Khan dynasty in India. They were behind the Turks that won Istanbul (Constantinople) permanently for Islam. They had a record of contributions, expansions and military expeditions in the service of Islamic value system. So unprecedented! The world today celebrates their legacies!

The question or the answer here is in the truth that the two forgotten merchants have few equals in the history of Islam, in the service to it. Yet they were not with guns or swords. They did not create an Islamic state, nor did they terrorize any social enclave in the name of struggle to establish it or die trying. They did not shed any innocent blood. In fact they are not even remembered by subsequent generations by their names. Yet they have done to Islam what YOU under any guise or in the name of any organization, in this modern world, cannot do to it.

Yes, they only appeared before a Mongol king with an item to trade. He asked for a deal and they said they would not agree to that since it was against their Islamic values. He became impressed, fascinated and interested. He asked further of the marvel of this their business value. They spoke, spoke and spoke. He agreed, agreed and agreed. Until he finally got convinced in good conscience of the superiority of their values above what he was holding. He converted to Islam. His lieutenants did. So also his other brothers manning other conquered territories. These two merchants had permanent conquest that impact most in modern history.

Here in Nigeria, in Northern Nigeria, I see my Islam like theirs. It has its guns and swords. They are the guns and swords of intellect. The same the Prophet used at the very beginning. One man against the entire world! He spoke, spoke and spoke. He reasoned, reasoned and reasoned. He debated, debated and debated. He worked, worked and worked. He then won the world - the whole world.

Brother, be you in Egypt or Iraq. Be you in Syria or Maiduguri. Be you in Adamawa or Gombe. Anywhere you are! Drop the physical guns please. Drop the bombs in a trash can. Drop the swords. Drop even the idea of a sword, a gun or a bomb. In fact when and wherever you come across the idea of the sword, kill it.

We will be remembered most like the two merchants, like the prophet. We will be rewarded most by Heaven! Our Jihad will be without blemish, without scratches. It will crest without doubts and paradise, the blessed, will be guaranteed for us with little burden accompanied.