From Rio With Love -- The Ultimate Fela Mix

The sound bites of the great Fela and those paying ode to him are both from the past and present and while they are familiar, the arrangement is not. Today's master piece comes to us from Brazil's own DJ Fernando and is another living testimony as to how music transcends all boundaries and remains the true cement that holds humanity together.

Despite the presence of arguably the largest pool of Yoruba's outside of Nigeria in the Salvador da Bahia area of Brazil, DJ Fernando speaks neither Yoruba nor pidgin making his feat even more impressive. His uncanny sense of rhythm and ear for music rewards us with one of the more original mixes of the year. From the bleating angry Antibalases horns to Seun Kuti sampling of OBJ himself he has packed more into circa 79 minutes than we could fit say into the flag ship of Nigeria Airways.

In 5 different languages he blends contributions from Sade, Macy Gray, Tony Allen and the Intruders,

Victor Olaiya and his International Allstars, Femi Kuti, Tunde Williams and the Africa 70, Bola Johnson, Baba Mal as well a re cooked samples off the Nigerian Gangster project by Chicago's own DJ Mike Love in to such a delicious stew that we can only hope there will be a part 2.



Please visit DJ Fernando's Esnips page, turn up your speakers and listen to the mix HERE

Then please take a minute to "Thank Him".


Note you will need to sign up for an Esnips Acct to do this. Don't worry it's free and I think it's a small price to pay when we consider that he may be wooed over to do not just a Fela part 2 but to actually tackle a High Life mix.