Stop this deception! Igbos will not gain from zoning

It is ironic, that the enemies of a peaceful and resourceful people are their own selfish and unprincipled kinsmen who are political prostitutes and shameless bootlickers. These supposedly enlightened politicians from the Igbo stock have continued to ensure the endless political strangulation of their own people after the unfortunate civil war, for personal and primordial gains. Now they have started again, dangling a ÔÇśgreek' gift before the Igbos with a promise of presidency in 2015 or any time soon.

Like every Nigerian, I believe the Igbos have a right to the presidency of this country. They are equal to every other Nigerian and have contributed like others in the development of Nigeria. They have made their sacrifices both human and material in seeing to the progressive movement of Nigeria. That's why it is humiliating for anyone to say he will give them the presidency at a specific point in time. The question is, is this man more Nigerian than the Igbos? That the entire Igbo stock would have to wait for him before they are ever consider for the presidency.

Zoning was never a policy that could work with a polarised and suspicious political elites like ours. The present day Nigeria, is that of people craving for good leadership. Our people, who bear the daily humiliations of lack, are not bothered about the colour or background or region of their would be messiah, all they want is result. They are tired of endless promises and the flamboyant lifestyles of their rulers in the midst of their own extreme poverty. The rural man or woman in the interior of Igboland is more concern about provision of basic infrastructures and a prosperous environment where there will be boundless opportunities to achieve his/her ambitions and happiness. Whoever has the ideas that would actualised these lofty dreams is welcome.

The statements credited to a former senate president, Ken Nnamani, that the only way an Igbo can become president is through zoning, is rather unfortunate. Coming from a man who is expected to be wiser than an illiterate, shows that Igbos need to ostracise some of its political elites from their communities. Thankfully, Ken Nnamani is not qualify to speak for the Igbos. This is a man who was a mere opportunist in the corridor of power; who is a known betrayal of favour and who is quick at flaunting himself as a democrat when he is obviously one of those who ÔÇśforced' themselves on the people. He became a senator by the benevolence of the political ÔÇśbulldozer' of his then political mentor, Chimaroke Nnamani. As a senator and a ÔÇślucky' senate president, he could not publicly challenge Obasanjo's third term bid, until that ungodly scheme was scuttled by the people and majority of members of the national assembly. Late senator Idris Kuta once told the press, how he asked Nnanami: "My president, which side are you? Are you for third term or not?" Idris Kuta told the world, our so-called modern day democrat ÔÇô Ken Nnamani, was numb. He was too afraid to stick his neck for democracy; but today he wants to claim credit for the ÔÇśkilling' of third term, just because he was at the helm of affairs in the senate when the agitation was suppressed.

It is shameless men like Ken Nnamani that are drowning the political fates of the Igbo in present day Nigeria. If his support for zoning is because he wants an Igbo president in 2015, he should tell Igbos how comes his stewardship as the senate president and third in command in the hierarchy of national leadership in Nigeria did not affect even his immediate community in Enugu state, positively. What project did Ken Nnamani gave his community, to alleviate poverty and give Enugu people a sense of belonging in Nigeria during his reign as senate president? If the excuse is that he is a lawmaker, then which law did he proposed, that had positive bearing in the lives of the Igbos in particular and Nigerians in general? Or is he just realising he is Igbo after losing his privileged political power?

That Igbo president of Ken Nnamani's dream in 2015 through zoning, is s/he going to be an Igbo president for the exclusive development of Igbo nation or a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction for the development of the entire country called Nigeria? People like Nnamani are not helping the Igbos. They are creating distrust between Igbos and other ethnic nationalities especially those from the south-south and minorities in the north.

If the Igbos buy the argument of Ken Nnamani, they can as well kiss goodbye to having any political goodwill and sympathy from majority of Yorubas, the south-south, non speaking Hausas of the north and even the enlighten Hausas/Fulani. Politics is about consistency and wise sacrifices. The dominancy of one tribe in the political arena in Nigeria is gone for good. Nigerian electorates are more wiser now and sophisticated than those of the 60's and 80's whose votes are centred on ethnicity and religion.

Those northern political elites clamouring for zoning are not speaking the minds of majority of northerners. The average northerners too are in dire need of positive changes in Nigeria. Just like their counterparts in the south, they are tired of the endless circle of mediocre leadership that have continue to stall the development of Nigeria. Believe me, what the average Hausa person is interested in, today is not the geo-political zone of our president in 2011, what he wants, is a president that can deliver. We should stop believing these political vampires who are using the platform of zoning to seek for the presidency of Nigeria. They are not speaking the minds of the north, they are only desperate to get power, so as to further impoverish us.

A Nigerian president of Igbo extraction is not a dream is a reality. We don't need zoning to actualise that reality. If Igbos can win elections in Osun, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, plateau etc to represent the people of these states as councillors, members of state houses of representatives and even local government chairmen, without zoning, then why are these dunces telling the Igbos only zoning can give them the presidency?

By Olurotimi Adeola

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