Nigerians can not argue that they have seen the last of the military, because whether we like it or not they are still firmly entrenched in our sub-conscious. Though they may have since swapped their military uniforms for Agbada, but they are still behind the scenes pulling the strings.

On the political scene, Nigerians are still contending with retired generals such as Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Muhammad Buhari, and Buba Marwa, who all nurse the ambition of becoming Nigeria's president in 2007. Behind the scenes, retired military officers reign supreme as they have first pick over board appointments in government parastatals, agencies and commissions. Even with the introduction of the Office of Due Process in the presidency, the military still have easier access to lucrative government contracts using their ‘front' companies and cronies.

Our present socio-economic conditions today was visited upon us by a wasteful military, whose pre-historic and barbaric tendencies earned them the ‘mad dog' nickname in the eighties, after some soldiers had reportedly invaded the house of the influential and wealthy M.K.O Abiola and assaulted members of his family as a result of a traffic altercation involving Kola Abiola and a military officer.

odi-rape2.jpg To serve and protect? (photo courtesy Sunday Sun)

My heart bled as I read the lead story of the Sunday Sun newspaper titled A Harvest of Fatherless Children. The story tried to put into perspective the psychological scares left on the souls of the people of Odi, an Ijaw community in the Kolokuma-Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State whose village was temporarily occupied and ravaged in 1999 when the federal government ordered troops to flush out the killers of some 10 policemen earlier dispatched there to keep the peace.

The human and material consequences of the excessive use of force by the military in the now infamous Odi massacre had attracted wide condemnation by Nigerians and members of the international community.

However, 6 years down the line, the evil handiwork of the beastly soldiers has now begun to manifest in the large numbers of fatherless children in Odi who were sired when their innocent mothers were savagely raped and beaten repeatedly into submission by the mad dogs.

odi-rape.jpg Mad dog attacks (photo courtesy Sunday Sun)

These pictures of the soldiers in their uniforms caught in the act raping Odi women in broad day light and possibly in the full glare of the other members of the community are shocking and touches on the old wounds and scares once again.

Some people may claim that the Odi and Zaki Biam incidents are only isolated cases, especially regarding savagery and the use of force by uniformed men on this scale, over the people that they are supposed to be protecting, but it must also be taken into consideration that thousands of such incidents still go on in both urban and rural communities in Nigeria without being reported.

I remember an incident in 1993 when a friend and I were mercilessly beaten by some soldiers based at the NAF base in Ikeja, over a slight argument at the Murtala Muhammed international airport as we were escorting another friend to the airport, we were eventually dumped at the back of their open-back Land Rover truck and towed away like common criminals to their base where we were subsequently detained for a week and denied access to our families, legal assistance was out of the question at the time. While their ‘guests', the sadists subjected us to different dehumanizing treatments and seemed to enjoy seeing us writhe in pain and agony.

Recently, Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye wrote extensively on the Police Bloody Invasion of Umuaka, a town in Orlu Senatorial Zone in Imo State. Such rampant use of force by members of the armed forces including the police, against members of the civil society calls into question their training curriculum, and opens the door for a debate on whether such should not now be reviewed in light of present day realities.

There is indeed a case for the review of the role of the ‘uniformed men' in today's contemporary Nigerian society. Such review will also consider the essence of Nigeria's increasing defence budget in peace time, especially when Nigeria is at peace with its neighbours and is also not facing any imminent threat of external invasion. Some of the funds from the defence budget could actually be diverted to more pressing areas in the country requiring urgent attention, including the payment of compensation to thousands of Nigerians who have suffered in one way or the other in the hands of the military and their sister forces. Definitely buying moribund fighter planes from China is not a strategic decision if you ask me.

The anniversary of the Odi massacres and the re-publication of the rape pictures should indeed make all men of good will, particularly members of the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives to consider a special Marshall plan for the Odi people.

What Obasanjo outlined last week for the Niger Delta people is already a right step in the right direction, but then building highways all over the Niger Delta area is almost like scratching the surface of the Niger Delta problem. The Odi issue is pathetic and merits a special attention by the federal government, and should not be subsumed within the overall Niger Delta problem in other for it not to be politicized.

Odi and other such incidents are human tragedies still begging for the world's attention.


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Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Mistique posted on 04-23-2006, 12:51:59 PM
Until one sees these pictures, it is sometime difficult to believe it when one reads them without pictures.

So, these rapes actually took place? Why are there no law suits against Obasanjo and the Federal governments?

If those scenes were in advanced democracies, the victims and their attorneys would have been super rich by now.

Anyway, jungle justice is all that those rape victims can get. Very sad in indeed. Just too sad.
Re: .Still On Odi pictures, they are false
Captain posted on 04-23-2006, 13:32:56 PM
I find those pictures too hard to take, this is because for anyone who has visited odi would know that such houses are not found in that environment. Also before the soldiers made their incursions proper into the place they had razed down a substantial part of the village, also the lady being allegedly raped in one of the pictures still had her panties on, or how else would it have been done?infact both ladies still had their panties on, i think these were mere fabrications, and remember, journalists did not go in there with them, it was quite a covet operation, common you all why not think think, some one is toiling with our senses and emotions, also the soldiers have all it takes to keep all the ladies they want hostage and do whatever at night, this is because they spent time at odi after the invasion. i think we should all put on our thinking caps.
Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Emj posted on 04-23-2006, 13:53:40 PM
I read the story about the Odi invasion/massacre again yesterday in the Sun Online newspapers. I Believe that the rape and massacre happened in that community in 1999. The outcry was huge, but then fizzled out becos there was just no one from that community nor their rep in the Fed House of Rep or National Assembly brave enough to sue the Federal Govt and The Ministry of defence.

The Picture used by The Sun Newspapers looks like something they got from what was done to the Women in Sierria-leone and Liberia by Ecomog etc etc. That aside, a very terrible injustice was metted out to our brothers and sisters in Odi and other communities, and till date still happens in some other rural and urban areas of Nigeria.

Whether u send in Mopol or The soldiers, u are still using people whose training is to demolish and not negotiate
Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Sabella Abidde posted on 04-23-2006, 14:14:36 PM
As sinful and horrendous as these acts are, what are we doing about the Ijaw politicians and businessmen who entices our young and underage girls into having illicit sex, prostitution and early motherhood? The rich oil workers are also into the act. We all know these things are going on; but we keep quiet, look the other way and or pretend it isn't happening.

When the government fails to build and equip schools for our children...they contribute to their delinquency.

When parents and elders don't encourage our children to attend at least secondary school...they also contribute to the delinquency of our children and society.

When money is allocated for education, health, and other basic human needs and our public officials steal or misappropriate such funds...they also contribute to the bastardization of our society.

We shouldn't be looking elsewhere all the time. We shouldn't be blaming the outsiders all the time. And as a well-respected friend/relative who lives in the UK recently told me, "we shouldn't blame Obasanjo for all our troubles...our local leaders also share in the blame..."

Our leaders are also raping our boys and girls and our people and our land -- only in different ways. But a rape is a rape is a rape. Whether you rape or steal millions and millions of naira that belong to your community -- you are committing atrocity against humanity...against your people.
Still On Odi: Those Pixes can be real!!
WaleAkin posted on 04-23-2006, 14:15:53 PM
Its not about the rape pixes but the human degradation perpetrated by these Soldiers with specific instructions from Danjuma and Obasanjo.

A close friend of mine who is a Journalist in Nigeria once told me he has some pixes that will shock the world but hes keeping them till the D-Day(Whatever that means), the guy actually told he has pixes showing the hanging of an old man and then shot dead, another one was the disbowelling of a pregnant woman by a Nigerian Soldier, so if we could have such, why wont we have the pixes of rape?

The invasion of Odi was never secretive as you opined, do i need to jog your memory on how those officers were killed? They were sent to broker peace amongst the warring communities but as they got into the town centre in their open back van, they were ambushed by the Egbesu and killed (Those killed were police officers with the highest rank being a DPO), the FG got angry and sent troops (So why send in Soldiers?) into the town and adjoining villages. Now TELL Magazine once published the pixes of the dead officers in 1999 prior to the invasion, the army invasion was announced publicly by TY Danjuma and lets also recollect that the aim was to fish out the alleged killers of the officers but the twist came as a result of open confrontation by the Egbesu boys.

Coming back to the background of those pixes, that building in question is uncompleted and DAs/ CPS have actually proved that a rapist can rape with the panties on, (no to be draw the pata aside?), , moreover, no matter the circumstances, rapists have no time being decent in such acts, its either they make rag of the underwear and/or shoot thru straight, this is no joke but i believe those pixes with all iota of truthfullness and moreover, that was culled from Sun Newspaper in Nigeria and not Uche Nworah's. Anything can happen in that country my bruv. The second one looks more like a farm house with the bush on the right side. Theres no super-impositions in those pixes at all and why would Sun Newspaper waste such money on super-imposition? We all know the FG have loads to hide on these dastardly acts and we all will know one day!!

We have it in the same Nigeria that
1. Atiku who is now slugging it out with Obasanjo once visited Iyiola Omisore at the Agodi Prisons in Ibadan prior to him being made Senator.
2. Lamidi Adedibu openly told us all that he knows the next President of Nigeria come 2007
3. Bola Ige was killed as a sitting Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice and no one caught till date
4. Commercial Planes on Naija's airspace have no valid airworthiness licence and they still fly daily
5. DG, FAAN once confirmed after the Bellview crash that the MMIA(Local wing) control tower facilities are turned off on weekends because they are obsolete.

So why cant we have real rape pixes?

Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Denker posted on 04-23-2006, 14:31:36 PM
Disgusting and Heartbreaking...!!!
would these Criminals go unpunished? evergthing within our investigative power must be employed to fish out these Criminals...
Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Salstep posted on 04-23-2006, 14:57:05 PM
The pics tell a story. I have never been to Odi so don't know if they have those kind of houses. But the photos tell a different story. Then again it is not beyond impossibility for a newspaper to fake photos. The Daily Mirror(UK) did d same with the Iraq war photos.

Saying that i am sure something tragic took place in ODI
Na true, abi Na lie?????
Wafi posted on 04-23-2006, 14:58:40 PM
Who do we believe??????

I don't believe that any sane reporter/ journalist would have gone to Odi during the army invasion in 1999...i believe....
Remember that there was no thru fare along Warri/ PH road, for more than a month after that invasion......Now how did the journalist get to Odi, and when where these pics taken???? I believe that Odi was bombed flat/ leveled during the invasion, I still see standing houses in the pics....

The sights in both pictures are not new to some Nigerians living in the rual/ urban areas. Yes these are barbaric acts that should not be condoned in any civilized society; but some of these incidents have happened before and are still happening in Nigeria today.
During the army invasion of Ogoni in the 90's, worse incidents than shown in these pics actually occurred....
The issue here is not the President/ Danjuma but the soldiers who carried out these dastardly acts; they should be used as examples/ a deterrent to other "bad eggs".
Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
NaijaPRO posted on 04-23-2006, 16:23:28 PM
Please don't get me wrong, but at first glance, those pictures are oh so staged! This does not take away the fact that the rapes did occur and that children were fathered by the lunatics called military soldiers.

Mistique, you are confusing me oh! Are you for real regarding the lawsuit against OBJ and the Federal govt? Which lawsuit? Certain lawsuits can never materialize even in some western nations not to talk about Nigeria. Is it some poor villagers who are now going to say they want to take the govt to court? Even the rich and famous in Naija don't stand a chance when it comes to issues like "lawsuit."

WaleAkin, I am yet to see unhindered successful penetration thru the cotton/silk/polyester/linen/ankara/adire/and whatever other possible fibers of a "kpata." That one will make Discovery Channel news if it ever happens.
Re: .Still On Odi And The Mad Dog Syndrome.
Tochukwu posted on 04-23-2006, 17:08:08 PM
These pictures are utterly disgusting and nauseating. It is shameful that at this day and time that the Nigerian government has not taken any action against the pepertrators of these crimes. This is one among many reasons why the military as represented by Obasanjo and the bastards that had ruled Nigeria under the military dictatorship should not be allowed to hold any public office. These guys are beasts.
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