Another bosom friend; Space finished  NYSC in 1997, a graduate of accounting and still doesn't have a good job. He has wife, two children (now three) to care for...

Dear Mr. President, the issue is we were asked to go to school, we went to school.

We were asked to study very hard O! Because we are the future of Nigeria, we studied very hard O! Because we are the future of Nigeria.

Uncle Sege, we tried and graduated with 2.2 AGP (some higher, some lower) so that Shell, B.P., or NNPC would not suspect a 2.1 AGP...

Sir, we were asked to perform a compulsory one year stint of National Youth Service...

      We served patriotically - teaching in remote parts of Nigeria, offering medical services, we served as election monitors in harsh and hostile political environments, in short we executed our primary assignments with such vigor, fervor and fanaticism - we actually believed in Nigeria...

We actually believed for Nigeria.

We actually  began to hear in our heads the words of late John Fitzgerald Kennedy in our hearts, in our minds..." Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country..."

We were graduates with a mission, we could not wait to finish our Youth Service.

We were raring to go out and change Nigeria, to be part of democracy.

We passed out variously at the dawn and flowering of the nascent[ now nauseating] democracy and anxiously waited... one month, six months, one year, two years - no job, yet as we watch every four years, around farming season two sets farmers to the fields; one set to back breaking, scorching sun - baking hot, big hoeing and small hoeing......... another set to local government council coffers, State House coffers, National House of Assembly coffers.... (most of whom did not even go to school like us) and we were asked to go to school...

Oga President, Uncle Sege in this condition there is absolutely nothing we can do for our country because our country is doing nothing for us - well may be not the country but the leaders... people (some) who went to school, often begged to go with scholarships and other inducements, and now do not seem to want to care that we too were asked to go to school we did, studied hard, performed Youth Service and ... Oga President make we send our C.Vs?            


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