Call me the name – a big cabal in the petroleum industry. And I say it with dignity. As a Nigerian, I have the right to be anything I want to be. No be so? I have chosen to be a secret cabal of powerful oil insider. For legal reason I shall not disclose my name at this point in time. But they know me.

As a professional, I am ready to face the consequences. And behold l dare the government to prosecute me. Of course the government knows what the aftermath of such irrational action would be. Yes, I will open the can of worms, and – of snakes. This is not blackmail, for I was not born a cabal. I was trained – trained by another cabal.

You will definitely know this group of Nigerians before I finish this epistle. They are the ones who have and who is making things difficult for our great nation. Great nation? At least that was how my great sister described it during her time of office. Oh yes, great nation but for few parasites milking the nation dry. You might as well count me among them.

These hawks trained me. They corrupted me. They removed my virginity by raping me! They used me. And now they want to use me as a sacrificial lamb. Now they want me to stop being an oil cabal. No, it's too late. I have been indoctrinated and I am addicted, obsessed and infatuated. I have tasted the fruit and the sin shall continue until eternity.

One thing I want the public to understand is this: I am going to die a cabal. This is my fight, my fight against the system that has raped my soul. They have warped my mind towards: The end justifies the means. Oh, they did not call me a cabal when they were using me for their dirty tricks.

I rather depart this word a cabal than a protester. Was I not a virgin and honest girl trying to make a living before I was arrested and recruited to do their dirty jobs? They planted me everywhere and now they want to uproot me. Impossibility can never be possible. For instance, I was once planted at the very top cadre of the labour movement. As usual, I performed my duties diligently.

Was I not ordinary Nigerian before they took me captive? They kidnapped me – for a ransom – of a lifetime. I was to fight for justice but they hijacked my destiny and bought me at a price I could not resist: I would be given medals of honour, my children would school abroad, I would own 10 mansions here and abroad, 100 exotic cars, free overseas medical service for me and my family and other numerous incentives….

All things promised I am enjoying now. But for the government to deny me is what I cannot stomach. For the government to pretend that it does not know me is a big slap on my face. For the government to sacrifice me for its own inefficiency is a war – a war that I must win! Nobody double crosses an oil cabal and go scot-free.

At least someone is financing their political campaign. At least someone is laughing to the bank. I am the very root that makes all these possible. To pretend not to know me is to dig your own grave. I exist and I exist; though they are the one who created me. And I am here to stay for much longer.

Why am I saying these things? As an oil cabal, I am the middle-woman between the government and the labour organisations. And I am telling you that it was all planned. Labour would shout for a while, and agreement would be reached. We would come down to a price – N97 or N99. And all parties would be happy – including the masses.

In the real sense, "the increase in fuel price, by whatever name called, is aimed at increasing the revenue base of government at all tiers. This government needs funds to meet its obligations to sustain the humongous governance structure made up of unnecessary list of political offices and officers created and appointed to settle the inept ruling/political class," writes one Obo Effanga.

I agree with this observation…I agree – I agree in total…and in totality – forever. I do…

There will always be the removal of oil and other subsidies as long as the government creates duplicate offices:

For instance, Special Adviser to the President on NEPAD and Special Adviser to the President on International Relations; Special Adviser to the President on Energy and ministers for petroleum, energy and power; Special Adviser to the President on Social Development and Special Adviser to the President on Ethics and Values; Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and the minister of state for the Niger Delta ministry and the Niger Delta Development Commission; Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties and Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties (Office of the Vice-President); Special Adviser to the President on Technical Matters and Special Adviser to the President on Gender Issues; Special Adviser (New Media) and Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity and so on and so on…

Secondly, I have just read the lie put up by Mr. President and his Associates. It was titled: "Presidential Address on the Implementation of the Deregulation Policy in the Downstream Sector of the Petroleum Industry".

Being a distinguished fellow, I know it is propaganda. They all know what to do, but any solution to alleviate the suffering of the masses is a threat to their greedy style of living. It is a menace to their inordinate ambition. How will they rule for the next 60 years without creating me?

You simply cannot budget 300 million naira for snacks; or billions for furniture; or inordinate allowances and at the same time think of providing infrastructure. The truth is there would no money left to subsidise anything. The money for subsidy will have gone to the pockets of another group of cabal.

I am particularly disturbed by Mr. President's speech especially this proclamation: "Government is working hard to reduce recurrent expenditure in line with current realities and to cut down on the cost of governance…"

I think Mr President needs the real good luck for this to be manifested. If Nigerians want to hear the truth, let them know that no present crops of politicians will be able to do this. They simply cannot cut down the cost of governance. How can they cut the cost of governance when they have private jets upon private jets? When the cost of their furniture is more expensive than buying a house?

I know what I am talking about. Why is it that the government is always working and the masses never see the result of that work?

"…In the meantime, government has commenced the implementation of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment projects: including the Federal Government- assisted mass transit programme which is already in place, and job creation for the youth."

I laughed and at the same time cried when I read this part. You may think because I am a cabal I don't feel. You're wrong. In fact I was once a comrade during the course of my life journey – before I was recruited; before I was cajoled; before they changed my mentality.

But it pains me much whenever the masses fall for cheap words like this. Only protesters will fall for this, not a professional cabal. Haven't I heard this several times before? Haven't you heard their empty and loud and confused words before? Haven't you?

"Let me assure Nigerians that this administration is irrevocably committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy. Consequently, all those found to have contributed one way or the other to the economic adversity of the country will be dealt with in accordance with the law."

Did Mr. President write it or they wrote it for him? Even if it was written for him, did he read it and does he really believe he can achieve this task? If not because he occupies the highest authority in the land, I would have called him a liar – a perpetual liar. Even those rulers powerful than himself couldn't do it! Without mincing words, I would say Mr. President is part of the problem.

I think this president is being sarcastic here. He is just mocking the people he is mandatory to protect; the very people he must see to their welfare. He knows – in fact they all know that they cannot defeat me. I am much more than corruption itself. I am ME.

And I guess what he meant to say is this: "Let me assure Nigerians that this administration is not committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy. Consequently, all those found to have contributed one way or the other to the economic adversity of the country will be given national honours against the law of the land."

Dishonesty is a major problem. How can this administration be committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy when an oil cabal like me is a recipient of national honour?

Is Mr. President telling me that he doesn't know that I am part of the economy saboteur? Then why did I receive the highest honour in the land? For the public record, I have served in different sectors of our economy. You see, they move me up and down…up and down – to do their dirty job for them. It is not that I am tired of doing this; after all, every Nigerian has a price.

I am saying this because I detest hypocrisy. The government is behaving as if it doesn't know those of us destroying our country's economy. But if he is so slow as to understand this thing call corruption, he should do a proper assessment of himself, his wife, his ministers, his advisers, governors, and of course people like me.

I am sure they understand what I am talking about if they are reading this. From the tone of my writing, I am sure they know who I am. If Mr. President is serious about tackling anything, let him order my arrest. Let him take me to any court for slander, and I will open book for him. Without the system in place, people like me will never exist. Now I am larger than the government. I am untouchable. I am a scourge to their existence. I was once their servant but I am now their master.

"Government will not condone brazen acts of criminality and subversion. As President, I have sworn to uphold the unity, peace and order of the Nigerian State and by the grace of God, I intend to fully and effectively discharge that responsibility."

Most often I argue within myself whether what we have in our country is government or a group of bandits. It is a slap on the face of a cabal like me for this government to be saying it will not condone brazen acts of criminality and subversion when in fact this government and the ones before it had, and is brazenly condoning criminality – in the corridor of power.

When you have certain citizens who are regarded as untouchable; even above the law, then it is sheer hypocrisy for Mr. President to go on national TV bragging, "I have sworn to uphold the unity, peace and order of the Nigerian State and by the grace of God, I intend to fully and effectively discharge that responsibility."

The protesters may not be able to sort the truth from false or exaggeration, but as a cabal, I can. And you know why the propaganda is not working anymore? It is because you can fool some people some time; you can even fool all the people some time; but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Finally, they should remember what I told them at the meeting Mr. President held with us – the cabal. "In no circumstance should Mr. President betrays us by trying to protect his own image." He has just done that by referring to us as criminals. He was the one who opened the so-called can of worms and I am ready to fight this government with my last blood. I am a cabal's cabal…

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