Reasoning on Pat Utomi Presidential Campaign

This article is almost a reaction to Sabella Abidde's Pat Utomi's Presidential Campaign, I will therefore advise readers to also read that article.

Sabella Abidde knows more than he is saying thus I will not try to inform nor convince him. Other Nigerians should however know that Pat Utomi is yes trotting the globe, he is however not only seeing Nigerians abroad he is also visiting Nigerians in all those fascinating places Sabella Abidde listed in his article.

The real sad, strange and shocking concern is that Pat Utomi's visits abroad are more documented and easier to access than his visits in Nigeria. This says something about the level and kind of communication Nigerians in Nigeria are getting.

For those us, campaigning for a issued centred, truly democratic and transparent campaign, it is encouraging to see one man (i.e. Pat Utomi) actually going out to talk to and to listen to people not only to powers.

As long as one is alive, there is always room for improvements and I am sure a lot more can be done to improve Pat Utomi's presidential campaign; but it is important for us to all bear in mind that this is the only candidate trying to run a truly human and democratic campaign. He is not trying to buy people with money nor is he threatening them with his might. He is simply talking and listening to people that care about Nigeria and that will be affected by the future of Nigeria: the legitimate stakeholders of Nigeria.

The questions we ought to be asking are:

-where are the other contenders?

-who are they and what do they represent?

-What have stood for or against in the past?

-What are their programmes and ideas?

-Who are their supporters and sponsors?

-why are they contesting?

It might also be useful for Nigerians (based home and abroad) to ask themselves: what am I doing to make my country better?

Pat Utomi is making himself available, he is standing up to be counted, he is openly and clearly giving answers to these kind and all other kinds of questions. People should look closer and then draw their conclusions. Nigerians are very good at the latter a bit of practice in the former will be useful. It will also be useful to compare the candidates and their attitudes.

It will be too shameful and maybe unpardonable if this generation of Nigerians chanced to witness the genesis of a possible positive metamorphosis in Nigerian politics will only sit in their armchairs to aimlessly slate and abuse the courtesy shown by the only candidate that amongst many has shown his commitment to treating Nigerians with dignity.

I am of course partisan, and my support is openly and strongly for Pat Utomi's bid. My choice is however a reasoned one and I am sure I have made the right choice, a choice many of us are convinced will take us towards the much needed transformation of Nigeria.

Sabella Abidde, as said above, however knows more than he is saying and I am sure he, like any other Nigerian that can write or read his kind of article cannot but support Pat Utomi's Bid. Criticisms such as the one in Sabella Abidde's article cannot but be aimed at improving things for Pat Utomi's bid and for Nigeria and for Nigerians.

Our concern is that some people for ignoble reasons might try to twist Sabella Abidde's words and mislead some gullible souls.

Anthony A Kila