Let me admit that this is one subject matter that really evokes a number of deep thoughts that I really don’t like to share but now I am forced to do so. This is simply for the sake of our ladies and indeed our society. I know this this will hit raw nerves but I really do not mind: It is the case of the doctor having to forget the bitterness of the drug otherwise the patient may not be cured .So just bear with me. This piece is prompted by a front page cover of kate Henshaw, the actress, which I saw on the Punch newspaper of Saturday23rd 2012. When I saw the picture, I immediately sensed some nudity so I first went to the topic because I am one who naturally likes keeping his eyes away from any images that may defile my thoughts. Also, most of the women that appear on the front cover of Saturday Punch newspaper are usually practically nude. Anyway , I somehow managed to tentatively look at the her picture and there was me looking at her thinking that she would have dressed fairly decently because I consider her a sensible person and I sometimes listen to her .But I was so appalled by what I saw: she had it exposed- her mammary glands . I mean her bust almost falling out of her dress. Indeed, I was most disappointed. And because of its ramifications I am forced to speak out.


She is supposed to be a role model to people, I think; after all she is quite popular. Moreover, she is an ambassador for a stock cube product .I mean she is quite a public figure with fairly good reputation, yet she has appeared in this manner. Does she not realize that her bearing is capable of inspiring young people particularly young ladies in that manner, for they see her as a someone to model themselves after. Now, did she not realize the implication of this picture, which was published in a national daily, projects her as an immoral person; and of course her implicit endorsement on such dressing in our society. Again, will she say that she did not give that picture to the newspaper and even if she didn’t they must have got her permission before they published it otherwise let her come out and denounce it.

Now, for practical purposes, in this picture she is a sex symbol and yet she is talking about rape problem and offenders in the Nigerian society. I wonder that she is addressing the rape issue yet she does not realize that the manner in which she appeared, is self- defeating .Didn’t she realize that her image was capable of creating desire in people, at least , in men. I mean when one see such images what naturally happens to the mind is imagination. For the mind begins to consider what was seen and then what is to the benefit of the view. So when one sees this picture one naturally inspired to think sex, for this is a sexually stimulating part of a woman. Thus it is plausible there that a man will think in this way. Moreover, men don’t have it and so it will naturally be an attraction for them.

Regrettably, this is what happens to people out there on the street: being bombarded with these images 24/ seven. Nowadays In our society women just expose themselves shamelessly. In fact it has become the norm for our women, ladies and unfortunately, even the underage wearing all slinky clothes all over the place. And people are just adapting to it. We say it’s in vogue. What type of vogue is this: female folk seeking just to inflict themselves on men with their bodies? But then when the men react to this natural attraction in an undesirable manner they react.

The next thing or the obvious reaction to this position is to put forward the counterargument, that this is not the case. Instead, men should hold themselves and so on. I will hold no brief for man even though I am one nor will be prejudiced .I want us to discuss the problem objectively and free from sentiments for this is what I have observed to be the pattern of issues raised. And this is in the hope that this cat and dog as it were will be finally put to rest.

Now, this issue has spiritual, moral, psychological dimensions to it, so the best approach must be intellectual. Firstly, this issue basically involves are two parties, that is, any matter of rape involves the injured and offender .It can be likened to the predator and the prey context. And since there must be a cause for the prey to be offended, the cause and effect principle could be used determine is problem. Thus the cause would be the possible attraction in the prey while the effect will be the reaction of the predator to this attraction. This leads us to the possible causative factors for rape. Thus we should begin to look at the woman and the things that cause her to raped .Ideally, this can be scientifically done by carrying out a survey which will involve administering questionnaires to the men folk to get their opinions of attraction in women and the effects of such attraction. Also, previous cases of rape can be looked at to see what caused rape, including anecdotal evidence. When all these are mixed together we get a causative factors and variables that are robust for a proper study into this matter. I suggest this any day in order for us to lay this issue to rest once and for all in our society, because it seems to reoccurring case of trading of blames and accusations with each side.

However, we can still do something substantial to this issue without carrying out a proper survey. We can consider other positions concerning it from the different societies in order for us to know what has been established in terms of reasons for rape and not reinvent the wheel as it were. Now, a number of reasons have been put forward for causes of rape-victim precipitation, male pathology, misogyny, male hostility, etc. However, the link between provocative dressing and rape don’t seem to be taken seriously. But we shall narrow down here to provocative dressing since this is being considered as credible rape factor. And if checked, it can reduce the incidents of rape in our society. In fact, it is this subject matter that prompted this piece.

Since this is not a scientific paper we shall just consider secondary data in the form of what has previously been put down with regard to the causes of rape. We shall consider both literature as well as anecdotal evidence. Regrettably, there is not much information out there about the link with provocative clothes and rape cases, except for one that showed that in many law suits in America, provocative dresses, have been used as admissible evidence in court, and are found to be a factor for rape. But to my dismay any position that seems to link the two seems to be come so hard on. It is almost is seen as infringing on civil liberties particularly in women and female folk. For example, only recently a police man, V Dinesh Reddy, the director general of police of Andhra Pradesh ,India ,has received the knocks for making such a connection: He said that the increasing number of rape incidents against women can be linked to provocative dresses. In the Nigerian society there seem not to be data on rape incidents despite the alarming reports in the media of increasing rape cases mostly against the female folk. Police statistics on a website called Nigeria Police Watch, showed that only 1952 rape cases were recorded in 2009. However, an Amnesty International report said the figure is believed to “be sporadic, piecemeal and inconsistent” in a nation of 150 million people.

In view of the dearth of information on rape cases, in particular, with regard to provocative dressing, we have to turn to anecdotal evidence .Now, the problem is that clothes may not always be a direct cause of rape but the fact remains that men have generally said that the distinctive parts of a woman that are exposed, especially their posterior and upper anterior, etc. create erotic thoughts and stimulate sexual desire. This is simply because they make a connection in the mind with the images. After all, consider the usual reaction of female folk when someone stares or touches them in those areas even if by mistake-they mostly get really wild. Thus, when they dress to expose those areas even when it is just with plunging necklines, crop tops, and egregiously the top part (cleavages) of their posterior are they not certainly sending out a message of open invitation.

What is more, is it not common practice for men to make passes at women who expose their bodies with minimal dressing? Importantly, why do the sex workers all over the world, particularly in western societies dress in a manner that exposes their particularly female body parts. This can’t be coincidental. It happens practically all over the world except for some countries that strictly forbid that type of dressing. And clearly, this type of dressing is suitable for their trade given the commonality involved. And since their occupation is to provide copulation or sex to men it is plausible that such type of dressing facilitate sexual desire in men. After all, this is what they seek. Thus, for any other woman on the street, whether sex worker or not, if you dress in this manner-body tight clothes- you are simply creating the same effect in men.

Now, with regard to the law about dressing: we are not to be indecently exposed. But then what constitutes indecent dressing?. Is it only when people come out stark naked and expose their naked parts? For us to simply take that we would just be missing the spirit of the law and holding on to the letter. The idea behind it is not to simply arrest people who are naked but to say that anything that will provoke sexual activity such as stark nakedness should be condemned. Thus, any type of dressing that is effectively creating those erotic thought should equally be outlawed. After all, they do not need to be exposed fully to achieve that. Is this not why we see the police raid the sex workers who hang around certain areas with their skimpy attires.

Now, our concern is not so much that wearing this clothes cause rape. It is simply that it seems to be a credible factor for inducing erotic thoughts in men, and this results in desire which gets expressed through the other general reasons for rape. Hence, there cannot be any scientific proof of provocative dressing but we can, at least, say that it is an underlying cause of rape. After all, when people have their minds bombarded with these thought s 24/7 how else will they behave, for this is what they think about. I am not in anyway justifying men but I am just being realistic. And if this can be established to be a cause we should then seek to prevent people from dressing in our public places so as to reduce the incidences of rape to the barest minimum.

Regrettably, in our society this is just the order of the day. And this is found mostly among the young ones. It has become so bad that some educational institutions now impose a dress code. It baffles when one considers how low or cheap women have stooped to make themselves attractive to men. They now bizarrely wear their trousers on their posterior to show the crevasse therein. This is most disgusting and. Reprehensible.I can’t really imagine how far some of our female folk have gone just in the name of attracting men. To me it’s just outrageous and insanity. I mean when they sit down they have it all exposed. This is really frightening; even our establishments are not left out, it is the other way round, they have their bust just pushed into the faces of customers. Sometimes you can’t just help but turn your faces away.

In this regard, women who continue to dress in this manner make themselves cheap in the eyes of men; for they merely make themselves sex objects. After all, they are no different from the prostitutes that hang around street corners since one does not need to expose the body to draw attention from people. Let’s not say its fashion. It is clearly evil and grossly irresponsible; I mean we see married women dress in this manner. So what do you want to tell your children as well as the other young folk? As for young people, serious men will not go for you. Let’s stop trying to belong, if the western society is doing it wrong we do not necessarily have to behave that way. For most of these dressing styles are copied from these so called super stars.

Unfortunately, these ones bring themselves to stardom through their obnoxious ways, and their ignoble dressing is being celebrated in our societies. We need to begin to condemn them. In this regard, I am particularly pleased with condemnation of Kim kardashian by a head mistress of a British school, Dr. Helen Wright. I wonder how many people saw the news report on yahoo that showed this head school teacher in the U.K denounce the dressing of Kim-practically nude- on the front page of the Zoo magazine May 12,2012: she is everything wrong with the western society-Kim was named the hottest woman in the world. For me this condemnation is real refreshing given the decadence of that society. Well, with regard to Kate Henshaw, she has a following and enough pull power. I have really not spoken about others in this manner because they are really off, and of course positive people will not emulate them .But for those who we see to be sane and we want to emulate we must come down on them. Thus we must begin to condemn those who we consider to be sane and are behaving outrageously by their dressing.

From the foregoing, it is clear that dressing indeed can play role in this rape issue. Thus our concern now should be what preventive mechanism should be in place to check indecent dressing. But given that indecent dressing is open to all kinds of interpretation among the populace. We must come up with a dress code, that defines what exactly is decent dressing. I know some private establishments have such things well defined. The national orientation agency must rise to this challenge to impose some dress code especially for women. This can easily come under the “Do the right thing” campaign. Thus, all those who against rape in our society, particularly the civil society groups, should come together and join forces with the Government to get a dress code in place as part of a preventative mechanism while their effort at condemning offenders and rape in itself should not cease.


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Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Wyze posted on 06-30-2012, 11:07:24 AM
This is a well written article that addresses a serious issue within our society. Needless to same that rape isn't something that should ever be condoned and men are responsible for their actions no matter what. However, women should do all that is in their power to make sure they do not encourage such actions, and i do agree that dressing decently a one of the ways to avoid such from happening.

As a young lady, i am equally shocked at how low and cheap the Nigerian woman has made herself. From what they wear to how they act. I think i am particularly shocked by their actions especially in regards to men and how they chase after married men with no iota of conscience. Or even how willing they are to sleep with them in exchange for money to buy the latest weave-on or BB. It makes me wonder how we became so morally bankrupt and what makes them different from the prostitute on the street. Atleast the prostitute is honest with herself and knows she is an ashawo.

I honestly think there needs to be a re-orientation in the minds of young ladies because what i see nowadays is so different from how things were when i was growing up. When i mention this to people, they say i have an old mind despite the fact that i am below the age of 30. Something really needs to be done
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Bill Carson posted on 06-30-2012, 13:41:55 PM
Great post by Osahon and good follow up by Wyze. Our evolutionary development as a race/people is tied to how well we have jettisoned the animalistic tendencies that are more prevalent with primates. Before I proceed further I must show my hand, I don't agree there is a correlation between dress code and rape.

Kate Henshaw, whom I personally know has never placed herself in the position of role model. The terminology and psychology of role model is a white racist creation to Piggy-bank black aspiration to Actors, Athletes and Entertainers, I am afraid Osahon's post is further concretising such thinking. Parents should be the principle source of aspiration for their Children, as prevalent in white societies. Kim Kardashian I feel is a good money making machine, while I don't specifically have an opinion about her, one cannot deny the shrewdness of her and her family business acumen. The Head-Teacher's rant will remain what it is a counter-productive rant.

Prostitutes are not begging to be raped, your writing has the premise of while it is wrong to rape a prostitute, there could be mitigating reasons that makes it understandable. That is a very dangerous school of thought. Women enter prostitution for deferent and varied reasons. All societies tolerate prostitution, the only difference is the adaptation framework. Example, in Islamic societies like Bangladesh, Pakistan and non Taliban Afghanistan (in-house prostitution, the customer pays the husband of the Burqa wearing woman and carryout his sexual act in the same bed as the husband. Reference, Channel four "Unreported World") it is not frowned upon despite the fact that women cover themselves more than regular masquerades. In conservative America, women prostitute for financial reasons to keep their "American dream" lifestyle, especially if their husbands have been schemed out of the Capitalist Rat race.

Muslim men of Arabic/Turk origin are more likely to carry out rape and sexual molestation of both men and women (Read up on the Armenia genocide and Gallipoli war), which has direct inference to the notion of anything anarchic is fair-game.

There is nothing like provocative dressing, but provocative brutality from sub-humans. Rape is the worse violation that can happen to any woman (they never recover from it) and how scantly a woman decides to dress should never be viewed as mitigating factor. Mad women roaming the streets naked should as well be considered as potential rape material with your analysis. If a man is old enough to have sexual urge, he should be old enough to control his urge or go the castration route.

Osahon's assertion of direct link of liberal dress code does not stand, when the Scandinavian experience is looked at. Wyze's nostalgic reflection of Nigerian society does not hold, because Nigeria has always being one large sexual Bohemian of varied commune that specializes in denying innocent rape victims justice and voice.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Anioma777 posted on 06-30-2012, 13:54:50 PM
A woman dressed indecently all in the name of fashion ( no matter how misguided that is ) gives no man the right to rape her.

We live in a modern world where anything goes. And in Nigeria you can magnify that anything goes quotient a hundred times despite the FALSE AND COMICAL CONSERVATIVE/WARPED RELIGIOUS CULTURE WE TRY TO PORTRAY THAT ONLY A FOOL WILL FALL FOR.

As for rape I think many Nigerian women victims need to come out more and report the case not just to Police ( I sense hysterical laughter my the reader ) but family and friends, because unbeknown to these women and their families who are unfortunately more worried about stigma and oh it will reduce the chances of their daughters marriage value it just emboldens the veteran rapists and their apprentices that this is a normal and accepted behaviour. The sad fact is that it is mostly the Nigerian mothers that want to keep everything hush hush. My heart bleeds for the unborn Nigerian female child.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Yankari posted on 06-30-2012, 14:17:47 PM
Now that men have started wearing sagging trousers, one wonders why these men are not jumped on and raped by men or women sef!
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Auspicious posted on 06-30-2012, 14:46:29 PM

Thanks to Mr. Bill Carson [and others here from his school of thought] for their cogent inputs above.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Bamaguje posted on 06-30-2012, 17:59:18 PM
The basic point of this article utter crap.
Most women who are raped aren't dressed indecently.
Besides as Anioma77 rightly points out, no amount of indecent dressing warrants rape.

We must bear in mind that some of these notions of 'indecency' are relatively recent.
In many pre-colonial African cultures, women were bare-breasted and young girls were scantily clad with just a small cloth around their waists... mini-skirts? Yet rape was rare.

One supposes that scantily clad male body builders with their rippling muscles arouse women, but the men don't get raped.
Our sisters, daughters and mothers are also entitled to the same right i.e. not to be sexually assaulted, regardless of how provocatively they are dressed.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
LoveNigeria posted on 06-30-2012, 20:27:41 PM
Some of the politically correct comments here are funny.
Yoruba proverb say "mad man is fun to watch in the market square but nobody wants him for a son".
This is one of those topics people allow themselves to be as liberal as possible as long as it is not closer to home.

There is no concrete proof that indecent dressing cannot trigger rape !!
Nobody wants their daughter raped even if arrest and conviction of the rapist is guaranteed !!
Whenever there's talk about successful female doctors, engineers, academics e.t.c the image of a video whore never pops up in anyone's mind -there must be a correlation !!
It is left for parents to teach their children decency.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Anioma777 posted on 06-30-2012, 21:09:06 PM

We must bear in mind that some of these notions of 'indecency' are relatively recent.
In many pre-colonial African cultures, women were bare-breasted and young girls were scantily clad with just a small cloth around their waists... mini-skirts? Yet rape was rare.

A very poignant statement you made above about pre-colonial times. I forgot to add in my earlier post about an argument I had with a Saudi work colleague of mine a few years back when he was trying to suggest that the Islamic way of making a woman all covered up in dressing reduces the chance of rape or men getting urges. To which I responded most men get urges even in their thoughts without even physically seeing a woman.

It all boils down to societal attitudes and until most Nigerians learn to ACCEPT there is a problem with rape and stop suffering from the unfortunate epidemic known as ACUTE DENIAL SYNDROME the issues of rape will continue to be viewed as an isolated issue that does not happen frequently and even worse that women who have to endure this cowardly act somehow brought it upon themselves.
Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Datuouwadaberechi posted on 07-02-2012, 06:32:43 AM
The basic point of this article utter crap.
Most women who are raped aren't dressed indecently.
Besides as Anioma77 rightly points out, no amount of indecent dressing warrants rape.

We must bear in mind that some of these notions of 'indecency' are relatively recent.
In many pre-colonial African cultures, women were bare-breasted and young girls were scantily clad with just a small cloth around their waists... mini-skirts? Yet rape was rare.

One supposes that scantily clad male body builders with their rippling muscles arouse women, but the men don't get raped.
Our sisters, daughters and mothers are also entitled to the same right i.e. not to be sexually assaulted, regardless of how provocatively they are dressed.

thanks to bamuje and anioma for their posts above. i believe the contents completely and adequately address the subject.

in response to Lovenigeria i would say that no one is advocating scanty dressing, or indecent dressing, whose definition could well be subjective. but the fact is that no amount of indecent dressing should justify rape. it is interesting to note that even in countries where women are covered from head to toe, rape still occurs. likewise there is ABSOLUTELY no co-relation between scanty apparel and rape incidents.

as a woman, i marvel at the boldness of certain of my female counterparts and the level of exposure they are comfortable with, and frankly i dont always feel very comfortable with it, particularly where i perceive the subject to be of a similar culture or background as myself. but i am convinced that everyone has a right to dress the way they want as long as their jobs or other activities allow them that right.

i do find it distasteful that some of our men take it upon themselves to pronounce sweeping and prejudicial judgements on the way some of our women choose to dress. frankly, i am of the opinion that if they would keep their eyes and thoughts occupied with things of relevance, life would generally be better for all.
it is true that some people choose to make prima facie judgements (usually faulty) on ladies based on their dressing habits.

the narrow-minded argument by the author attempting to lump scantily dressed females with females engaged in the sex trade is not a logical one. after all the latter depend on "competitive" display of their wares for clientele. in the same way that mango and orange-sellers in nigeria wash and polish their fruits and make an eye-catching display of them.

this display is not meant to (nor is it perceived to be for the purpose) of attracting thieves or robbers to forcibly appropriate such wares!!!!!!

Re: Rape And Cheapness Of Nigerian Ladies
Ewuro posted on 07-02-2012, 07:49:19 AM

We must bear in mind that some of these notions of 'indecency' are relatively recent.
In many pre-colonial African cultures, women were bare-breasted and young girls were scantily clad with just a small cloth around their waists... mini-skirts? Yet rape was rare.

It was true that women were bare-breasted. Actually young girls of barely age 13 or 14 were paraded bare-chested. However, I disagree with you that rape was rare. The man was regarded as a sexual predator just like the animal like a lion.

Most women, especially those that are regarded as underage by the current western culture were raped. Once raped the young girl became one of the wives in the harem, especially if the rape resulted into pregnacy. I daresay that this culture is still prevalent in most African, Asian or South American communities.

Rape usually occurs within family members. An uncle rapes the niece with the consent of the parents or the father to be more precise. Keeping it in the family.

In every community in Nigeria, raping children, young women or adult is still very much prevalent. The young women or adult cannot cry out because of shame, persecution or both. The tradition that allows a village chief to acquire maidens in what they call marriage is institutional rape.
You only need to look at the age of our 70 year old grandmothers or great grandmothers and their 58 or- so year-old first child to realise that the old grandma was raped and appropriated as a wife. The grandmother was raped at the age of just 12!

The definition of rape would have to be enshrined in law in other that real boundaries are set. If we were to prosecute all rapes that had gone on, I can assure you many great-grandfathers, grandfathers, their children would end up in prison.

There can be no excuse for rape. Indecent dressing or nudity cannot be an excuse. Many rapes do occur where women are really covered up. However, the so called African woman is imbibing the dress sense from the west without questioning.

Bleaching and hair attachment continue to discount the African artistic abilities in the fashion area.
For instance, hair weaving was an African tradition. I do not know whether that tradition was borrowed but I grew up to know that many of our illiterate women used to weave their hair in different styles. We had ipako-elede, Shuku, the kanuri styles, the calabar styles and many more. Nigerian women mostly illiterates exhibited a lot of creativity while the so called educated one were use hot iron to stretch their hair aping the caucasian whites. As soon as the Europeans borrowed that hair weaving artistic creation by our women, It became a fashion by our elitist educated women! A mistake in London is a fashion in Lagos!

It has not got to a stage while a person like Ewuro in the middle of the night would not know whether she was with Paula, the caucasian white, or with Yinka the Yoruba, when he touched the hair. This is a major source of embarassment.

The african woman is natuarlly beautiful. They dont need hair extensions or bleaching. These wigs and hair extension have been a the source of many turn-offs so much I wonder who is raping them!
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