Na craze world be dis, no be outside dem jail me... na craze world be dis, sometimes I wish that the late Afro beat King Fela Anikulapo Kuti were alive, he would have had more lucid lyrics to bring to earth the happenings in Nigeria today.

"As much as Nigerians remain one of the most down trodden people on earth by the leaders, the joy one must celebrate, is that despite all the comings and goings on the political terrain, to a large extent, no government, or leadership has succeeded in shutting up the Nigerian.

We are not a people to shy away from issues especially when they are on the national burner, besides that's the only way we can engage in any constructive mind exercise and intellectual grumble in this nation of ours. I personally do not subscribe to particular matters, being over flogged but like the dead horse axiom, when the particular matter refuses to be dead, you can but keep flogging it.

This is Nigeria!

The word Zun-Tun-Zun does not exist, so do not look for it in the dictionary, it's just a coinage that exists in a literal sense to denote "big nonsense". I have applied literal license to use it to work here.

The matter, issue, palaver, problem, case etc in Anambra has become a Zun-Tun-Zun. The legality or other wise of Governor Chris Ngige of Anambra will drag on for as long as long. It's a matter that will be written about much as there is ink in the pen and spoken about so much as saliva lubricates the tongue. The burden of what really transpired in Anambra will remain a myth to political watchers and only the actors will know their roles. Whether the Anambra matter will be history or a fairy tale only time will tell."

The Anambra case has become history, the quotation above is part of a write up, I did sometime last year when Ngige lost the first election appeal and was battling the PDP, shortly before he was expelled. Today… the zun-tun-zun continues.

Over the last couple of hours, I watched the swearing in of Peter Obi, the new Governor of Anambra State, history was being created, from very important ones to very ordinary ones, for example, we witnessed the swearing in of the first female Deputy Governor in the South east, another landmark is still subject to events---- the first one year Governor is in the making because Peter Obi has barely a year plus to the next elections and if anything were to change  Anambra State would be holding its gubernatorial elections on a certainly different year, another history.

I enjoy watching such occasions at the popular stand that is with the masses, that way; you get the views and perceptions of the ordinary man on the street.

Zun-Tun-Zun and a craze world, the truth is that PDP rigged virtually everywhere it claimed to have won elections, the South – east it was scientific rigging, in the North there were glaring cases like in Plateau, In the South West it was whitewash rigging but Chris Ngige was the scape goat because he fell out with the establishment. Yes craze world and the zun-tun-zun magic. , EFCC, ICPC could not catch the amiable walking stick, red cap wearing ex- governor who worked for his people for all to see. If only he was in the good books of they that be, justice never would have come Peter Obi's way.

INEC Shamelessly handed over to Peter Obi a certificate of returns, the INEC Chairman described it as "a graphic task which goes to confirm that our system is working and alive'' Certainly craze world that INEC were culpable in this drama, they facilitated the rigging of the elections in Anambra and elsewhere, their officials manipulated figures, it contradicted itself and called it a mistake in the words of their Chairman, indeed zun-tun-zun.

Talk of zun-tun-zun, how many Governors would leave their State with 12.8bn Naira aside 3 billion in another account; Ngige certainly in our Nigerian craze world has proved us wrong by this act and saluting Mr. Obi for his doggedness and determination, which saw him pursue his fight to a logical inclusion and Peter Obi for promising to continue in Ngige's steps in an accelerated manner. This presents us with the legal and moral side of the whole zun-tun-zun. The fact is that there is an understanding between Peter Obi and Ngige and they are and were friends, shows that na craze world be dis.

The craze world of Nigerian politics and judicial cum constitutional expediency would have to sort out the battle of how long Obi should stay.

I watched and waited for Chris Ngige to see if he would be available for the swearing in, but the ex- governor was unavoidably absent, the former governor had delivered his valedictory sermon, a night before the judgement but the true feeling among ‘Anambrains' showed that he had won their hearts. Craze world, someone asked, what happens to the many that won elections but they did not perform and those that performed miracles with a stolen mandate. And the many Obis that did not have the resources and will to fight the fight.

Craze world, is Obasanjo not ashamed? No, rather his basket mouth, Fani Kayode is talking rubbish, that riggers, bla bla bla and all the nonsense his mouth could ulter. The verdict is an indictment on the PDP, I wonder how Buhari would be feeling, and other such persons' whose mandate was rigged from there.

Craze world, I listened to everything, read all views and speeches and it was noteworthy to hear the new Governor say he was going to consolidate on Ngige's achievement, that is a credit to Ngige. Craze world with craze men, how will Chris Uba and his master Obj be feeling now… Fulfilled or dizzy on a proportionately zun-tun-zun way?

Between 15th March and the swearing was barely 24 hours of confusion in Anambra, it was tense, it was almost unbelievable as the whole Nigerians watched. Craze world, we have seen it in Bayelsa, Oyo, Plateau and Anambra, but whose benefit, the lawyers representing Peter Obi is taking their case further to get a complete tenure for the new Governor, that is another legal tussle on its own.

Craze world, what would happen to Chris Ngige, in Anambra what would happen during the general elections come 2007 in Anambra that is if we have that happen. How about all the political appointees of Chris Ngige and the PDP, the red fowl of APGA would want to assert itself to play an AD like role as is the case in Lagos. For all it has been amazing that all these Drama has occurred in Anambra but with a lot of implication for the nation at large. Almighty Allah Thou must have been in a jolly mood when thou created Nigeria and Nigerians.


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Re: .Anambra, Craze World And The Zun-Tun-Zun Magic
Emj posted on 03-30-2006, 23:11:32 PM
Nothing will happen to Chris Ngige, he was not caught rigging, he is not INEC, he is an Anambran(no need to do DNA test for am), he is the son of his father, he is a Nigerian, he is free to contest in the next election if he so desires.

The prayer for our people in Anambra is that never again will they sit down and allow injustice to be meted out to them by some cowboys. They should guide what they have jealously and hold their representatives in both the State and the National Assembly accountable to promises made, and the Governor and his cabinet too.
Re: .Anambra, Craze World And The Zun-Tun-Zun Magic
Nallanah posted on 04-01-2006, 13:10:18 PM
I've just had a brainwave!!!

It does'nt happen very often, so please do not be alarmed!

I wonder if OBJ's Presidency would have lasted this long if FELA were alive????

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?? I do not think OBJ would still be President!!

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