According to the federal road safety commission of Nigeria, approximately over 4, 000 people died from road accidents in 2009, while on the other hand, generator related deaths and complications have grown ludicrously over the years, in short, if one would account for complications and deaths related to high maternal mortality rates and other unscrupulous social-related deaths, it would be no exaggeration to estimate that over 200, 000 people had died unnecessary deaths in Nigeria since 2007 till date.

While this trend is rising on one hand, electricity generation is declining on the other and currently Nigeria generates no more than 3,700 megawatts against the promised 6,000 in December 2009, (less than the electricity consumption of London's 7.7 million population) equally, OPEC and the Saudi authority are complaining that oil producers like Nigeria are supplying more than the approved amount of oil into the international market, but yet, Nigerians at home are faced with scarce supply and increased prices of fuel.

In another recent blow, the transparency international have ranked Nigeria the 130th most corrupt nation in the world showing that, the nation have declined from the previous 121st position and yet, culprits like James Ibori are still on the loose and perhaps planning to contest the presidency come 2011, even as it is concretely alleged that Justice Mercy Awokulehin, who handled the case of Ibori was bribed $5 million, but yet, no serious special investigation has been launched to that effect by the judicial authorities.

While this sad episodes are ceaselessly and increasingly unrolling, we have a sick president who is in a completely different world of his own, a clog in the wheel of our economic progress and a seasoned political geek who is simply imposing himself on our national polity, an illegitimate commander who have squandered our billions of revenues and foreign reserves on unrewarding and un-prioritized projects which has produced no good result.

If you are one of the ideologues of Umaru, tell me one of the prominent projects of his which has lessened the impact of poverty or mitigated the extent of corruption, instead what we're having is a yearly insensible and an overtly misconceived budget, which mis allocates funds for mis-prioritized projects, for example: N250 million was allocated in the last budget for fighting termites in Aso rock, (that is 1.7 million dollars for God sake), it is so sad, another N7.6 billion have been appropriated by the federal executive council to provide a befitting residence for our vice president, why? 7.6 billion! When over 70 percent of Nigerians are still struggling to survive with less than 150 Naira per day, this is not just ridiculous; it is disturbing and insensible.

Fine, this could be our fate as many Nigerians have learnt to contend, but if this is how fate works then I do not simply believe in the course of fate anymore, what sort of fate? That our nation remains a place of sadness, hunger, melancholy and pain? No, ours isn't a problem of fate, I strongly believe it is a problem of insanity, inept and leadership, we cannot simply expect economic growth where we have nondescripts and morons in the corridors of power, this is a simple principle of mathematics, 1+1 can never be equal to anything less or more than 2. Nevertheless, that's not the issue here, but the sad state of our nation and the unrepentant attitudes and depressing characters of our ministers, federal executives and politicians in general, which makes one liken the case of Nigeria to that of a person standing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

As many of us have recently clamoured that the constitution should take its course, and Yaradua should step down as president and commander in chief, even if this happens, it means we'd have a president Good luck Jonathan paddling the affairs of state, but the simple fact is that, the presidency of a Jonathan will mean no better for Nigeria as he has consistently proven to be the same unexciting stuff as his current boss, president Yaradua whose self acclaimed servant leadership style has meant pain for the nation. To attest to this fact, Goodluck had earlier in this December reaffirmed that the government will still meet its promised 6,000 megawatts of electricity, but few days to the end of December, Nigerians are still battling with less than 4,000 megawatts, to light up their lives and is a shame.

Is this the sort of president we'll be left with when the constitution finally triumphs? And in the event of Umaru resigning or stepping aside as president, for how long do we battle this mediocrity of a scourge? God forbid, but the simple fact is, come 2011, there is huge possibility of Goodluck vying for the office of the president and Yaradua stepping aside to attend to his health, however, the question is whether Nigeria will not collapse under another four years of mediocrity come 2011.

If anybody is up for it, I can simply bet my millions to the fact that, if Goodluck contests the office of presidency come 2011, he will simply become the president. But frankly, we do not want a sickening continuation of Yaradua or Jonathan come 2011, therefore we as Nigerians should start considering other aspirants with excellent track records and those who we can really trust, but sadly non has come up yet as an aspirant on any political party platform till this day, and these brings us to the serious subject of whether those other would-be presidents are really serious minded fellows. Where are the Pat Utomi's?, The Atiku's, even though he's not one of those trusted ones, where are the Olatunji Braithwaite's? The Olu Falae's? The Buhari's and those other well meaning guys in whose court we can confidently commit the affairs of our nation state, these guys are simply not visible and yet, when it is June 2010, barely 8 or 10 months to election time they'll start holding conventions and flagging up as presidential aspirants, when PDP have already strategized and masterminded all its campaign paths and strategies?

Can somebody please wake these guys up from their slumber and tell them the time is now if they must contest against the likes of Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 or whichever aspirant is put up by the PDP, they must start now because it will absolutely not suffice as a winning strategy to turn up June 2010 as presidential aspirants, No. Obama for example declared his intention and started his campaign in February 2007 in preparation for the November 2008 elections, giving him 18 sufficient months to campaign. That is a winning strategy! Sufficient timing, swift action and strategy deployment from day one

As the 2011 political race is drawing nearer, one can easily predict the fact that, bloods will be shed and many sad events will unfold, as these greed of a thing is getting deeper and unfathomable, take the case of Andy Uba of Anambra for example and see how much greed has come to play, (what do these guys really want from politics?) to make change or fulfil their ambition? Undoubtedly, this same greed is in many states and will surely lead to deaths and cold blooded crisis in many states, but most importantly, if bloods are shed, one prays it is the blood of those who do not mean good for the progress of our nation and not those who have laboured for the betterment of our states. Don't get me wrong, I'm not playing the role of a prophet of doom here, but simply forecasting based on situational trends.

Whether we like it or not, our nation is currently trapped in the hands of these political cabals in the name of state-men and politicians, and unless we employ drastic actions as citizens, our polity will continue to be bastardised, mediocres will continue to rule and economic imbecility will continue to be the order of the day.

So comrades, let's rise up and fight. The fight of strategy, Wisdom and planning to salvage the future of our nation from these political imbeciles. Remember, if we fight, it is for the betterment of our kids and if we don't that is everybody's funeral...

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