My Thoughts On Yar'adua's Return

My reaction is at three levels.

At the very human level I am scandalized that friends and relations of any human can reduce his dignity as badly as they have handled the living body of this man. As one who has known him and met with him privately as recently as a few months ago my sense of human solidarity moves me to tears at what has been done to his right to some dignity when he is most vulnerable, Coming from those who profess to love him I can feel that in values they must belong to a different breed than I.

At the level of duty to country and to an oath of office I feel pain that it does not matter to some that the country they pledged to build has become the mother of all jokes from their actions. Nothing speaks more profoundly to the challenges of a patrimonial state than this experince. Pathetic though is the fact that the National Assembly does not move quickly enough with a strong resolution that removes this shame from us.

Finally i shudder that it matters little that some people are reducing the constitution to shreds and setting up an uneducated mass of the population to head down the road to Somalia. Civil society, fortunately, is geared to resist a dip into anarchy