Odubu’s electability in Edo 2020: Beyond partisanship/ Dr. Pius Odubu

There is no denying the fact that if analytical literatures on Edo political history were to be readily available on bookshelves that the thread of commonalities that would run across them would be the authors’ explanations on how voters’ behaviors have been influencing the choice of candidates in every election that have so far being held in the state.  Against the foregoing backdrop, one cannot but agree with political historians and analysts that the fate of candidates that sought electoral victories to be become Councilors, Chairmen, lawmakers; at both the State and National Assemblies and governors were determined by narrow-mindedness being exhibited by seemingly uninformed partisan electorates who usually did not look beyond competencies but rather voted on primordial sentiments, and in worst case voted for an unelectable candidate after their palms were greased.

Analyzed from the context of the preceding perspective, little wonder the State has been at one political dispensation or the other being mismanaged by inept leaders to the detriment of the wellbeing of the people and the State’s economy. Viewed from this nexus, it is expedient to opine that electorates should ahead of the next political dispensation cast their votes for candidates that have the required competencies to take the State to the next level in the forthcoming elections, and not bring their electoral ignorance to bear, and consequently give underserved opportunities to inept political leaders who are capable of further moving the State backward. 

If I am asked which of the candidates that are running for the gubernatorial position at Osadebey Avenue come September 19, 2020 agrees with my choice, I will no doubt replied with pride that my favourite candidate is Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu; not for anything but for the fact that he has the competencies that are needed to move the State to the next level, and I would by virtue of the essence of civic education persuade others to vote for him at both the primary and general elections in the State.

At this juncture, permit me to showcase the qualities possessed by Odubu, and which make him the right contestant that should be supported by Edolites with progressive mindsets and be voted for in the forthcoming elections. Without any iota of exaggeration, the electability and choice of Odubu in the forthcoming election are beyond partisanship.

In an interview with this writer,  and which was published in the Daily Independent Newspaper of April 9, 2020, Barrister Gloria Adagbon who is a politician, lawyer and a member of Buhari Support Organisation (BSO), and also a staunch supporter of Dr. Pius Odubu on his race to Edo Government House threw insight to the electability of Odubu come September 2020.

In the interview, she explained that Pius Odubu, to many people in Edo state, is a good leader, and one that knows the way, and can as well show his followers the way to go, and added that he has over the years consistently and continuously proven to be a good leader with unrivalled and unmatched leadership qualities and abilities.

She equally explained that since Odubu exited from his position as Deputy Governor in Edo State that he has not been fingered in any case of corruption or financial malfeasance, and that the level of his integrity is unequalled among his political peers.

She added that “As a good leader, Odubu has seen the need to run for Edo 2020 gubernatorial race, unarguably as a ‘Moses’ to enable him be on the pedestal of liberating the Edo people from the shackles of poverty, retrogression and gross underdevelopment with all seriousness and commitment”.

By saying that Odubu remains the best aspirant among other candidates in the race to Osadebey Avenue, it suffices to say that Edo State deserves a governor, who must have proven capacity, knowledge and capability as it is very obvious that the State’s economy is at crossroads in its developmental history at a critical period such as this. Succinctly put, the governor needed in the next political dispensation must have proven capacity and capability.

Having studied Odubu’s credentials and background, and being one of the frontline candidates vying in the next elections in the State, I have reached an informed conclusion as a Journalist to support his candidacy, and enjoin Edolites to do the same. The reasons for my choice are not farfetched as Edo State presently needs a governor that will hit the ground running and not a rookie coming to experiment with the position. Without any iota of exaggeration, Odubu’s competence, capacity and experience from years of long service in government at both the legislative and gubernatorial levels have placed him on a better pedestal to take the State to the next level.

As recently penned down in ThisDay newspaper, precisely on May 16, 2020, Oduware Osayande, Development Consultant based in Benin-City, opined that “Dr. Odubu is the quintessential grassroots political actor with thorough understanding of where Comrade Adams Oshiomhole left governance in 2016. His taintless public service record coupled with his calm disposition places him in a position to engender inclusiveness, peace, and harmony among all the centrifugal and centripetal forces in Edo State.do State.”

If there is any expediency that warrants the emergence of Odubu come the next political dispensation, it is no doubt that of ensuring that the development pace in Edo State becomes accelerated. It is highly disappointing that when a group of people of Edo extraction gathered some years ago and insisted that the then Bendel State, which was then one of the largest states in the Federation; in terms of geographical spread should be split into Edo and Delta, that their collective stand was informed by the need for the rapid development of the region in view of its natural resources principally among which is large deposit of oil and gas.

True to their dreams and aspiration, the then military government saw reason with them and that was how Delta State was carved out from the defunct Bendel State. The other part of the now defunct State was renamed Edo. Unfortunately, it is not an exaggeration to say that while Delta had been on accelerated development on the strength of the prudent management of the available resources by its leaders, the opposite had been the case in Edo, ostensibly due to inept and clueless leadership.

Against the foregoing backdrop, it is therefore germane to say that massively rallying round Odubu should be beyond partisan politics. To my view, his candidacy should be supported by all; irrespective of political, ethnic and party affiliations.  If not for anything, for the State to catch up with some other States in terms of development in all its ramifications.