Twin Towers, Vicotria Island (Across from 1004)





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Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Otito posted on 05-14-2009, 08:39:39 AM
Thank you Fashola,

May your children for generations to come reap what you are sowing

Now i can buga and show all these yeye oyinbo who only think Africa is all that is depicted by red nose day

Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Zuma posted on 05-14-2009, 08:46:42 AM
Thank God. A Governor with brains he can use at last. I hope he fully implement all these his reforms in the next 6 years. Then he can run for presidency. I will definitely vote for the first time in Nigeria if he campaigns for presidency. I am praying for him.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Omo naija posted on 05-14-2009, 08:48:18 AM
Yar Adua and governors, what are your excuses? Fashola has shamed you all in under 2 years... Fashola keep up your good works, shame on those that think Nigeria cannot work, Fashola has proved the nay sayers wrong...

Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
HolyPagan posted on 05-14-2009, 08:55:48 AM
I am simply blown away.
My heart is filled with such joy, at the beautiful images, that is depicted in those photographs.

Thank You.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Zuma posted on 05-14-2009, 09:16:29 AM


Edo will follow Lagos' example, says Oshiomhole

By Isaac Taiwo

EDO State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has described the administration of his Lagos State counterpart, Babatunde Fashola, as a model worthy of emulation, vowing to replicate the Lagos success story in his domain.

Speaking at the weekend during a reception/dinner event organised in his honour by a cross-section of Edo indigenes resident in Lagos, Oshiomhole said: \"Lagos is now good\".

Oshiomhole added that he had understood that \"the challenge of governance is not about lamenting but for the governor of a state to invest his goodwill in such a way that those who have money would pay tax.\"

He described Edo State as a \"tax-free state.\"

The governor, who identified the three priorities of his government as \"production, infrastructure and education,\" said Edo would focus on the \"two-point agenda\" of education and infrastructure this year.

His words: \"What I met on ground was that from the governor to the civil servants, there was no payment of correct taxes. I had to give the directive that from the Governor's Office to the least establishment, tax law should be implemented.\"

Oshiomhole also alleged that he inherited a graft-ridden contract awarding process in Edo State.

He said: \"The level of contract inflation in government was two or three times higher than what it would take the private sector to execute the same job.

\"This made us to engage the services of a robust monitoring team, which would scrutinise project sums to ensure that some people are not feeding fat on taxpayers' money.\"

He also lamented that about 12,000 people who got government land for farming purposes gave them out to land speculators to make money at government expense, assuring, however, that measures are \"being taken to bring things into proper perspective.\"

Oshiomhole stressed that his government was ready to take on the challenges of fixing bad roads and constructing new ones, as well as stemming erosion in Edo State.

He lamented that Edo's education and healthcare systems had long been paralysed, saying that no less than N5.5 billion would be needed to rehabilitate the state's primary and post-primary schools in the next two months.

The Edo governor promised to re-orientate the state Civil Service to support him in his quest for a new state.

He disclosed that his cost-cutting measures in the Governor's Office and others had reduced expenditure to N850 million from the yearly average of N1.4 billion.

In his welcome address, Chairman of the occasion, Tayo Akpata, described Oshiomhole as an \"articulate and fearless comrade, the only one who took after Michael Imoudu, the number-one Labour leader.\"

Akpata added: \"You are the first trade unionist to head a government in this country. No doubt, the new era in trade unionism under you as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) president would be replicated in the government of Edo State.

\"We have high expectations of a new Edo State of our vision with provision of water, good roads, good schools and hospitals. We are also looking forward to Edo State Arts and Culture Ministry creating a boisterous tourism industry in Edo.\"

At the event were the former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu; Apostle Hayford Alile, formerly of Stock Exchange; erstwhile Information Minister, Tony Momoh; Chief Executive Officer, Oceanic Bank, Mrs. Cecilia Ibru; her counterpart at Zenith Bank, Mr. Jim Ovia, former presidential candidate, Prof. Pat Utomi, among others.

Let us see if other governors will take a hint. We have one "pledge" so far. Hope we do not have to wait for 2 years.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Farooqkperogi posted on 05-14-2009, 09:21:26 AM
I had always thought that stories of the radical transformation of Lagos in the last few months was all media hype. My skepticism was informed by similar stories about Tinubu's so-called unexampled renewal of Lagos, which I found to be completely bogus when I visited Lagos in 2006.

However, many of my usually hypercritical diasporan friends who have visited Lagos in the last few months have confirmed that, indeed, Lagos has changed--and is still changing--in ways that have no parallel in the history of the city.

This is about the only soothing news coming from Nigeria these days. I can't wait to visit Lagos again. I only hope that the governor that will succeed the current one does not relapse to the old ways. That's an ever-present possibility in Nigeria.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Zuma posted on 05-14-2009, 09:27:01 AM
Yes, I live in Nigeria and yes, Lagos has changed. The atmosphere alone, is different. An atmosphere that forsters progress. I could not believe it myself. I am ruling for Governor Fashola. I hope he continues to do us proud.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Eire posted on 05-14-2009, 10:14:48 AM
Please fellow forumites, I beg help me here...




Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Tola Odejayi posted on 05-14-2009, 10:26:52 AM
Let's be clear that many of the places shown are in Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi and Lagos Island - so no one should rush home thinking that ALL of Lagos is like this.

That said, this doesn't mean that Fashola hasn't done a good job. In fact, the process of change in society usually begins with certain key groups/locations and then works it way across the general population. For example, when GSM technology was introduced first in Nigeria, only Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt had coverage. But now you can reach most places in Nigeria by GSM. So the transformation we are seeing in these areas might continue to spread.

There are areas where Fashola's impact IS being felt on a wider scale. The signage of many roads in Lagos is one; the removal of unsightly flyposting that used to deface many flyovers is another; and for new drivers to Lagos, the erection of clear routing directions on major roads and expressways is a true blessing. I think that Fashola is being smart by going for low hanging fruit - making a dramatic and visible impact on Lagos so that people have the confidence in his ability to deliver the harder, slower changes that Lagos needs (like building transport infrastructure) and are therefore encouraged to pay their taxes.
Re: The New Lagos In Pictures [Case In Urban Renewal]
Icglobalsystem posted on 05-14-2009, 10:39:05 AM
It has been almost 5years outside Nigeria.Though i have read and hear from many sources about how Lagos is transfroming to a mega city...I am thrilled and feel like jumping out of my skin...Imagine me,son of the soil have a property in transformed mega-city like Lagos..?Isn't awesome..?These pictures are wetting my appetite...I feel like catching the next flight!!
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