Nuhu Ribadu: Another overrated personality

Our political space is fast becoming a comedy; every dick, tom and harry now feels, Nigerian presidency is attainable without any meaningful national inputs, martyrdom, intellectual sagacity and leadership instincts. Probably that's why little Ribadu now see himself in the colours of greatness and national leadership.

At Babcock University in Ogun state, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu was honoured with an honorary doctorate degree, after he returned from self exile. During his citation, the university orator, consistently referred Nuhu Ribadu as the son of Nigeria's first Minister of Defence, late Alhaji Mohammadu Ribadu. The truth is, he is not. Nuhu Ribadu is not related in any way to the man - Mohammadu Ribadu. I wonder why he is name dropping. Is he not proud of his pedigree?

Nuhu Ribadu, like many of his ilk, who were once opportune to be in the corridors of power, are just too self centred that they feel Nigeria cannot move without them as leaders. They see Nigeria with the eyes of doom except they are given political positions, which most often does not translate to effective public service delivery.

I was a great fan of Nuhu Ribadu, when he started his exploits in EFCC; I, like so many other Nigerian youths believe then he was the messiah that has come to clean up the system, of corruption. Ribadu consistently told Nigerians of the availability of highly classified documents in his possession to nail corrupt persons in power. We all believed him; we waited endlessly for him to start prosecuting these corrupt elements in our societies. What we got is a man saying so much but doing so little.

Maybe I should ask Ribadu where he hid the classified corrupt documents since the present headship of EFCC has since denied having any in their possession. Or let me assume, the leadership of EFCC is lying, where are Ribadu's photocopies? Why is he not releasing them to the press so that we can all see and judge?

Is true, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu dealt some blows to some serial official criminals like Tafa Balogun; one must also acknowledge he brought some measure of sanity to the war against corruption, the question is how do you justify his new wealth too. Nuhu Ribadu as an Assistant Inspector General of Police, cough out millions of naira to buy his official residence in Abuja. He later told the world his father in law paid for it. Permit me to tell the world that his father inlaw, Professor Yaya Abubakar is a retired university professor and a single term senator. So where did the old man get such staggering sum of money? And why would he have spent such huge amount on Nuhu Ribadu when he has his own biological children too, who are also mere civil servants like Ribadu?

I am weeping for those misguided youths who are presently worshipping on the feet of Nuhu Ribadu. It even painful that most of his present day admirers are young but gullible southerners. Ask Nuhu Ribadu if he practised transparent leadership when he was at the helms of affairs in EFCC. The commission under Nuhu Ribadu recruit people into the commission without public announcements. Most of the staff there during his time were mostly his kinsmen. Nuhu Ribadu was no respecter of national spread and equitable distribution of employment when he was in EFCC.

I should not be misunderstood as someone who does not want to see an end to corruption in Nigeria; reading through most of my articles, you will see that I have been consistent in wanting an end to our enslavement as a people by corrupt and inept leaders. I have not changed and God's willing will never change. I am only uncomfortable with the new national and intelligent toga, our people are beginning to use in viewing Nuhu Ribadu.

Mallam Ribadu interest in 2011 presidency is another bitter pill being forced down the throats of every sensible Nigerians. Let's assume Ribadu was a good anti-corruption czar, does that make him a good political leader? If Ribadu knows how to police the environment, does that make him, a good formulator of economic policies? If Nuhu Ribadu has age on his side, is his youthfulness equivalent to resourcefulness? I think we need to start addressing these issues in their proper perspectives.

Those asking Ribadu to take a plunge on our presidency in 2011, should give cogent reasons why they see him as a good material for the topmost seat in our nation. They should stop abusing our sensitivity that he fought corruption to a standstill, because he did not. Nuhu Ribadu belongs to a cabal that tagged themselves technocrats during the hey days of President Olusegun Obasanjo's government. These cabal were mere public servants or in private practise who were just middle class persons, with a car or two and living in rented apartments, before coming into Obasanjo's government. But after Obasanjo left power, they became stupendously rich and have estates in choice areas in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt, their country homes and even abroad. These group of men include, El-rufai, Fani-Kayode, Uba brothers, Soludo, Oshuntokun and our overrated Nuhu Ribadu. I guess it's now obvious why they never had a case with EFCC until Ribadu left.

Selective justice is no justice. The wakeup call for a new Nigeria is now. We must stop accepting personalities that had questionable and idiotic records in public offices as the best that can come out for our country's leadership. Nuhu Ribadu in spite of his little achievements in EFCC, does not possess any presidential qualities; the best for him is to seek to be an adviser on security matters, because that's the only obvious area he is gifted.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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