...or, how Obama fluffed it for Trump
In 2008, after years of having its certainty about itself representing the peak of human development (in all spheres of activity) undermined by serial idiocies from the backers and operators of the George W Bush regime, the USA's silent majority (you know who I mean) was so demoralised that a significant percentage of them decided to give 'Change' a chance. But then Barack Obama came in and spent the next eight years basically advocating that the Bush regime had done nothing wrong: that there is/was nothing wrong with the old model. The silent majority heard him loud and clear and so, when given a choice between another service drone from a production line run (and owned) by masters of the old model or, an opportunity to say "f**k all you smugly incompetent b*****ds", they chose what they assumed to be the latter.
Modern day politics/government and porn have a lot in common. Pornography is primarily a mass of people watching, sometimes alone and sometimes in company, a few other people f**king, sometimes for money and/or, sometimes simply because they enjoy knowing that strangers are being titillated (by what they are doing) while politics/government is a mass of disparate individuals watching, sometimes alone and sometimes in company, a few other people f**king up, sometimes for money and/or, sometimes because they are sociopaths whose pleasure is enhanced by the knowledge that the lives of others - mostly strangers - is affected by what they do.
There are two kinds of porn: soft and hard core. Softcore porn is the variety where the rawest aspects of copulation are mostly implied. In softcore, you may see the genitals, what you will not see are close-ups of the penetration. All of these, and sometimes even more, you see in hardcore.
In politics/government, the so-called liberal wing of the duopoly that controls most 'modern democracies' are analogous to softcore while the others - the ones who more often than not describe themselves as 'conservatives' - are the hardcore performers. Though both are basically serving and selling the same product, the softcore package their depradations as 'care', 'charity', or even 'humanism' while the hardcore package theirs as 'strength', 'protection', or even 'nationalism'.
Though it had always been obvious to discerning minds,  the fact that the most powerful from the (allegedly) 'liberal' wing of corporate media are nothing more than propaganda outlets for softcore predatory elites was again confirmed by the way these elections were reported on from minute one. Ones witnessed (again and again) journalists abandoning their duty to report the factual core of unfolding events (and offer objective analysis) in favour of serving as mouthpieces for their ideological counterparts in the political arena. Well, they have tried and failed twice now (first with Brexit) to manipulate the votes in favour of their soulmates. Hopefully, this decline in their power to shape public opinion (in such a way that outcomes are affected) will be a terminal one.
On November 8 2016, a majority of the USAudience switched over to a hardcore channel whose shows will mostly star a rampant 'stud' named Donald J Trump. He has promised them a lot of action, all bareback and, for some receptacles, no lubricant. Expect sales of tissue paper to soar...for various reasons.