A Nigerian woman has been sentenced to a five-year-jail term in Budapest for bringing to the territory of the Republic of Hungary a substance believed to be cocaine tucked in her stomach.

The Budapest District 18 &19 Court in its judgment found Vera Moses guilty of being in possession of a forbidden drug weighing 788.88g, an amount the court considered to exceed normal according to the Hungarian penal code.

Delivering her judgment last Thursday July 1st, Dr. Trappn├ę Kiszely Rita sent the accused to five years imprisonment after which she would be expelled from the territory of Hungary for another five years. But she will serve her remaining sentence in a correctional facility instead of maximum security.

Brought to the court hands and legs chained, Ms. Moses, 38, pleaded guilty to the charge of drug abuse, saying it was financial and economic problems that lured her to the drug barons who eventually used her.

She was alleged to have been arrested on August 15, 2009 at the Ferihegyi airport aboard Siberian airline from Barcelona in Spain, and had almost passed the green zone when the custom officers pulled her apart asking her if she had anything to declare in which the mother of four replied, No.

But her body language seemed to have betrayed her. She was arrested and X-rayed during which 54 capsules wrapped in a transparent nylon were alleged to have been punched from her body.

Moses who stood, looking sad and remorseful, agreeing with every word said that she regretted her action and that she had learned her lessons. "I am sorry for what I have done?" she said. "It won't happen again; and this is from the bottom of my heart".

Her lawyer, Márai Judit, who had hinted about the seriousness of the case but promised to do her best pleaded for leniency due to the fact that the accused has never been convicted before.

The defence lawyer also asked the court to take into consideration the accused four dependent children ages 22, 16, 14 and 11 all of who reside in Nigeria.

Although given the option to appeal, Moses lawyer said it was not necessary since the accused had already pleaded guilty.

Moses told the court that she had been living in Spain for eleven years and worked as a cleaner before her ordeal.

A school drop-out, she is married to Spanish and expected to serve four years, having spent almost one year in detention during the trial.