At a recent Edo state certificate verification exercise in Benin City, the state capital, a lady teacher struggled to read her own sworn affidavit. She just could not read a single line let alone a sentence, never mind a paragraph of the half page affidavit!
How can they read when they had poor education themselves? Very poorly trained teachers passing ignorance to the next generation of leaders and technocrats who will compete in the global economy that the 21st and 22nd century portends- One cosmos, for Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, ITC consultants, Bankers and Business Administrators without borders! Is Nigeria ready for this competition? A big No! The clueless leaders, past and present- still think Oil and Gas will bring them easy money towards the end of this century and beyond!
Nigeria is in serious trouble and the most unfortunate thing is that dumb Jonathan and his crew are not even aware of the danger ahead, let alone thinking about solutions. Imbeciles run Nigeria, and it’s a shame because that country has produced more than a fair share of world class intellectuals and thinkers, some wasting away in foreign lands where, because of discrimination against Nigerians everywhere, their knowledge and skills are hardly tapped into. The next generation of economies would be ICT driven where people would do their jobs from any part of the world ( I already work 2 days from home accessing my office computers and files through “, hold world meetings remotely with Skype and other virtual meeting Internet applications, do their shopping from the comfort of their homes- that is how I do my shopping these days, I can't remember how long I have been to Oxford Street or such high brow shopping malls in London area to buy my dresses and shoes, even I get some of my green groceries delivered to my door by Tesco and Acado.
These clowns running the Nigerian show are not even aware that soon Gas-powered machineries and heating will soon be obtained through Fracking of rocks and shale gas and oil is been developed steadily and
soon their "almighty oil" will become redundant, and very low value to anyone- whether in US, Japan or Europe that currently pay through their nose to power their industrial and domestic economies.
We have been preaching since 1983, in my Final year Thesis paper at the University of Nigeria, where my chosen topic was: “Nigerian Monetary and Fiscal policies for Development, 1980-1982” that Nigeria must not devalue its Naira, but instead diversify its mono-cultured economy-Oil only- when another dumb, Shehu Shagari, was in power with his gluttonous crew of Akinloye, Umaru Dikko, Joe Wayas, Alex Ekueme, that reliance on oil- whose prices are outside the control of Nigeria- cannot sustain the growing population of Nigeria in the long run but the crooks since then till date won't listen. Accidents and fortunes have smiled on Nigeria since then when Oil was only about $10 a barrel to its over $100 in today's international market- providing more cash for the ruling elite to steal, buy as many private jets as they wish, misapply budget allocations without sound economic justifications, and waste the rest. Imagine the nightmare Nigeria would become if oil prices crashes to say $30 a barrel, which I foresee may happen in the next 10 years, if not earlier with advancement in the exploration of Shale Gas and Oil in the developed world.
I am even been charitable and modest in calling these people morons and idiots; they just have too low IQs. They shouldn't be running Kindergartens let alone a vast cosmos like Nigeria! Apart from Murtala and possibly Buhari, and then Umaru Yar'Adua ( whom sickness robbed Nigerians of his skills, integrity and reasoning capacity, and who died on the throne courtesy of Obasanjo's pay-back on Nigerians for denying him 3rd term) all of Nigerian rulers past and present are not only crooks but have very low IQs. They would never have a single chance to run a country like Ghana where merit still counts let alone Europe, North America or Asian countries. PhD don't mean nothing to me, especially the watered-down degrees they have been awarding in Nigeria universities since the 1990s- half-baked graduates!
I found it frustrating indeed that when I tell these truths, by rightly calling these people idiots-which they rightly are- some misguided people in our fora come to shed "crocodile tears" for them and trying to portray me in bad light for names which they have earned with distinction! The irony is that the people suffering the worst injustice in the world- those oppressed and dehumanised Nigerians living in Nigeria- are the ones coming to this place- standing logic on its head- to blindly criticise me for fighting for their liberation and justice- just because I called them idiot, which is even an under-tagging, really IMHO. Terrible, the extent of decay and destruction of the psyche of the average Nigerian! The people have been so pulverized, so traumatized, so polarised and so terrified to even call their oppressors to order.
Just go visit Sahara reporters and see how Patience Jonathan and her so-called clueless "Nigerian Council of Nigerian Society" are wasting our monies in 2015 election that Jonathans tells people in public that they should not get involved yet, because he is yet to make up his mind about it- the same treachery and deceit reminiscent of Obasanjo, when he told those who came to beg him to do second term in December 2001- led by Mr Fix it, Tony Anenih, that he was not sure yet but waiting for a dial from God, because his got has yet to call him on his direct line, before he knows whether he will run or not for the 2003 election. Hypocrites also run Nigeria-These people are worst than Babangida and Abacha; At least you know Abacha is coming to hurt you so you are prepared for the attack, unlike the likes of moronic Obj and the clueless but very deceptive Jonathan who will tell you sweet things and then they hit you real hard whilst unprepared.
You see that long trucks pulling the clueless women? They are Julius Berger property and that company has been fueling public corrution particularly, the presidency and Works ministry in high scales since the Bagangida years, and have financed all the lection rigging and vote buying by the PDP since 1999. If we don't tackle companies like Julius Berger feeding corruption on such massive scales, future generations would not forgive us for our laziness and cowardise! Every head of state since Babangida have had sprawling, expansive gigahertz mansions, stretching one Acre of space built for them in their country homes by this notorious German company; They have built over40 bedrooms house for Babangida in Minna; a massive, sprawling mansion, reputed to be bigger and better than IBB's, in the hilltop of Abeokuta for the monstrous Obasanjo; and be rest assured even a bigger and better one will be built and handed over to the Otuoke clown, either in his village Otuoke or Yenagoa or Port harcourt, depending on GEJ's wish. All these they reportedly build and hand to them as "gifts" or "charitable donations" and Nigerians believe this "white lies" and deceipt.
Julius Berger has already built a massive and sprawling Church at Otuoke as "gift" to GEJ; they are currently building a state of the art- only in buildings though- Federal University, at Jonathan's creek village of Utuoke, at a time all Federal universities lecturers are on strike, and young university students in forced-vacation, denied of veritable learning, in term times. The lecturers are on strike because of low pay and the refusal of the Federal authorities to honour even simple funding agreements-much below UNESCO funding recommendation- but Jonathan and his crooked crew will not honour even a simple agreement to fund existing universities because there is not enough money for our children education. They don't care, why should they fund "rubbish" Nigerian universities when their children are in Europe and America schooling in well funded and equipped universities, yet they have more than enough to fund the building of a new university at Utuoke, that will become dilapidated like the rest few years after another idiot takes over from him as president of Federal republic of "hell-hole" Nigeria.
I would suggest that Nigerians in Germany should find and fetch us the contact address, Phone number and email address of Julius Berger company in Germany- that's where the headquarters/parent company is. We should initiate a campaign to either get them to stop their corruptive influence on Nigerian leadership or get kicked out of Nigeria. I am very serious about this and I don't mind going to their head office in  Germany to protest and picket their head office in Germany, until they start to behave themselves and not corrupting openly ever government in Nigeria- things they will not try with the German government officials in the country of registration. Please, please let’s do this and quickly too!
Tony Ishiekwene