THE NONSENSE : "God meant Nigeria to be, so we shall continue to be together."

THE SENSE : This is only true if by 'God', one is referring to a deeply ignorant and arrogant creature in whose stagnant mind, decision making processes are primarily guided by prejudice.  

To elaborate, what under all other circumstances we mean when we use the word "God" has nothing to do with the manufacture of Nigeria. Because at all other times, regardless of the religion that we profess (i.e.. Traditionalist, Christian, or Muslim), when we speak of "God", what we refer to is a great force that is the fount of all that is good. Yoruba say, Olorun O se'bi." Meaning, "God does no evil." If this is true - if we do believe (or know) this to be true - then how can we ascribe to God, responsibility for the manufacture and continued existence of things that have done little more than evil from the time they came into being?

What "meant Nigeria to be" were some seriously stupid individuals working for the British Colonial Office and their counterparts in France and Germany. These were the beings who, sitting in offices a world away from the peoples whose fates they were deciding, still felt confident enough in their ability to totally comprehend complex things whose main parts were hidden from the view. So they picked up pens and rulers and drew lines that separated nations - joining the resultant dismembered pieces together in any which way was most convenient for the equally lazy functionaries that they had working for them in what they arrogantly called their 'colonial properties'. 

In short, lazy persons looking for the easiest way to exploit an unknown part of the world to the fullest are the ones who meant Nigeria to be. God had nothing to do with it because God is never on the side of lazy, greedy, murderous thieves.

Though the Negro inheritors of these parasites may proclaim the opposite daily in voices that they hope are loud enough to drown out the truth, this eternal truth will remain unaffected.

So, it may be expected that ones who are primarily guided by feelings that come out of religious beliefs/knowledge, will  conclude that the Godly thing to do is to work for the reversal of something that was imposed by forces inimical to the divine order.  

THE NONSENSE: "By 20xx, Nigeria will be one of the world's leading economies"

THE SENSE: From the moment of its manufacture by the British, Nigeria was integrated into the global economic system. The Division Of Labour is one of the fundamental precepts of practical economicsTo be more specific, with regards to "The Nonsense" above, the precept of interest is The Spatial Division Of Labour...which can also be described as a geography-specific division of labour. 

The world-system refers to the international division of labor, which divides the world into core countries, semi-periphery countries, and the periphery countries. Core countries focus on higher-skill, capital-intensive production, and the rest of the world focuses on low-skill, labor-intensive production, and the extraction of raw materials. This constantly reinforces the dominance of the core countries. Nonetheless, the system is dynamic, and individual states can gain or lose their core (semi-periphery, periphery) status over time. For a time, some countries become the world hegemon; throughout the last few centuries, this status has passed from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom and, most recently, to the United States.

Above we have a description of the global division of labour and the categories in which its member countries are divided into. It goes without saying that Nigeria belongs to the lowest rank (i.e.. the periphery countries whose primary function is to supply the raw materials used by higher ranked countries). 

Stability in any system depends on all components staying in position and operating in accordance with the system's requirements. All instances of volatility that the global system undergoes can be directly traced back to some component not functioning according to its original specifications. In some cases, the malfunction is involuntary - due perhaps to previously unaccounted for variables becoming influential. Where components of this global system start voluntarily functioning outside of their previous parameters, the reaction from so-called core countries is usually antagonistic. This is because there are only so many places on the table and if a new member is to be seated, one must be unseated and, none of the core (or even semi-periphery) countries will ever willingly give up its seat, Therefore, for a so-called periphery country like Nigeria to step up, it must not only be prepared to fight with all that it has to dislodge ones that it seeks to replace in the global order, it must be capable of winning the fight - i.e.. to be willing to get into a fight is not enough, the resources that can be used to forge a victorious campaign must also be present. 

However in Nigeria today, while it is true that there are truly people who are willing to take on the world to improve the countries ranking in the global order, the resources with which such a fight can be brought to a successful conclusion are non-existent. And unfortunately, perhaps due to a natural bent towards a level of optimism that approaches superstition, rather than engage in realistic appraisals of currently available resources that will then lead towards logic-based searches for what is missing, the tendency is for ones to utter platitudes or to lose themselves in orgies of imitation in manners not dissimilar to self-trained babalawo issuing incomprehensible incantations or engaging in sham rituals that are meant to entice the aid of supernatural forces.

So, we waste time, effort, and treasure building "another Dubai", "another Singapore", "another Hong Kong" . We actually expect that the same countries that will be discomfited if we become a leading economy will help us to achieve our aims. We dispense with economic nationalism and expect to somehow end up with a national economy that is fit for purpose. We are addicted to nonsensical thinking and this addiction will be the death of us all.