Ngozi Okonjo - Iweala Will Step On Big Toes In Abuja

By Sunday Njokede

"...the only way not to step on toes is to stop walking" wrote former US President Bill Clinton while prefacing a book written by erstwhile Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Her book is titled ‘The Mighty And The Almighty.'

Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala is a forward moving person who's not use to stopping or slacking once she set herself or mind on motion – whether for good or for bad. Her constant moving and shaking is no doubt one of the reasons she's one of the women sitting not just on top of the World Bank – but on top of this world.

And there's no signal to show or reason to believe that she'd stop walking now that she is a more determined two-time minister. Her forthcoming wanders through high places of power will lead to stepping on plenty toes of big movers, hustlers and shakers in Nigeria.

It'd not be cakewalk as she journey along Nigeria's political terrain that's mined with corruption and hedonism of the cabal class. There'll be collisions, accidental discharges and plenty of injured players as she moves through the open doors of corridor of power.

But I've some advices for her before I proceed proper.

First and foremost, I'd advice her to make proper arrangement with her World Bank employer on how to be reinstated in the event that the Election Tribunal finally sacks Jonathan. I mayn't know what her instinct is telling her. But my crystal ball tells me that Jonathan would soon be sent to the labour market by election tribunal. And I hope Emeka Wogu the Labour minster is already looking for work for Jonathan his boss. Mr Wogu had recently, during ministerial screening opined that work is plentiful in Nigeria than USA. He ignorantly said that America has more unemployed people than Nigeria. Despite his brazen mad statements – our conniving senators declared him minster.

Secondly, I know that madam Ngozi love and cherish to tie wrapper all year round and 24 hours a day. But for good measure, I'd advice her to go and take tutorial on how to wear trousers. In that very soon, she and omnipotent Nigerian Governors Forum and its governors would be putting all their legs in one trouser. The Nigerian political space is filthily a warlike zone. No one ever wears or ties wrapper to war trenches like Nigeria political arena. Not even the French people who invented Trench Warfare and have lost all wars even with Algeria. Except in Indian, Bangladesh and Fuji Island where men tie wrapper and be down for whatever.

So, madam should be very prepared. In fact, she has to be battle-ready because politicians would dare her and bring the fight to her door step. I hate that she's caught unawares by unfriendly fires from criminals rulers in Abuja. Nigerian politicians can fight dirtier than pop singers Christian Aguilera and Britney Spears doing celebrity ‘death match' on MTV.

My advices to Ngozi may sound comically unprofessional and make you laugh but however. I do hope I have been able to tell her to brace up so longer she'll mixing and mingling, wining and dining with naughty rulers in Abuja.

As I was saying before, Ngozi is a moving train of activities which crushes anything that stays on her way to success. Ministering in Nigeria as office holder would be one of the hardest job in her life. She would be faced with so much hurdles and she knew it too well. Among her frontal enemies is her employer president Jonathan Goodluck. The Governors Forum, PDP and sundry other people and interests would be arm-bushing and taking aims at her as she spell out economic policies that'd make Nigeria a just society of sort.

Ngozi seems to be the only one who can fly and touch the sky in this present administration. She's the only fresh air with the Midas touch that I see amid the new cabinet. But I fear that the meddlesome behemoth PDP wouldn't give her the legroom to make soothing policies and run with it to ghettoes in Nigeria to ease poor peoples' pains. PDP people have always resisted positive programs and changes aimed at spreading love and equity in Nigeria.

Conflict of interest battle would ensue frequently between the on-the-way Amazon reformer Ngozi and the freaky PDP change-resisters. And trouble shooting mechanism would be in short supply in Aso Rock to curb frictions and power struggles.

And actual trouble has already started brewing after Ngozi drew the battle line in the Senate while answering questions. She had pooh-poohed suggestion by governors for removal of petrol subsidy. In supporting fuel subsidy, she said it is a good policy capable of bridging the gaps between the rich and poor. While regretting that the subsidy thing has been misused, she swore to pursue programs which will up the stake of the poor in society.

The governors would've felt challenged and provoked by her statements in Senate – more so her damnation of their fuel subsidy removal. In no time, the governors would aim and fire back at Ngozi from their double barrel. Already, governors have started moving their troops in Senate to resist Ngozi. It's in the news lately that Lower chamber of senate has made u-turn from their promise to help the poor. But instead, they've pitched their tents with PDP governors in removing petrol subsidy as only way they could pay minimum wage.

The governors who rigged Jonathan to power massively wouldn't tolerate Ngozi rubbing shoulders with them or standing in their ways as they enslave the rest of us. Very soon, they'll march their troops to meet Ngozi in Abuja. And a full-blown war would ensue surpassing the Boko Harem palaver that's already rocking Aso Rock. The cabal would threaten her to step back from bringing sanity and equitable order to society or face their missiles.

Ngozi would refuse to stop pursuing pro-people policies. Governors and establishment class would pick offence. And the matter would be taken to PDP inner circle for deliberation. Straightaway, governors and PDP would direct President Jonathan to do away with Ngozi. And Jonathan, without batting an eye or thinking twice would ask Ngozi to go away. The president has no say-so of his own. PDP keeps goading him on left, right and centre while he tags along clueless.

President Jonathan wouldn't have a prick of conscience leaving Ngozi Iweala cold and stranded in the middle of the road should there be conflict of interest between Ngozi and PDP as she conducts her motherland duty.

To be continued...

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union