National Association of Seadogs: Bilateral Relations with Utopia?/ NAS rules and regulations.

On March 23, 2017, Dr. Grimot Nane floated Tower Dock under a new emblem: Pyrates Association. In its press release March 25, 2017, the founder noted that Tower Dock is the maiden branch of the Pyrates Association emerging from “what is known as the National Association of Seadogs.” At inception, Pyrates Association “retained” the 4/7 creed of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) guiding the ways of a Pyrate or the faultless cardinal credo of daily living. The main vocabulary and phrases of the Pyrates Association as tagged were;

  • brothers,
  • engage,
  • practices that can effectively better the society,
  • internally and externally consistent,
  • moral codes of its institution.

Finally, Pyrates Association challenged herself before time which will prove the mettle spirit of her founder.

All the above can be congealed into one question: Was the National Association of Seadogs lacking brotherliness, not engaging in practices that can effectively better the society in consistent manner, and not following the moral codes in her own creation? The answer is in the affirmative and National Association of Seadogs members are aware that a Seadogs words has long seized to be his bond. For instance, Seadogs need court judgments issued by a non-member (lobber) as evidence to suspend a member known to deal on banned substances like drugs; yet, it has Truth among brothers as overriding against Lies. Another ridiculous example is a Seadogs telling another to provide evidence of verbal communication between them.

Meanwhile, there was no official reaction from NAS as regards the floating of the Pyrates Association or none that I knew of. However, it received approvals and disapprovals from Seadogs. Those who disapproved were simply being emotional. They felt that this was not what they wanted for an association they joined with the promise that it will lead them to the Island of Tortuga. The disapproving by their profiles had no record of ever questioning why an association that should have calculated membership of at least 10,000 is wrestling with non-participation of most of her members. Had Grimot Nane left silently like thousands did, the disapproving heirlooms could have been happier, but he did not. NAS as a registered and legally constituted association can no longer enjoy the kid’s glove of members simply walking away and moving on as if decades invested meant nothing. Just as NAS goes to court to address issues of common concern, the association should be ready to defend herself over any issue ranging from human rights involving torture, assaults, modus operandi, worded letters in their practices, financial issues, etc. It is no longer fashionable to turn up, play up, walk out of the organisation, and shut up.

I was one of those who approved because as an adult, Grimot Nane has every right to follow which ever path he deems fit and besides, National Association of Seadogs is not a secret society where the ills within must be shielded from the public. Again, I felt that Grimot Nane has love for NAS and is assisting NAS to look within, reflect and make endearing adjustments.

On April 6, 2017, Pyrates Association re-affirmed the adoption of the National Association of Seadogs 4/7 creed as her guiding armour, thereby fulfilling her justification for using the creed which “can neither be patented, nor used exclusively.” However, it completely rejected the obnoxious 3 in the 3-4/7 creed which are: Odas Es Odas, No Friend, No Foe, and Absolutely No Lagging. Respectively, Pyrates Association agreeably found the 3 maxims to be “a brazen excuse for oppression, victimisation of targets and ‘fall guys’, and the last, Absolutely No Lagging as exacting slavery of free men. It is obvious that the sincere tone of the Pyrates Association is what has been lacking in the National Association of Seadogs where among other things, brothers can no longer trust brothers, neither with a pinch, nor with a long fork. This is no news at least to the members, but jaundiced politicking and seating in comfort zones resonates do nothing.

Jibaluka Confraternity has no intention of adopting National Association of Seadogs credo. Jibaluka as a Confraternity is channelled towards Education and Youth Mentoring. Injustices where found will be assessed and targeted in a contextualised manner.  When Jibaluka was made public, June 21, 2017, it has all the trappings and suffocations that made Pyrates Association to split from NAS. Added to the above were undue politicking and high-handedness by the Actors under NAS bothering on the freewill of members to have opinions and express the same.  Politics by its very nature fetches diplomacy and when actioned among brothers, slices, dices, divides, and can never elevate the consciousness to higher level. The raising of that consciousness is what CB perennially signed for when he and six others found Pyrates Confraternity. Members pandering on politics will quickly tell you that it is in human nature to do otherwise, but what they often fail to address is that Pyrates Confraternity was founded to steer away from such elementary and banal human nature, to elevate the standard of discourse and wellbeing, and to arm members with an unequal mind, hence the expression: Arm the Pyratical spirit!

The climax of this politicking is where NAS CEO will cascade information that all those illegally initiated after 2006 “must be” thrown out “immediately”. The same CEO established intelligence committee to sift out offenders, but along the line, when presented with lists of illegal initiates will condone the same offenders. The suspicion around this was that some Seadogs with money to invest in the program of the CEO actually initiated the illegals and do not want them thrown out. In this state, CEO sets aside moral core of Pyracy for pecuniary measures on behalf of NAS. In this real situation, members of intelligence cell are seen as trouble makers by Merchants within for doing what they were instructed to do and therefore courts internal enemies for actioning the CEO’s instructions?

If this is not a betrayal of the ideals of Pyrates Confraternity, may those who calls their selves members of the National Association of Seadogs (not Pyrates) define betrayal.

(In my next piece, I’ll address the recent unsuccessful attempt by my son to join the National Association of Seadogs).

Patrick Nwadike

Isles of Jibaluka,

Bafuku Council, Miki, Japan.