Nasir El-rufai: Memories coming back to roast?

The erstwhile minister of FCT and presently a chieftain of the CPC, Mal. Nasir El-rufai is an eccentric fellow any day. The respected technocrat, have today embrace the glint of the media with his involvement as a columnist. Every week, Mal. El-rufai writes to express his personal views on public and political matters; most times trying to canonise his era as minister.

The days of El-rufai in FCT as the henchman leave sour taste in the mouths of his numerous victims. To many suffering masses who came to Abuja for the proverbial Abuja financial windfall, El-rufai was their nemesis and devil advocate; he is the man who find passion in inflicting pains on the lives of defenceless people. But some of Nasir actions could be justify when looked from the angle of our penchant for breaking and contravening regulations and laws, particular on land matters.

Mallam El-rufai was praise to high heaven by our ever sensational press and bureaucrats who gained tremendously from his exploits. Even as he create extreme pains he had no word to console his victims, rather he took passion in telling people why he is so fearless. His body language while in office is of someone that is passionate about change, but the reality is just a man who is taking advantage of the system.

Billions of our hard earned cash and resources were waste planning and re-planning El-rufai's vain master plan for the federal capital territory. While he was busy making Abuja uncomfortable for the poor, scheming out perceived enemies of the government of their lands; he was making life comfortable for his family and friends in the territory. Today, forty percent of the thriving estate industry in the city is in the hands of his cohorts.

A columnist hit it point blank when he called El-rufai a modern day critic. He was right and I have no other better word to describe him. This man simply believe Nigeria must need his service, regardless of the shams that characterises his tenure in public life. A man who did not see any wrong in allocating lands to his wives and siblings while in office is now criticising others on good governance. He even had the effrontery to say his wives and siblings are Nigerians. Those he denied lands, were they not Nigerians?

As a self impose social crusader, Nasir El-rufai wants Nigerians to be gullible in accepting his illogical analysis of President Goodluck Jonathan. He has been dispensing so much energy in finding faults with Jonathan's administration yet not even once did he proffered solution to the problems only him seems to see. Nigerians must recollect that President Jonathan never claim monopoly of knowledge like our former political dictator, Obasanjo; this man told us during his inauguration that his government is a listening one. And that he will need genuine suggestions from all quarters on how to move the country forward. To launch personal and vituperative press attacks on such a person, clearly shows the primordial mindset of Mallam El-rufai.

Lets ask El-rufai was happened to all the federal establishments that were sold off during his days in BPE. How many of them are now doing well under the new owners and managements? What about NITEl that El-rufai sold and is still in contention as I write. Yet he goes about telling Nigerians that he deliver when he was called to serve the nation.

Late President Yar'adua knew why he placed El-rufai at arm length. He knew the man behind the mask inside out. El-rufai might look smallish in stature but he is an egocentric and insensitive fellow. He care only for his comfort and those of his family and friends. He is a gawky fellow that devour his victims without pity.

Like the sadist that he is, El-rufai can only envision a Nigeria with him as part of the decision makers. He is tired of life without the siren and armed escorts. He is desperate for attention that was once there for the taking. He still wants to wake up seeing people wailing as their goods and properties are being destroy by his task force; without providing an alternative place for them to earn their living, legitimately. He wants to repeat the painful scenes of retired and sick civil servants crying as they complain bitterly over their houses that he has relocated to his friends and family members. He cannot and would not see anything good about Jonathan's presidency except the president look his way with an appointment.

Pitifully, General Buhari and his political associates have embraced him in their fold without taking a deep look at this enigma of a man. His presence in CPC is not a blessing if you ask me. He has no political worth, not even in his ward in Zaria.

Nasir El-rufai needs prayers. No one manacled and crush defenceless people the way he did, and live to enjoy peace. Those he send to their early graves by his actions and inactions whether in BPE or FCT are not resting in peace. Little wonder he is already alone in his wilderness, with the much touted gang of Obj's boys like Nuhu Ridabu, Femi Fanikayode, Andy Uba etc that he originally belong to deserting him.

With the new spirit of transformation, the likes of El-rufai belong perfectly in our past not our present or future. His many Gaffe in public service have contributed in no small way in bringing us to this painful and uneventful present state. Though we are in a democratic dispensation of free speech, his public comments and contribution to public discuss are shallow and too personal. Those who know him close enough should be honest to tell him, he has nothing new to offer.

Written by Olurotimi Adeola

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