Rejoinder To Tilde's South Sudan Freedom


Dear Dr. Tilde,

I was impressed by your recent article - South Sudan: Welcome to Freedom. It is totally out of character for Black Muslims who by virtue of their mental enslavement to the Arab pseudo-religion ÔÇô Islam - are generally subservient and defer to the Allah's chosen race - Arabs.

That's why Muslims here in Arewa organize demonstrations and pen hogwash in Northern newspapers about the self-inflicted plight of Palestinians, but virtually no whimper about the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Darfur Black Muslims from their land by the racist Arab occupation in Sudan. Never mind the slave raids and other atrocities inflicted on non-Muslim south Sudanese. South Sudan

Since Black Muslims have constituted themselves into fifth columnists for their Arab masters, we Africans lack the unity of purpose and resolve to combat the racist Arab supremacists enslaving our Black brothers & sisters in Mauritania and Sudan, as we did against Apartheid. Not surprisingly, the AU is against the ICJ indictment of Sudan's genocidal Omar el-Bashir.

Many of the racist Islamo-Nazis in Sudan are actually Arab wannabes rather than real Arabs whom we all know are semitic Caucasians. But due to some perverse reversal of the "one-drop rule" that defines Black Americans, many Muslim Black Africans in Sudan automatically consider themselves superior to other Africans if even one of their distant ancestors was Arab.

Other so called Black Arabs are descendants of Black African slave women raped by Arabs in compliance with your vile Quran (23:1-6, 70:29-30).

That is why I find your condemnation of Sudanese Arabs/Arab wannabes titillating. Because whether you acknowledge it or not, much of the atrocities Muslim Arabs have visited on we Black Africans have their roots in Islam which endorses or at least condones slavery.

Saudi Arabia the home and bastion of Islam only abolished slavery in 1962 under Western pressure. Up till this day, the Arab/Berber occupation in Mauritania still enslaves Black people. If Islam were truly against slavery, that inhuman practice wouldn't have persisted for over 14 centuries in Dar-ul Islam (Muslim world), and long after it has disappeared elsewhere.

Check out northern neighbor - Niger republic ÔÇô another haven of Islamic slavery. You remember Hadijatou Mani, the Niger slave girl who was sexually enslaved at the age of 12 for over a decade and later took her Muslim nation to ECOWAS court for failing to protect her. She was just one of ten thousands of slaves in that Muslim West African country.

Even in the oil rich Gulf Arab states, every once in a while we hear reports of Arabs sexually assaulting their Phillipino or Bangladeshi maids and refusing to pay them. After all your Quran authorizes Muslim to sleep with their maids/slaves (Q 23:1-6, 70:29-30) as your "prophet" Mohammed reportedly did with Maryam, a maid of one of his wives.

Furthermore your "prophet" Mohammed had slaves, and being racist, he valued his Black slave less, as a Hadith informs us he bartered two of his Black slaves for a white one (Sahih Muslim 10:3901).

Not surprisingly, Arabs trafficking in Africans operated the world's largest slave market in Zanzibar, until the British shut down that inhuman bazaar under the threat of naval bombardment in the late 19th century.

Personally, I'm not too impressed by the story of Bilal, which Black Muslims froth about. First of all Bilal was exchanged for another Black slave when Abubakar (Mohammed's associate) supposedly purchased Bilal's freedom. So it wasn't really that Mohammed cared a hoot about Black slaves, it was just that Mo' was desperate for followers during his early prophetic career, and even a disgruntled Black slave seeking a short cut to "freedom" would do.

I put the word "freedom" in quote because Bilal was never really free. According to another Hadith your "prophet" Mohammed stated that "The freed slave belongs to the people who have freed him" ÔÇô Sahih Bukhari 8:80:753

In other words despite his purported "freedom", Bilal was still the property of Mohammed and Abubakar. That's why in those days when there were no loudspeakers, Mo' gave Bilal the ardous task of shouting at the top of his voice 5 times a day calling Muslims to prayer - fitting job for a slave. I have little doubt that that our misguided brother, Bilal must have come down with some form of chronic laryngeal disorder later in life.

In your article, you wondered why there isn't a large thriving Black population in Arabia as in the Americas, despite over 14 centuries of Arabs enslaving Africans compared to just three centuries of Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

During Arab slave raids our men were killed. Our captured sisters (girls & women) became sex slaves in accordance with your Quran (23:1-6, 70:29-30).

Boys were castrated so that there were virtually no fertile adult Black male slaves to breed with Black women. In fact many of our enslaved Black brothers men had no pennis at all, as the crude castration surgery sometimes involved penile amputation.

This racist prohibition of Negroid procreation by your Arab masters is why there are no large Black populations in Arabia.

As for your assertion that other light skin races look down on us, we Black Africans are partly to blame. See how we've messed up our blessed country ÔÇô Nigeria ÔÇô which by now, with our abundant endowments ought to be the most technology advanced Black nation rubbing shoulders with Western world?

Look at Haiti, the first independent Black nation, older than several European nations yet is another disgrace to the Black world. As long as we continue to underachieve, no one will respect us.

99% of Black people identify themselves as Christians or Muslims. We subscribe to bogus alien dogmas that demonize our ancestral heritage as "heathen", "pagan", "Kaffir"; while teaching us to glorify alien races ÔÇô Arabs and Jews. If we have no pride in whom we are - Black Africans ÔÇô and despise our own heritage, we will never command respect.

We mostly bear foreign names (Arab, European, Jewish), we prefer foreign languages as lingua franca, we apply chemicals to our hair or cover it with wigs as we ashamed of our unique Negro curls. Those among us with narrow pointed nose and fairer complexion are more beautiful. In other words the more Caucasian we look, the better.

We worship alien gods (Allah, Yahweh) that have pitted us against each other. Hence we discriminate, persecute, can't intermarry, kill and now even bomb each other under the toxic influence of these intolerant alien creeds.

Given this pervasive inferiority complex that is inimical to realizing our full potential as a people, we try to reassure ourselves with vacuous platitudes like "Black is beautiful", "I'm black and proud". But actions they say, speak louder than words.

If we truly believe "Black is beautiful" and are genuinely "Black and proud", we wouldn't be trying so hard to be White (Arab, Jew, European). We wouldn't deliberately destroy our indigenous African heritage at the behest of bogus intolerant alien dogmas.

The Black world is culturally disoriented and spiritually lost. Until we proudly embrace our Black African heritage and identity, we will remain the underachieving dregs of humanity, despite our abundant individual talent.

My dear Tilde, if you do respond to this write-up - particularly to my accusations against your false religion - please refrain from your usual silly "Christians did it too" line, just to score cheap political points, but which does absolutely nothing to address the global Islamist nuisance today.

Christian Arabs aren't enslaving Africans in Mauritania and Sudan. Nor are Christians sexually assaulting little girls on the grounds of religious sanctioned "marriage", and hijacking passenger airliners "in the name of Jesus" then flying them into skyscrapers.

I expect a more intelligent response from a PhD holder. Unless of course Islam can't be defended on its own meritÔÇŽas it has none!!

Nafata Bamaguje