~~Hello, Oga, are you back from Nigeria?

Did I tell you that I will travel? Anyway, I'm back!

Why are you angry?

Wetin my eye see for Nigeria this last Christmas, my mouth no fit talk am.  The difficult thing is making them to realise that they have a common enemy. What you have read about Dasukigate has been ongoing even before 1960. Nzeogwu in his coup referred to that political age as "ten percenters" and "swindlers". Those of us who has followed Nigeria history with all manner of practicability are not as surprised as you are. If the tempo change this minute, all those people Buhari is presently (Amaechi, Fashola, Femi Adeshina, etc) sheltering will be in EFCC church. Good enough, you offered solution which is: Nigerians should unite to fight the common enemy. I cannot wish away this solution. However, how the Nationalists will achieve this unity is entirely up to them.

From time immemorial, I have been surprised and shocked at the system in place in Nigeria..I am not just being surprised now...

My advice to you is to clearly draft the practicability of uniting Nigerians against the common enemy. Pls., underline the word 'practicability'. I stretch this so that you do not become pointless and waste your time. If that is NOT practicable, then, explore reducible minimum in terms of what is workable.

You think I wanna tow The Biafra line with you..hell no sir...

No, you don't have to. Your strategy may work. We have the same mission...beginning with provision of something as simple as pipe-borne water to ordinary Nigerians/Biafrans.

If only the Biafrans provided the said pipe borne water for themselves...
And you, please do me a favor...can we not narrow this broad topic to just Biafra..I am not here to discuss Biafra...

All politicians are the same. Sorry, if I sounded digressing. Good luck with that unity.

Politicians are not the same as politrickians...
All over the world, we have politicians and the nation left under their care have progressed... The problem is with the 'trick' in politics...

Ok! Nigerian politicians are the same. They spread wickedness to the entire citizens. The citizens are so cowered and misinformed that they have even submitted their mindset to the control of their troubadours'. You can see why I wish you good luck with uniting.

If you have not traveled to other parts of the world and witnessed progress, you'd think that life and living in Nigeria is normal.

"If you have not traveled to other parts of the world and witnessed progress..." Some didn't understand Kanu when he called that country a zoo.

Listen, I'm not into that KANU or never...for me, I think not...

I only cited Kanu. I'm not for Kanu or NEVER! Throughout history people who had wanted freedom has often been visited with suffering and blood.

We need to fix Nigeria first. For now, the war is the elite hoodlums versus the average Nigerians. If we do not fix this problem now, this same Kanu that you are quoting will form a cabal that will steal your new country's money if the secession happens.

Right now, Nigerians do not get who they are fighting against. Most people think it is a North versus South fight, PDP versus APC fight, Buhari lovers versus Goodluck lovers fight, Christian versus Muslim fight ... but it is none of that. The average 97% of Nigerians should learn to unite and fight the elite 3% that are killing our country.

Ok, how do you get them to unite when as stated by your good self they are busy with other matters thrown to them by their Masters? I merely cited Kanu in his euphemism terming Nigeria a zoo.

Exactly! If we understand the WHAT and WHO we are fighting, we can move on to the HOW. Hopefully we will be one step closer to finding the solution. It often ends in the status quo but it does not stop me from hoping. I know that you have given up on Naija and thinks Biafra is the only way out forgetting that Biafra is a subset of Nigeria.

The best! For me, every time we cry make that child NOT die, may that child not die, please, God. At a point, you'll realise that death will bring succour both to the child and the family. By the way, Oga, I been think say you talk make we leave Biafra out and I agreed and apologised for digressing. No be so?

Kanu's quote is true but I used your citation of his true quote to stress that even though he says the truth now, it is no guarantee that he will rule us well in the future if we as citizens do not send across the message that we cannot tolerate such in this present country we are in. If we do not solve this problem (corruption) now, it will be business as usual in the new country. In fact fixing Nigeria will speed up the secession because it is only then that the issue will be looked at objectively rather than with the "how much money will we lose if we let these people go" eyes. The only reason people want Biafra is because they feel they are marginalized. These same people will cry marginalization within Biafra if people from their states did not get appointed to specific political positions. It is when they get this Biafra that fowl nyash go show on how the different Igbo states discriminate within the tribe. Katakata go burst for real. That's why I don't want it.

Nigeria political problem is beyond corruption. There is no country where corruption has been phased out, not even in communist China. What you witnessed in Nigeria was and has always been wickedness in operation. Other corrupt politicians in USA, England, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, etc, provide basic amenities and functional middle class. Nigeria may survive if she can contract other countries to run her affairs in measurable installments.

 All politicians may be corrupt but the extent politicians in a particular country can go with the "in your face" attitude to corruption depends on how much the citizens are ready to let them get away with. This is why there are "corrupt" politicians all over the world but a handful of countries are very much ahead of others in terms of development. That is why in Nigeria someone in government can korokoro put down on paper that they paid someone millions of Naira from taxpayers money for prayers and we sit down and allow them to continue. We need to wake up and fight to rescue this country from these people not fight ourselves on social media.
The fundamental problem we have in Nigeria is corruption and our failed justice system...plus we the people...How can a politician be indicted for corrupt charges and people call it witch hunting...please, we are the cause of out problems..Biafra will NOT solve the problem...(and I mentioned Biafra again..lol). I don't know how to explain my point to you, Biafra man..lol, and my jet lag is not helping...been sleeping and waking...lol....

There is not even any need for anyone to use the word witch-hunting. All the government need do as you know is to follow the constitution and prosecute suspects. However, the government is also busy feeding crass to the ignorant public on newspaper pages and internet media. Who are the "we"? Nigerians? Please, permit me to laugh like a friend of ours: haw haw haw haw!

Patrick Nwadike
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