Mr. Trump Won in The United States’ Race for 2016/

When you think of a democratic process, the United States (US) has been the founder of democracy; as such every country across the globe continue to look up to the United States as a role model. As much as the 2016 presidential campaign was repugnant when compared to past campaigns, Americans and the rest of the world should realize that no one person is perfect just as no nation is perfect. The recent presidential campaign with avalanche of immoral personal attacked does not reflect the culture of the American people and therefore should be seen as a flaw that any reasonable person should be assured that a repeat is not likely to occur again or at least so soon. Once beaten, twice shy is an adage.

No sooner had Mr. Trump entered the 2016 race than he started gaining momentum especially from the millennial’s (M) group that several writers have confirmed as the biggest voting bloc based on recent demographic data. Asma Khalid, said on May 16, 2016 that “Donald Trump has actually won more raw votes from 18-29-year-old (M) during the primaries so far than Clinton, according to exit poll estimates from CIRCLE.” Then, Kawashima-Ginsberg corroborated this point when she said that "we recorded the highest number of young people participating in Republican primaries this year in almost every state that we looked at by substantial numbers ... so that's an indication that the conservative youth have been very excited by this election. She says young people have the potential to influence elections, particularly in battleground states.” Another interesting writer in the person of Phillip Stucky added his voice when he said on September 18, 2016 that “Trump supporters believe the Republican nominee is not only expanding the Republican party, but bringing in millions of first-time voters who will tip the scales in his favor. Two groups — expatriates and millennials — could reverse the polling data.”

There is no iota of doubt in this demographic data from these writers and we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that almost everyone in this group (M) are children of the baby boomers. Indeed, the M group came out in droves as they were motivated by Mr. Trump’s wealth, being a first-timer on the political arena and of course an entertainer. This M group are the ones with so much energy to move around rally grounds carrying placards with praises of a man (Trump) that has caused this great nation the worse embarrassment in modern history. They actually initiated the bang-wagon and catapulted Mr. Trump through the primaries and gave him 14,003,674 votes (45.2%). As such, every now and then he (Trump) beat his chest and declares that he got the highest votes in the history of Republican primaries but what he didn’t tell us is the number of young people that became eligible voters since the last four years when presidential election was held. That information would have been used to juxtapose total votes in 2012 versus his (Trump) 14 million votes in 2016.

There was nothing the Republican establishment would have done to stop Mr. Trump if this M group did not listen to their parents or their college professors for wise counseling. The absurdity of this whole mess of Mr. Trump should be blamed on the baby boomers that were just focused on academic intelligence for their children without paying attention to the development of a child’s common sense from the days in high school. Most of them in this M group are people that can think but cannot think through because they know what a resume looks like and its importance. During their Internships, the importance of experience was definitely emphasized. That being said, what exactly did they (M group) see on Mr. Trump’s resume that warranted their votes?  It’s hard to believe that people who went through 12th grade to years of college education would not ask questions. For example, did these people ask themselves how Trump would pay the cost of building a wall? Besides, this political issue, when you look at the gun violence in the US, most of the perpetrators are also in this group and therefore one can deduce that they (M) are actually problematic in the US. Be that as it may, Mr. Trump emerged as a (R) presidential candidate regardless of his deficiency in political matters. To avoid a repeat of Mr. Trump candidacy in the US, parents and college professors must bear in mind that if they are to keep the core values of this great nation, then children’s and student’s development must be re-tooled to embrace the issue of common sense. The Holy Bible (Proverb 22:6) made it very clear that “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.” This responsibility to retain the nation’s values rests with parents and professors in campuses.  If any Trump supporter could not analyze Trump’s resume from the primaries to determine his character or have an idea of what Trump stands for then that person must return to study in the eighth grade.

They are those who wrongly argue that Trump is not a politician without realizing that the man through his show business should have acquired skills to enable him make excellent approach to reach out to all categories of voters. By the way, Trump studied economics in college and has been in the entertainment industry for decades. Rather than rebuke the man (Trump) for poor campaign strategies during the primaries so that he can go to his closet to have a re-think in order to do better, these supporters encouraged him to make United States democracy to be a laughing stock to the world; what a shame? If he is not a politician, how was he able to go through the primaries? On the other hand, they are those who opine now that he (Trump) has won the election, he should get people in his cabinet who understand Washington. If he really claims to be an outsider, then, he should manage Washington as such. Thus, using people with Washington experience would further compound the corrupt/rigged system. Since he has previous management, there is no reason to engage past insiders. They are also those who said that Mr. Trump would lose the election due to several reasons. All these guys and the poll of polls were damn wrong; Mr. Trump won the 2016 and has brought a political earthquake to the US and its values.

Retaining the core values of this great nation which has been the role model of democracy all over the world is now the hallmark of the next administration. The US leadership of Mr. Trump is now under the world’s microscope regardless of whether the hierarchy in the GOP were so naïve and thought that it was mere witticism when Mr. Trump announced his candidacy. Unfortunately, the man Sen. Marco Rubio described as a con man who failed to pay federal taxes has become the president elect of the US, so how other world leaders perceive Mr. Trump’s presidency is yet to be seen. However, just as the financial markets reacted to Mr. Trump’s election win so also are many US allies panicking now on the way forward in view of finding common grounds for world peace.

It’s the mindset of US lawmakers in conjunction with the presidency that would shape the foreign policies. But as a nation, there must be future plans and the executors of those plans lie with generations coming behind besides the M group that brought Mr. Trump to power. Therefore, it’s up to parents/professor to inculcate common sense into the younger ones if Americans really cherish their cultural values.

Tosan Okotie