Modification of perspectives and sensibility in nigeria - 2

In  a world designed for the subjective, it is suicidal to be objective.

Politics in nigeria has always been about ethnicity. Awolowo is still hated by some not because they disagree with the ideology he espoused while he was politically active but because they believe that he acted against their sectional interests. Today, Buhari is abhorred not because of flaws found in his ideas about developing the economy but because he is Fulani and a muslim. Also, one of the most potent accusations made against Goodluck Jonathan is that he has acted against Yoruba interests. To counter this, he recently visited a gathering of 'Yoruba Elders' in Ile-Ife...  

This is only one instance of a leading politician seeking to pander to sectional interests. Meetings with Yoruba steakholders, will be followed by visits to Fulani, Kanuri, Ibo, etc. Each will be on the recieving end of promises that contradict the essence of pledges made at several of the previous meetings.   

Two things to note: These promises are not made to 'detribalised' nigerians, they are made to Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri, Ibo, Ijaw, Yoruba, etc. Because of this, it will be impossible to keep good faith with all who promises are made to.

For example: you cannot promise Ijaw that you will be for them and still keep faith with those non-Ijaw steakholders who own lucrative oil-blocks on Ijaw territories.
You cannot vow to Fulani that you will be their loyal friend and still keep your promises to those ethnic groups whose lands and persons are periodically ravaged by Fulani herdsmen.
Finally , you cannot be a friend of Yoruba while marching in step with those who today are claiming that "Lagos is no man's land." and, who tommorow will claim that the entirity of Yoruba coastal areas is theirs.

There are several deep and wide fissures amongst so-called nigerians and it is impossible to straddle them all. So the realistic thing to do is to find where the ground is least unstable and take your stand there. In other words, while ideology and a proven capability to stay on course is important, the fact that the political system adopted in nigeria is designed to forward local agendas cannot be ignored.

This is one of the reasons why, if my only options are PDP or APC, my choice will be APC.

I will make this choice because the Yoruba in APC are clearly more disciplined and, more capable of using power in a sensible manner than those in the PDP. I do not trust the Yoruba in PDP because they are too dependent on 'federal might'  - a 'federal might' that is not controlled by Yoruba. So if I have to to pick one, I will pick the group that is less beholden to foreigners. I will do this because even though forming the APC required Yoruba to enter into an alliance with Fulani, Hausa, Igbo, etc., this alliance has not been one that gives non-Yoruba persons licence to practice thuggery in Yorubaland. Those Yoruba in PDP cannot say the same.

Events in Ekiti and Osun clearly showed this - i.e. because of  Fayose and Omisore, foreign thugs from all over nigeria entered those Yoruba States.

I have no intention of lying to myself. Nor will I cooperate with ones who not only knowingly lie to themselves, but also insist that I take their fictions seriously. Therefore I will never pretend that what happens outside my homeland is as important to me as what happens there. I will never (and can never) empathise more with non-Yoruba than I do with Yoruba. Meaning that while I may sympathise with 'fellow-nigerians' living in less-stable environments than myself, this sympathy is not so mindless that I would sacrifice any part of what went into creating my stable environment for their sake.

Therefore, regard for politicians will be inversly proportional to the amount of power that they are willing to give away to foreigners.

Buhari, Amaechi, or Okorocha are preferable to Jonathan, Akpabio, or Mark because should it happen that the interests of the former demands that they implementing strategies to reduce the influence of Yoruba in the APC, I am certain that those Yoruba in the Party will be able to withdraw with their power intact. The same cannot be said about Yoruba in PDP. These are too easily defanged by non-Yoruba who, when all is said and done, are no better than they are as moralists.

I say all of this without apology: As much as we may like to decieve ourselves, "all politics is local". In nigeria, local most definitely means ethnic. This is why a majority of the electorate only come out in suppport of those persons that they feel will do the best for (or least harm to) their ethnic group. This is why Obasanjo was never a vote-winner in Yorubaland - Yoruba did not see him as one who would represent their interests.

Above, I described a scenario where the only options may be APC or PDP. That is how most people see things right now. I also said that if this were the case, then I would go with APC because out of the two, they best represent Yoruba interests. This is not an unqualified endorsement of the Party. While APC is for now the best option for Yoruba, they are not the best that we can do. We can do better.

The flaw in the groundings of those Yoruba in a leadership position in APC is the same one that Awolowo had: Rather than be content with devoting the maximum of their energy to providing visionary leadership to Yoruba, our people in APC want to lead nigeria. Rather than keep their focus on the nation that they belong to, they waste their energies (and our time) in futile attempts to make sense out of an unresolvable mess.

Therefore, while our best option for now may be this Party of distracted individuals, the time will come when we will be presented with a more viable option. The time will come when ones who are content to labour on their own lands for the benefit of their own people will step forward and present themselves as leadership candidates. This is a historic inevitability. Already, in most places, the most effective and trusted providers of security are ethnic militias, it is only a matter of time before these paramilitary organisations accept the futility of existing linkages with nigeria-minded political entities and develop locality-focused political components that will stand for electoral offices. The time is coming when the real deal will be an option.