Mimiko: Now I must apologise

Call me a political turncoat, a jester or a sycophant, if you like; but won't be moved because I am saying the truth. As Ondo state prepare for the next gubernatorial election, I seek the indulgence of my readers to praise Governor Olusegun Mimiko to high heavens. The man has delivered, and deserves another four years mandate in the service of the people.

As an indigene of Ondo state, I should know better; under Mimiko's administration, Ondo state witnessed an unprecedented records of achievements that clearly surpassed what previous administrations did. The man is clearly one with a vision and mission; and have compassion for the teeming masses of the state.

Olusegun Mimiko, a medical doctor by training, has come a long way in the muddy waters of Nigeria's politics. I once challenge his ÔÇśAwoism' political stance but today I beg to eat my words. Mimiko is an Awoist in the real sense of it.

Leadership is not about area expansionism but ideas that will change the lives of the greater number of people for the better; this is what my dear governor Mimiko represents. This man is simply re-enacting the legendary Awo's political sagacity and leadership mien in Ondo state. He is turning medical facilities in Ondo state into world class standards. Even the educational sector is today much better than what it was in the previous administrations. Our roads, both urban and rural are motorable and well tarred. Amazingly this is happening in less than four years.

Mimiko has started what other fellow governors, particularly of the southwest are not doing. I have watched with keen interest how this man is engaging the rural people without any air of superiority, while discussing issues concerning the state and its development. In these forums, Mimiko hear from the people firsthand what their immediate problems are; and these problems are promptly solved, if they are what he can handle right there.

With youths restiveness across the country, Governor Mimiko have done a lot in channelling the energy of Ondo state youths into constructive and productive ventures. He is the only governor that I have heard of, that have created agriculture villages/settlements, where youths of the state are settled after training in one agricultural venture or the other. These youths are provided soft loans with modern agricultural implements to help in their farming activities. Those who are good students of history will acknowledge that old western region under the great Awo did a similar project and it was very successful.

Daily, women are being forced by circumstances to become family breadwinners. In Ondo state, these women are enjoying what can be easily consider non interest banking. Here the government make millions of naira available to these women as loans, so that they can increase their businesses or start off a business. And this noble endeavour of the governor have stabilise the family setting in Ondo state. Today, in spite of glooming economy realities in the country, most families in Ondo state still go to bed well feed, because of Mimiko's family empowerment policy.

In the area of sport, Ondo state is clearly blazing the trails. Sunshine football club of Akure, the state funded club is likely going to emerge the winner of this year Nigerian premier league. Not also forgetting their current outstanding performances at the continental level. Other games are equally getting due attention from Mimiko's government. With standard sporting facilities springing up in all the norms and crannies of the state.

Without being sycophantic, I am marvel by what Governor Olusegun Mimiko has been able to achieved within a short while in Ondo state. The man has made governance answerable to the people. He has change the face of Ondo state and its people for the better. For the first time, the people are seeing a government that is neither Ondo, Owo, Akure, Akoko etc, rather we are seeing a government that is for the entire Ondo state people.

In 2012, our people will surely queue behind the man who had made the difference in our lives and our lands in the last three and half years. This man has shown in character and candour that he is well breed; and with a wife who have refused to be sway by the aura of power as she assist her husband in delivering good services to our people. That man is Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

Those who want Mimiko's job should have a rethink. The people of Ondo state are not ingrate. Our people will surely ÔÇśreward' Governor Mimiko for his good deeds by re-electing him again in 2012. Meanwhile the ÔÇśAsiwaju' who wants to be the leader of Yorubas without any quotient of the leadership qualities of Awo, will meet his waterloo in Ondo state come 2012. For us in Ondo state, it is Mimiko all the way!

By Olurotimi Adeola

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