How can you miss it? Three men who think Aso Rock is their father's property. When I hear Atiku speak in public forum accusing Obasanjo of trying to stop him or imaginary forces after his life or his most recent boast that OBJ cannot stop him in 2007, it reveals the mindset of a delusional politician. And what of iBB (lower case intentional)? Okay, short of calling him moronic- I must say the printing of posters and organizing those fits of think tank should by now be very clear to everyone that is a waste of money. As for Buhari, you will think after losing in the last contest (or getting rigged out) he would have learnt his lesson in politics and that Nigeria is tired of sick, worn out, old dictators masquerading as born again democrats. No he can't figure it out yet.

Don't get me wrong: Atiku, iBB and Buhari have their fair share of supporters in Nigeria, and in fact two of them – iBB and Buhari came on top in a recent mobile phone poll taken by Vanguard. This might as well put Atiku on the highest ladder of hallucination, because as far as I can tell outside a large group of vocal elitist minority that are already angling for contracts in the pie in the sky Atiku administration, this man has no supporters. He was not even in top 10 in the vanguard poll – haba Mallam! Don't be deceived with all this huffing and puffing from the Turaki Vanguard: all of dem na shakara. In my opinion the greatest unraveling of the mystic around Atiku is his insistence and waffling on the issue of exiting PDP. This is a man in a burning house, making excuses for not jumping out of the window. Okay, if you don't call that moronic I don't know what is. You really think OBJ will hold the Koran for Atiku and handover to him? When he controls the apparatus of state from SSS to police to army? When he can simply send his presidential ambition into tail spin by just a simple indictment from the Attorney General's office? My friend, Atiku should just forget about it.

As for iBB, that one is not out rightly delusional – I probably will use the word deranged. What is iBB looking for? Oh, save me the thrash – majority of the thieves in Nigeria today were made by iBB and they are the ones that will support the return of his jeun-jeun regime. iBB's return is also a dream of a very vast portion of the common population of Nigeria. Don't be deceived this is not an elitist drive. I met a young man in a bukateria who have been feeling the pinch of import ban, no more parallel black market and who claimed to be a 419 kingpin out of business because of Ribadu. All of them are dreaming of iBB return. But I hope iBB knows better: his cure is the man called Ribadu. Adenuga's arrest is just a warning shot; as a military man he should be able to differentiate between blank and live bullets. This shot from Ribadu is live.

Buhari's own greatest undoing is that he basically has no party to run on or run with and he is already your type cast religious bigot candidate. He has been branded and no amount of PR job will remake him for the highest job in the land. He can prepare himself for a life of service in the opposition or just drift into oblivion in his village. But as far as my crystal ball can go, Buhari is a spent man. While IBB and Atiku may stand a chance in the next life, there is hardly any more hated living personality in Nigerian politics than Buhari. He evokes an aura of dislike, dictatorship and bigotry – some people thinks he is the perfect man for the job but more people think he is a walking maniac.

This is just an opinion: it is not a sophisticated political analysis. Aside from the fact that none of these three pretenders (not contenders) have given considerable thought to what they will actually do with power (for the people) apart from distributing favors to their friends and families or just getting power for the sake of it; it is apparent from any pedestrian point of view that they will and can never be the occupants of Aso Rock in 2007. Some of them (read Atiku) have made pretences to some program, but their talk about being stopped or their actions speak otherwise – power struggle is written all over their agenda. Just like any common man on the street could have told you that neither Falae nor Buhari will ever smell the State House in 1999 and 2003, I say thus: "Count out these three delusional folks". They can fight, they can call press conferences and they can even spend for all I care but as baba said: "I don't know who will succeed me, but I know those who won't"; get the message? For their own sake, they can save their money and just watch from the sidelines; because whether rain or sunshine these three hallucinating dudes will never and can never smell Aso Rock come May 29, 2007. If you want to place a gentleman bet, write me at


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Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Britroyal1 posted on 07-25-2006, 21:46:32 PM
Well said, my problem with Nigerian politics though is the Nigerian people's disregard for history. Buhari, IBB and Atiku are people who have failed us in time past. IBB especially, how can someone who annulled a free and fair election while being a military dictator be considered a viable candidate for the presidency. Sadly come election time, the masses who (to be blunt) pay little or no attention to poltics would gladly run through the streets shouting IBB, IBB or sing ATIKU YOU DON WIN OH, WINNER.

It is also a crying shame that the question of ethnicity is a big deal. We focus on mundane paradigms such as ethnicity and religion and forget important ones such as competence, merit and ability. I find it hard to believe that in a land of 150 million plus people, we only have IBB, Atiku and Buhari to choose from. As Aesop so rightly said, "We hang the petty thieves and elect the great ones to public office."
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
BABA FOR LIFE posted on 07-25-2006, 23:00:11 PM
The second coming of BaBa as been a blessing to the country. 1999 was not too long ago. Come on yal' we did not even have a functional aircraft we would boost of. In a kingdom of the blind a one eyed man is king. We can likened BaBa reforms half measured compared to western world but for an African country it is a well deserve start. If we can not raise up against tribe sentiments an elect a capable hand to continue the good work BaBa has started, I will say this till kingdom come, BABA FOR LIFE.
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Kvin33 posted on 07-26-2006, 01:04:55 AM
YES! IBB, Atiku, Buhari are "running for the presidency" but my good friends that is not the point of what you see going on in Nigeria today. Look, the fight for the TERRAIN is what you see before you! These men are intentionally setting the stage for what election 2007 will look like. By December there will be 3 - 5 camps, and they will determine who'll be president. Once the decision is made, the machinery to put the person in power will be unleashed! The rest of Nigeria will just fall in line to avoid the stampede.

You see these people understand Nigeria in ways the vast "PhDs" we have can never hope to. Sit back and watch the game. IBB doesn't need to be President, he just needs to be in control. Atiku may not be President, he just needs a veto on who gets to be! Anyone who doubts Buhari's appeal in the North should answer the question: why will such a man of modest finances (unlike Atiku or IBB) feature so prominently in Nigerian politics? How come Shagari or Gowon are not as visible?

The key camp of course will be the OBJ camp. What the rest do will depend on the exploits of the OBJ camp. When the time comes, nobody will be able to get to the presidency except through these gates. Politics is a game of numbers, these guys are building up their numbers.

You can all scream on top of your lungs about corruption, ex-military, fake contracts etc. If after all you don't go out and build your own numbers, fine, you will have to live with their choice, period. This idea that; Oh june 12, IBB is never going to win. Well, sit home do nothing, and watch! Atiku, Buhari think the presidency is their birthright, it is! theirs and yours! they are fighting for it, where are you?

The only person who seems to get this is the President. He is fighting them the best he can, trying to keep their numbers down. He uses the EFCC, Vatsa, Abacha loot, Misgovernance in Abia etc. You may disagree with his tactics but at least he is doing something. Stopping IBB is easy, Atiku is harder (OBJ or not, this guy is the real thing), Buhari is in it for the principle of the thing (not a real threat), so what are we waiting for.

Bottomline, any of these guys could still win despite OBJ. Politics is a game of numbers not State power.
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Lemmuel Odjay posted on 07-26-2006, 05:13:36 AM
I'd just finished reading an electronic version of excerpts from an interview granted the Beeb's Network Africa Programme by VP Atiku Abubakar on the 24th July, 2006. The issues that bothered our beleaguered VP must be serious enough to warrant a repeat visitation, for on that same day at the meeting of the fourth Assembly of the Northern Union which he addressed in Abuja he, Atiku and others in attendance, unwittingly laid bare some of the reasons behind Nigeria's backwardness.

Rather than quit the PDP to afford him the opportunity to regain the clarity of mind necessary to plan for the great challenges that lay ahead of him, he has instead chosen to remain in that madhouse, even considering it a befitting place for achieving his presidential ambitions come 2007! By his actions, Atiku is either a weak man or one waiting to see through a grand personal plan to destroy the PDP, which he knows is the only force capable of effectively shooting down his plans for 2007. How on earth could Atiku realize his dreams under a PDP that he has fallen out of favour with by crossing paths with his boss who in turn enjoys the total goodwill of members of his party? Talking about playing the game on a level playing field come PDP convention time, when has the PDP played any game on a level playing field? Has he forgotten Dr Ekwueme's travails in the past? Why is Atiku pretending not to be a core member of the party that rigged every election since its inception? Assuming he chose to look the other way, plugging his ears tight in the process while these riggings were in progress, well he has the person of governor George Akume of Benue State to remind him. Georgie has confirmed, albeit at the 12th hour, that the 2003 elections which also returned him for a second term in office "were rigged across all levels". Nigerian politicians steal from little children, never mind rigging an election.

At the meeting of the fourth Assembly of the Northern Union, attended by the likes of governor George Akume, aka 'Confessor Extraordinem' and the leader of the Northern Union, Dr Olusola Saraki (the same Saraki who has had an overt or covert part in every failed and fraudulent government since independence), Atiku was alleged to have challenged the PDP to keep faith with the power shift agreement which is "embedded by consensus" in its constitution, the "concensus" being that the next president of great Nigeria must willy nilly emerge from the North, be they a religious bigot, autocratic diehard or a plain *****! The rest of us have, by default, become mere passengers sentenced to a state of vassalage to continually live a life of subservience should PDP retain power come 2007 and beyond! This is how Nigeria, the giant of Africa, has been ruled since independence: a gang of greedy men passing as politicians come together. A 'gentleman' agreement is struck in murky, smoke-filled rooms wherein our collective destiny is decided. Head your turn, tail mine. Are we still surprised why our development has been dogged by constant military incursions? This is entrenching tribalism, our very big nemesis. Away with this rotation rubbish which narrows the Nigerian's horizon for achievement and reduces them to mere ethnic champions. A Nigerian politician desiring an elective post as that of the president should be one whose achievements have positively rubbed off not just on the lives of people in his ethnic divide but also on the lives of the generality of Nigerians. It is not just about money, more about service. Atiku would do his cause a great deal of good by stepping forward NOW to educate Nigerians about his achievements in and outside government; achievements that have raised the standards of life of the Nigerian be they Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or Urhobo. He should then unfold his plans for Nigeria before Nigerians. Hiding under the umbrella of Northern, Western, South Eastern or South-Southern zone to win an election is a retrogressive arrangement that does the majority of Nigerians nothing but gross injustice in a democracy.

And did I hear IBB is also in the race? My world! Are we so uncivilised, so forgiving of one whose policies as a former Nigerian ruler opened the doors to forced exile for many a Nigerian? Is this the Nigeria of our dreams? To have one who threw us into the abyss of the 16th Century back as our president come 2007? Are there no longer young northerners in the mould of El Rufai and Ribadu whose service to Nigeria tells of better things to come? The north needs a wake up call! When is the failed, old cowboy generation that held/still holds Nigeria in throes going to ease off? I thought I came back home for good. This is supposed to be a democracy and as such IBB, a Nigerian, is free to seek any elective post. But I must make hay while the sun shines. I will fervently campaign against his re-elction for Aso Rock 2007. But should I fail, I trust my ticketing agent would do me the favour of a quick one while the door remains open. I have fought wars before against dictators in a society where poverty is so endemic people'd vote even for the devil for a mudu of dawa. The scars are all over as reminders. There comes a time when one feels too old and wracked to continue fighting. Let him rule over those who would vote him in. Throw yabis at me if you so desire. Gaskiya tafi kwabo.
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Lemmuel Odjay posted on 07-26-2006, 06:45:49 AM
Dear Kevin33,

Yes o! Politics is a game of numbers. The problem with the numbers in politics is when, as is usual, certain figures become indivisible. Don't forget you're dealing with cowboys here. They'd fight very bloody for their fair share of the booty, irrespective of whose ox is gored. Even if the ox turned out to be the kingmaker's. Rulership by proxy cannot produce the good governance Nigerians are so in hurry to have. We have since independence been involved in this type of arrangement which got us nowhere. It failed IBB during his last days in office, which caused him to make a clever detour to save face. I knew then that this guy does not fancy being disgraced out of office. Recently, the arrangement failed in Anambra State with huge losses to Nigeria and Nigerians. At national level, it almost failed completely, were it not for Baba OBJ's rebellion against the kingmakers and even then, they never let him have any peaceful sleep for one moment. We all knew it and didn't expect him to tell us. Now we are just a people sitting on the sidelines and looking across the fence, so to speak, at far-flung countries not better than the rest of us re manpower and other resources . We have had our lips drool over at the massive economic miracles these smaller countries have made of themselves. This time around, these countries are no longer America or Britain. Occasionally we are consumed by so much envy when in company of their nationals. So much so, that all the line of defence we could put forward in support of our existence on mother Earth was usually: "We crude oil na the best for the world." Very sad. We go about with heads bowed before the rest of the world. Even our very rich who found themselves in foreign capitals are sometimes filled with shame cos they know that these people know us all as a failed people. The very little confidence we've started having, especially those of us abroad, has come from the little positive achievement this government has been able to come by.

So come what may, if we should continue to walk this same path that brought us to our knees, rather than carefully choose our leaders based on past positive services to country, we don't need a soothsayer to tell us what the next step could be.

A new generation of Nigerians in their 30s and 40s are calling on these old colonial-era Nigerian leaders. This new generation is better aware and better positioned to handle the emergency situation we have been forced into by our past and present rulers. They are more than prepared to take over. If u listen hard enough, u'd hear the silent but sure cries of appeal coming from their hearts to our uncles and papas in government since 1960, who have relentlessly held on to power albeit with nothing to show for it. They are saying something like: "Seniors, we cannot continue this way any longer. You folks have tried but the challenges are modern and way beyond ur comprehension. We'd like to honour u for u're all part of us. We know exactly how these far away successful nations got there, and we are sure we could do same for our country Nigeria, given the opportunity. Please handover peacefully and retire from the scene for good before it's too late. The shame ur actions brings to us has turned an unbearable stench. Go now."
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Gwobezentashi posted on 07-26-2006, 09:07:45 AM
A no brainer of an article by the usually intelligible busanga. Reads like something written by a neophyte of the Nigerian political terrain.

Kvin33 seems to have a better handle on things and his scenario is far more plausible than busanga's. However, it is early days yet and a lot can still happen. It all boils down to the insincerity of Obj and his machinations.


A Point of Correction
Dr Damages posted on 07-26-2006, 11:04:54 AM
Just a point of correction:

Baba did not say: "I don't know who will succeed me, but I know those who won't", Babahngida said it in 1993.

If your baba repeated it, he was merely copying with Babangida said in 93. Which should tell you a lot abot Nigerian politcs - attributing things to people that didn't do them; attributing power to people who do not have it; attributing results to factors that are not responsible. It has always been the role of we, the armchair critics.
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
VOR posted on 07-26-2006, 11:54:29 AM
Kvin33 wrote:

You can all scream on top of your lungs about corruption, ex-military, fake contracts etc. If after all you don't go out and build your own numbers, fine, you will have to live with their choice, period. This idea that; Oh june 12, IBB is never going to win. Well, sit home do nothing, and watch! Atiku, Buhari think the presidency is their birthright, it is! theirs and yours! they are fighting for it, where are you?

EXACTLY!!! Thanks bro!!
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Chibuzor posted on 07-26-2006, 12:20:29 PM
Is your conclusion on Buhari informed by his performance while in office, integrity, military background or his religious inclinations? ... just hang the parochial fool, right. I would consider your remarks on him uncharitable, and any attempt to class him with two thieves is despicable.

He failed to win the 419 selections but we have a laughable Supreme Court decision in fovour of Baba third term to show for it. We may need better qualified candidates now but please, let's put things in the proper perspective at all times. IBB is satanic, Atiku failed with Obj to entrench good governance and mid-wife new thinking. That is why we are still on rotational presidency this, our turn that, zonal structure the other one. I agree with you on one point though, they should all shove the idea.
Re: .Atiku, IBB and Buhari are delusional!
Gwobezentashi posted on 07-26-2006, 17:20:17 PM
Majority of those campaigning for IBB are Yoruba
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Former Military President, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, has been described as the only hope for the continuation of the current reforms going on in the country.

According to the women leader of Benue Unity Forum, Jamila Docas Sule, Babangida would consolidate on the reforms and move the country forward.

“If we honestly want to consolidate the on-going reform programme and the gains of democracy in the country, I think we need an experienced leader, like IBB to succeed President Olusegun Obasanjo. The leadership mantle of this country should not be left in the hands of political teenagers. Only an experienced man, like IBB is capable of stepping into the big shoes of Obasanjo because he also has done it once and would do it again. He deserves a second chance and I am sure he will do well since this is a democratic setting. A vote for IBB will be a vote for progress and prosperity,” she said.

Sule spoke on other things.

My name is Jamila Docas Sule, I am into general business as a means of livelihood. I am also into politics and at present, I occupy the post of women leader in a political group called Benue Unity Forum, with headquarters in Makurdi. You may probably know that our organization is in the forefront of campaigns for the election of General Ibrahim Babangida as President in 2007, and also to elect Chief Mike Onoja as governor of Benue. We are also in the forefront of the campaign for election of retired General Chris Garuba as a senator to represent Zone C in Benue State. Our primary commitment now is to get these people elected into the offices they are vying for and we are serious and committed.

Benue Unity Forum
We are a political group that fights for the enthronement of genuine democracy and the election of credible candidates for various offices, ranging from councillors, local government chairmen, legislators, governors and the president of Nigeria. Our base is in Makurdi, Benue State. The forum is made up of many other people and groups that share our dream of seeing these people win the 2007 elections. We all know they are credible people and good electoral assets. All hands are now on deck and our contribution is to pool our resources, mobilize our people across the local governments of Benue State to support the candidates. We are sure to win because we know what we have and the level of commitment we are putting into the campaign.

As a political group we source funds from members, and our strength is large, we tax ourselves a lot and it is deliberate because we would not want the organization hijacked.

Campaigning for IBB and Mike Onoja
Let me start with Chief Onoja. We took time to x-ray people angling for the position. Incidentally, Onoja towers above others and we, therefore, decided to back him. Chief Onoja is a man with wide experience, connections, broad-based support in all parts of the state and a rich history of contributions to the development of the state and country. His academic and public service record also speaks well of him. I dare present him, as we do in Benue Unity Forum, as an accomplished economist, administrator, philanthropist, and a worthy ambassador of Benue State.

His exceptional ability, capacity for hard work, kindness, level headedness, experience, commitment to the development of the state, as well as generosity is widely known to have positively influenced lives of many in the state and even beyond the state, Onoja’s influence and open mindedness is like the sun whose ray cannot be shaded by the palm. He possesses an unbroken record of being a federal permanent secretary (now retired) who creditably served three heads of state. You can, therefore, imagine what his reach and contacts will bring to Benue State if he is elected governor.

Let me start by saying that a teamwork is needed to achieve success in government. I believe, and I think many of us in Benue Unity Forum, share this view that a combination of Chief Onoja in Benue and Babangida in Abuja, as president will lift Benue State to higher heights. The two will team up to bring development to the state.

The issue you raised in your question on IBB will lead me to repeat what I said in an advertisement entitled “IBB Again? Yes, most certainly” published in Newswatch edition of July 3, 2006. That tells you how I feel about IBB becoming the next president in 2007. I recalled, as my reasons, that IBB has many things to his credit. This ranges from state and local government creation, management of a sound economy, building of basic infrastructure, good roads, flyover bridges, oil refineries etc.

He, indeed, started the effort at reforming the economy. You remember his SAP programme, Peoples bank, community banks, etc. Above all, he is a man of courage. He does not shy away from taking strong decisions. When it became necessary that the capital of Nigeria should move from Lagos to Abuja, he took the bold and courageous step and moved it to Abuja. The only thing people have against him is that he annulled the June 12, 1993 election. But people forget that he also took the courageous decision of stepping aside when pressure came from the people.

I don’t think June 12 matter will affect IBB’s chances in 2007 because that has become history. Nigerians have thrown that behind them. We are on the march forward now. In any case, the true situation on grounds now is that majority of those campaigning for the return of IBB are Yoruba from South-West. Besides, the family of the late Bashorun M.K.O Abiola are now in good terms with IBB.

If we honestly wanted to consolidate the on-going reform programme and the gains of democracy in the country, I think we need an experience d leader, like IBB to succeed President Obasanjo. The leadership mantle of this country should not be left in the hands of political teenagers. Only an experienced man, like IBB is capable of stepping into the very big shoes of Obasanjo because he also has done it once and would do it again. He deserves a second chance and I am sure he will do well since this is a democratic setting. A vote for IBB will be a vote for progress and prosperity

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