The founders of modern day state knew the kind of anarchy that would result from a society that is not organized so they tried to put on the ground a society that would allow the weak to survive without harassment and oppression from the strong. They believed the minority should have a voice even where the majority would have their way. Perhaps by having their say the majority would see that it is only fair to allow the minority some comfort.

In their search for a just society, they came to the conclusion that some things are basic to life: food, clothes and shelter. The world has since advanced and necessities with it.

In order that people should not live in a state of anarchy, they felt there should be laws guiding the society and that there must be some people to regulate the conduct of the people so that these laws would not be broken with impunity. They also discovered that all the powers should not reside in an individual so they split the power between the three organs of government as we have it today.

The society is therefore like various structures, one dependent on the other. In order for the state to function properly taxes were collected and states get to manage the wealth of the society; where it doesn├óÔéČÔäót manage it, it regulates it. The fact that one is the president or legislature or sits in judgment over his fellow man does not make him better than them; all men are created equal. To be a member of that elite group that regulates the society is an honor, it is a duty to serve.

In order to achieve the basic necessities however, members of the society are expected to work. In order to get to a particular level in the society you are expected to be educated. Education is supposed to prepare those who can undergo it to make some sort of contribution to the society. There are different branches but the aim of all is to make the society a better place. Education is not supposed to make you swollen headed so that you believe you are better than the next person nor are political positions. These are opportunities to make positive contribution to your society and make life a little less stressful for your fellow human being.

This is my view on why society is the way it is. When you pay taxes it is supposed to work for you and you are supposed to see the effect and when people are placed in a position of trust they must be trust worthy and must be accountable to the public because after all the money that they are managing is being held in trust for the public or so it is supposed to be. I hate to hear people say Nigerians don├óÔéČÔäót pay taxes because it is not for them to go looking for who to pay taxes to. It is for those who are saddled with the responsibility of collecting taxes to devise means of collecting same.

Seeking material things is vanity. I wonder what people thought they could do with 80 billion dollars and more such that they have to steal people blind just to be stupendously rich. I think the stupendous should mean foolish in relation to being stupendously rich.

You would not need to amass so much wealth so that your children can live a good life as you as a public servant, and this is how the so called leaders should see themselves. Make your society a better place.

If you want to put on designers├óÔéČÔäó stuff make sure that your people can afford at least decent clothing with their wages. But then decent clothes must be out of their reach so that you can oppress them. If you want to live in a mansion that is your headache but then you must make sure that your people have decent houses to live in, but then nobody would come and beg to live with you.

If you want to fly in a jet, make sure that your people can at least fly in commercial airplanes. If you want to drive expensive cars make sure that your people have good transportation from one destination to the other.

African leaders are beasts and the people must be poor so that they can look at them with awe.

Who cares about what you are wearing, what car you are driving or the stupid gold on your neck if people could just live a decent life.

Those who steal money instead of building their societies are indeed shortsighted and are fools because they are also victims of the society that they are building. That is why they die in plane crash too just like the rest of us, they get robbed too just like the rest of us and lately they go to prisons too just like the rest of us and they must take the prison as they find it and I hope more and more of them are hauled there.

This world is not all about material things; it is about the kind of person that you are, how many lives you are able to touch positively and your deeds in making the world a better place.

The day of reckoning is coming and it would be soon when you will taste the bitter pill you are forcing down the throat of the people.



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