Giant of Africa?

by Marcel Chuks Korie
England, UK

Some Nigerian's might be quite upset with this article; I also hope that this write up does not affect my chances of ruling Nigeria one day in the future. As a well educated, enlightened and well traveled Nigerian i believe i should always say or write what my conscience say's is right.

An average Nigerian you meet overseas, look down on people from other African countries because the feel we are more superior and more sophisticated than other African's, which normally lead's to this popular saying NIGERIAN IS THE GIANT OF AFRICA. There is a popular Igbo proverb which say's everyone claim's his mother's soup is the best. But I believe that the only way Nigeria can be truly great and giant of Africa is when we learn to always say the truth and make necessary correction's

It's true that Nigeria is one of the biggest producer's of oil in the world, but this does not literally mean that we are the giant of Africa, It is also true that Nigeria had produced the best scholar's from Harvard University, Yale University, Oxford University, London School of Economics and our own prestigious Lagos Business School. We have the Prof Whole Soyinka's of this world, Prof Omotosho, Dr Pat Utomi, Dr Emeagwali, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, the late Hon Dr Chuba Okadigbo, and Dr Okonjo Iweala Etc. In sport's we have ambassador's like Akeem Olajuwon (the dream), Jay Jay Okocha, Isaac Okoronkwo Etc

Most of our past leader's and minister's also were groomed overseas, It now beat's my imagination why the can't practice what the see and learn in all these foreign and well developed western countries. Elder Sylvester Korie (Hosanna in the highest) told me one day that in life it's not how much money you make in life but how much you save and invest properly, So in effect it's not how much money we make in oil like presently the oil price is over US$50 per barrel, but what we do make of this God given gift in uplifting or even upgrading Nigeria and Nigerian's

There was a newspaper report in which Mandela was complaining to President Obasanjo that apartheid regime ruined South Africa, Obasanjo told him that South African's should even be also thankful to these apartheid ruler's in one part because the invested most of the money the made in South Africa, Obasanjo now narrated to Mandela how our past ruler's had raped Nigeria by taking our God given gift to western countries to invest whereas Nigeria and Nigerians are going downwards, is it not disgusting that a current state governor is being charged for money laundry in London

Is it not shameful that a big country like Nigeria does not have a steady power supply, Can any major city in Nigeria boast of constant water supply in their home's, what of the road's with death trap's or pot hole's not to talk of these road's being cleaned daily, what of the mountain of refuse dump's in our street's, do we have a proper health scheme, what of our elderly do they get their pension's as at when due, what of our teacher's that train our kid's, these are the people who hold's the key's to our future, Do we have an emergency toll free number for an ambulance and police, what of Government owned ambulance, In most of these African countries we scorn at the have a better life than us, thing's work's there, their police have the necessary tool's that make's them efficient, Can an average Nigerian queue up at bus-stop's and bank's

Can we pause for a while and ask ourselves why do major western companies have their African head-quarter's in places like South Africa, Egypt Etc If truly we are the giant of Africa these companies should be in Nigeria, Is it not ironical that presently South African companies like MTN, DSTV Etc are huge in Nigeria whereas our Nigerian companies are watching from the sideline's. As one of the major player's in Internet and Telecom Sector in Nigeria at time's I get embarrassed that all these Internet and Telecom fair's, exhibition's etc in Lagos and Abuja are presently taken over by these companies from South Africa and Egypt because the have latest technologies to showcase

Finally I feel that we Nigerian's from the government to those being governed should look at the mirror and the desired change

Marcel Chuks Korie is the CEO of Koriel Technologies, Inc

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