President Obama

Aside charisma, eloquence, and power there is still something about president Obama that is difficult to identify. The man is unquestionably on the fast lane to joining the ranks of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others in the history of American.

He appeared to me characterised by his unperturbed persona. I have been unusually attracted to this brainpower since his epic victory speech after the presidential election. What initially defines him in my mind's eye was his ability to make great speeches without reading from notes like most humdrum political leaders.

Some of my African leaders can hardly even read correctly the speeches doctored by their overpaid speechwriters without mispronunciations let alone deliver powerful speeches without reading from a note like President Obama.

I remember in the 70s when one of the Nigerian military rulers was asked the GDP of his country in the UN meeting. He could not reply, instead, he told one of his aides to get the finance minister to bail him out of what appeared like a national embarrassment. Such were the kind of rulers we had in Africa and hitherto nothing has changed. African leaders are rulers over the people they do not know, the people they do not love, and the peoples they cannot survive without.

Does Africa have brainpowers like Obama? Yes. Can they rule in Africa? No. especially, now that corruption is institutionalised. Do not ask me how; it would be a debate for another day.

President Obama's state visit to the UK has been a ÔÇśmelodrama' for the British commentators and journalists in the print and electronic media. They appear to want to find faults in the man whom their actions indicate is spotless but their words describe as a Leopard.

The Americans call him President Obama while the British do not hesitate to call him Obama on the airwave. I have noticed a couple of times that two Radio commentators on the popular London LBC radio called him Osama; they claimed it was a mistake.

During his last state visit to the UK one Member of the Parliament claimed on the LBC radio that he was not carried away by the euphoria of his visit, hence he stayed back in his office to continue with the official assignments. He argued that it is pointless listening to Obama while African leaders beg for the privilege to address the members of the British parliament. What an MP, he just missed his place in history.

To think Obama does not deserve the tardy privilege of addressing the combine British house of parliament because no African leader was ever given such opportunity is arrant nonsense from a British Member of Parliament. The MP should have considered himself blessed to have had the rare privileged of listening to such an Icon in a combined parliament session, as far as I am concerned it is only the queen Obama was privileged to meet.

In as much as I would like to respect this MP's opinion, I think he just wanted to be noticed, I would not conclude yet that he envies Obama.

Obama merits the privilege, but none of the present bunch of Africa warlords cum despots merits such a privilege. All they have ever done is either recruit child soldiers for wars or solicit for foreign aid then divert it into their Swiss, British, and American bank accounts. The records are there. It was acclaimed that a former Governor of Lagos state, a state in West Africa had 16 foreign bank accounts.

Another contributor called the LBC radio to exercise his freedom of speech, he pointed out that handsome and charming speakers like Obama are dangerous to the world. He even claimed Obama is dangerous to America. The caller must be from another planet.

While Obama was busy with the schedule of the state visit, others were busy replaying his historic speech to find a gaffe that would make newspapers' headlines and when they could not find any they turned to the visitors registers that he signed, they found one. His visit to Westminster Abbey Tuesday, the president wrote the date as "2008," instead of 2011.

Another man called in to contribute to the live LBC radio; he said he would not wash his hands for days because he was privileged to shake the hands of Mr President in London. There was this caller that said while the visit gathered so much interests in Britain he had a smile knowing that America was an English colony.

The reception he got in Dublin was supposed to be a standard for London to beat but the standard was never met. The Irish threw caution to the wind to appreciate and show love to the man at the world's centre stage. At home, as I watched the broadcast of his visit to Dublin and as he inspired the Irish I saw a woman behind President Obama nodding her head in admiration, I guessed what was going on in her mind was ÔÇśGod, where does this man get his eloquence and intelligence from?'

Obama is no god but a man gifted by God to inspire the world at a time like this, he has succeeded where others failed. There is definitely something about president Obama that not many people know. It will therefore take someone like him to detect that special thing.

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