Ogun the god of iron! O'lomi nle f'eje we (he who has plenty of water to bath yet prefers blood). O'laso nle f'imo kimo bora! Ogun l'akaiye Osinmole! Onile kangunkangun orun! I simply love Ogun's orikiÔÇŽ

Nigerians in government are known for their total disregard of the rules that governed the conduct of governance. They have shown increasing disrespect for the forces of law and order. Even their holy bible and Quran have not been spared. To exaggerate a little bit, these polithiefians have no regard for God.

Now that the elections have been won and lost, and it is about time to make the oath of office, I hereby advocate the need to swear-in the elected men and women by the axe and cutlass instead of the Bible or Quran.

Mocking God has become a new fashion. They steal and steal; they hold holy books and hold holy books. They go to holy places to mock God and the afflicted. They usually play fast one on God because He often forgives.

Many times they have solemnly promised to alleviate the suffering of their people and many times they have failed to fulfil such promise.

For example, the Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) initially designed in 1976-80 to increase local food production and thereby reduce imports has since collapsed. Today Nigeria imports even toothpicks. Goodluck Jonathan's administration has recently increased the age limit of car that can be imported from 10 to 15 years. Nigeria has gradually become a dumping ground for goods made in other countries; even rice.

There was WAI (War Against Indiscipline) introduced in 1984 to instil public morality, discipline or social order, civic responsibilities and promoting Nigerian nationalism. Those who enacted the legislation were the first to break it when the late Tunde Idiagbon took his fourteen-year-old son to Mecca while the law states otherwise.

SAP nko? The Structural Adjustment Programme in 1986 was supposed to improve the standard of living. In retrospect it might just be as one of the numerous empty rhetoric, judging from the fact that the standard of living is getting worse ÔÇô for the poor; even the rich.

It was NEEDS in 1999. The National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy was expected to be an ambitious programme of home-grown economic reforms. Has our economic grown since then? It is a question that needs critical thinking.

There was Vision 2010 which has been changed to Vision 2020. Obviously it has been empty promises by different administrations. They usually come up with something but never pursue it to a meaningful end.

And they are still there ÔÇô at the corridor of power ÔÇô promising and promising. And they are still there getting away with so many crimes including murder; including rape. And they are being hailed as the one to liberate the people. And they have supporters. Supporters? How come? Democracy? Or democrazy? Or demonstration of crazy? I am confused.

When some of them go to jail for stealing or killing, it is because they had offended someone more powerful rather than because of the offence committed. They would serve their terms albeit glorified prisoner; and as elections draw near they must be released in order to help win election ÔÇô "do or die affairs" For they know how to win elections by crook or crookudie.

Families, friends, wives including their jailer would wear aso ebi to celebrate their new freedom. With Quran and Bible in their thieving hands, they would dance and sing from the prison to a mega church or mosque where they must shout Hallelujah or Allah Akbar. The waiting pastor or imam would also hold the holy books.

It is like that. It has been like that since I was born. It will continue to be like that. They are the master of blaspheming game. These people have mastered the art of exploitation; of exploiting God/Allah. They neither respect nor fear the holy books because their imams and pastors know how to manipulate the art of forgiving. They use Allah/God to perpetrate their nefarious acts.

En, this is why I'm advocating for a new system of swearing in. Swear them in by axe and cutlass. Swear them in by the tools of Ogun the god of iron. And let us see whether they will see the anger of Ogun or not. Let us see whether their yeye fake imam or pastor will be able to protect them from Ogun

What I'm saying in essence is that I don't trust our polithiefians. What I'm saying is that Jonathan Goodluck won't be able to do much in his capacity as the president to curb or even reduce corruption. Hum, we are all involved. I suspect you don't agree with me. But then this headline may convince you: EFCC Discovers $1 billion In Speaker Bankole's Proxy Account In UBA, Jonathan Wades In To Halt His Arrest Sahara reporters