It is now known that the KOGI YOUTH DEMOCRATIC FRONT and the KOGI PDP YOUTH VANGUARD are one and the same. Both groups have unquestionably been 'set up' to achieve a common objective. Being a media creation, they have also employed pen-for-sale and arm chair analysts to put up haphazard advertorials, phoney commentaries and disjointed views. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to decipher the literacy level and intellectual bankruptcy of the writers for the group(s). All their advertorials are stultified and characterised with juvenile errors, grammatical blunders and they sure have no-knowledge of singular and plural verbs. Clearly, they have elected to come into a terrain for which they have little or no knowledge,let alone the mastery of.

For example, the use of 'youth' which was rendered as KOGI YOUTHS VANGUARD in the said advertorial on page 47 of the Nigerian Tribune of 29th June,2011 was simply a traditional maltreatment of the English Language by the ignorant. Please do take note that, the word 'YOUTH' is semantically plural but morphologically singular! Note also that, the word 'front' has 'fronts' as it's plural but in this instance, the authors were referring to a singular vehicle for achieving an identified goal( Whether positive or negative) So, always write: KOGI YOUTH VANGUARD, KOGI YOUTH DEMOCRATIC FRONT and not KOGI YOUTHS VANGUARD or KOGI YOUTH DEMOCRATIC item (d) of the said advertorial, my friends rendered this English sentence probably in Bassa Nge language : '...with a titled headline'. 'TITLED HEADLINE ? This use of language can sure wake the dead! ....enough grammar lessons from my six year old daughter( a beneficiary of the free and qualitative education of the Governor Idris administration). Better still , buy BRIGHTER GRAMMAR books 1-3!

The fact that there exist in Kogi State today a band of political marauders whose preoccupation is to portray the Governor of Kogi State ,Chief (Dr) Ibrahim Idris and the Governorship candidate of the PDP in the 2012 election, Jibrin Isah in bad light is no longer in doubt. What is even beginning to emerge from their nefarious agenda is that their noxious engagement is fast becoming a way of life.

Initially, they packaged and sold themselves to the public as concerned party members who were out to fight what they saw as electoral misdemeanor in the PDP Governorship Primary election in the state on the 9th of January,2011. But when it became evident that Alhaji Jibrin Isah is bestriding the political landscape like a colossus, having won the party primaries in the state fairly and having demolished all the manipulations instituted against his victory at the polls, his traducers have adopted a new tactics. The new strategy now is to throw brickbats at him. They accuse him without any modicum of respect for him, of all sundry crimes.

It is interesting to note too that, having realized the futility of fighting Governor Idris in the law courts over election matters, the Ibrahim Idris 'phobists' have resorted to sensation and blackmail using the PDP ticket won fair and square by Jibrin Isah Echocho as a platform. In their desperation to get at him, they are now fully engaged in what to all intent and purposes, is a dirty ,drag-out fight. How do we rate a people who claim to love our party so well using distasteful ,provocative and denigrating terms to describe the leader of our great party in Kogi State,His Excellency, Alh Ibrahim Idris. Obviously, the NWC and other leaders of our party know better!

We cannot but ask: Who own those names that signed the advertorial under reference? Are they a band of street urchins or rag sheets put in place for the purpose of mudslinging and blackmail? Are they pseudo names adopted by some frustrated and failed gubernatorial aspirants out of fear that, once their identity is known they will not be able to profit from their orchestrated mischief in the polity?

But we must not hesitate to point out that the publication against Alhaji Jibrin Isah is libelous through and through and it is only a man without reputation as well as regards for the rules of professional conduct that could engage in such brigandage. Indeed, no responsible person will take such an advertorial to the press with such an undisguised libelous content without sparing a thought for the sensibilities of civilised and cultured minds.

In fact the advertorial under reference was frenzy writ large. It spared no effort in it's bid to give Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho a bad name. In it's desperation achieve it's pre-determined objective, it flew the handle, without the slightest regard for facts. It merely treated it's readers to a cocktail of lies and fabrications. Obviously, the sponsors were not interested in facts! If they were, they would have approached the relevant authorities and institutions in Nigeria with a view to establishing the culpability or otherwise of Jibrin Isah.

Of course, if the authors or their sponsors were patient for facts or interested in seeking after the truth they would have found out and confirmed that, apart from being cleared by the Anti corruption bodies and other security agencies, the PDP Governorship candidate is today one of the prosecution witnesses in the trial of some of the bank chiefs in the law court. But it is a testimony of the strength of character, sterling qualities and transparent honesty for him to have been exonerated. This is a REALITY they have refused to confront or accept and for which they have continued to protest in vain.

A revisit of some of the filthy lies will readily betray the ignorance or mischief or both of those behind the advertorial.

1. It is crass ignorance for the group to say that, the courts held that, all processes leading to the 2011 election were null and void. Our courts don't operate like father christmas. The issue was not part of the reliefs sought and it wasn't part of the ruling!


3.JIBRIN ISAH ECHOCHO has a sound academic background scoring DIVISION ONE in 1977 in the West African School Certificate from Our Lady of Schools,Anyigba, Kogi State.(a fact that can be attested to by his school mates and a fellow aspirant like Razaq Kutepa who also graduated from a neighbouring school, GSS,Dekina in the same year.

4. Save for mischief, how can any body in his right thinking senses describe Jibrin ISAH, a man who made First Class Honours Degree in Economics (BUK)1983, Master of Science in Economics(Capital Market)UNILAG in 1992, Master of Philosophy in Economics(Petroleum and Energy)University of Ibadan,2002 and a Master of Business Administration(Marketing)UNN,2003 as not qualified or academically deficient to run as Governor of Kogi State?

5. It is a pity that,these pen-for -sale mercenaries are not aware that, JIBRIN ISAH was shortlisted alongside the incumbent CBN Governor for the post, owing to his excellent career profile.

6.For a man with a long history for humanitarian activities, it is not news that, Abasit Yus'raa, a foundation that caters to widows and the aged was initiated by Jibrin Isah over four years ago. This foundation has sponsored both Christians and Muslims on Holy Pilgrimage and provided Bore-Holes to communities,including the one that is right in front of the old NRC party office in Lokoja.

We then ask: Can those who do not have basic facts at their disposal and who are patently ignorant of the activities of Government agencies and our judiciary be the same people to inform and educate us? Certainly not! We should therefore pity these semi-literate fellows rather than bother about their lies and fabrications.

In their compulsive predisposition to mindless deceit ,the authors and their sponsors have continued to disparage, blackmail and denigrate the persons of His Excellency Alhaji Ibrahim Idris the Governor of Kogi State and Alh.Jibrin Isah, the Governorship candidate of our great party for the 2012 election.

Is it not obvious that the authors by their allusion are made up of former political appointees who having failed in public office and responsible for the litany of abandoned projects have now aggregated behind a failed gubernatorial aspirant who have been nominated on three occasions as Minister but dropped because his pedigree as a contractor and acclaimed oil 'magnate' remains questionable.

Any way, it is not surprising that, by blackmailing the Governor, they hoped albeit foolishly that the Governor will return them to public office, pat them on the back for actively and undeniably engaging in 'anti-party' activities and perhaps reward them by giving one of their kind the Governorship ticket.What an irony?

Let it be known to the traducers of His Excellency Governor Idris, Alh Jibrin Isah and all lovers of democracy that the PDP has made it's choice. Let it be said on the mountain top and down the valley that this is a mandate from God. Let it be known too that, the agents of evil, their sponsors, supporters and benefactors shall have no place and will not be allowed to undo what God has done.

ECHOCHO/ is settled by God!

Signed: Alh. Momoh Ndanusa Kutepa