{Mr. S. Takahashi & H. Ibuki}

Something is happening in Tokyo. Since the great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011, life has been back to normal. Students have since resumed classes and the yearly national baseball game has come and gone where high school students played with all the zeal of "never say die." Nadeshiko Japan, the women soccer team brought home the world cup after defeating USA team in a hilarious and exasperating soccer fiesta. The economy thrives even as Dollar rate dwindle export of Japan goods and services. No one should be surprised because this is a country that is known to come out best when challenged. The media has not been left out in this frenzy to re-focus and re-invent out of the disaster that the earthquake was. It is in the above note that a new company has just emerged. It goes by the name; All Nippon Entertainment Works Co., Ltd. This company is something of an umbrella establishment for Japan IP's willing to submit their talent, goods and services to the global audience.

Now, wait for it! Since August 15, 2011, when All Nippon Entertainment Works Company Limited was established by Innovative Network Corporation of Japan, the later announced that it has kicked off investment of a whopping 6 billion Yen {US$80 million} "for introducing copyright works of Japanese companies and individuals to international audiences." The aim is to select and remake acceptable Japanese contents ranging from TV programs, games and books to toys, and manga "to meet the needs of the global market." Target countries include emerging markets in Africa like Nigeria and South Africa but leading these countries is United States market.

Speaking in a press conference held August 26, 2011, at Foreign Press Center, Japan, the Managing Director of Innovative Network Corporation of Japan, Mr. Shinichi Takahashi and Mr. Hideaki IbukiÔÇŽa member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry {METI}, assured that their first goal is to penetrate USA market by collaborating with film industries in Hollywood, Los Angeles while at same time keeping global emerging markets at sight. They are willing to partner with film producers, marketers and individuals in USA and beyond. Film industry and marketers in Africa should better ready themselves and gear up for this.

Already, All Nippon Entertainment Company Limited where Innovative Network Corporation of Japan is investing US$80 million is presently collaborating with the following establishments;

1. Asmik Ace Entertainment Incorporated.

2. Dentsu Incorporated

3. Fuji TV Network Incorporated

4. Mitsubushi Corporation

5. Nikkatsu Corporation

6. Production I.G., Incorporated

7. TOHO-TOWA Company Limited

8. Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Incorporated and

9. TOMY Company Limited

They intend to bring more partners on board including Publishers and Game Studios in not too distant time.

Interested parties should tap on this development based on market needs. For instance,Japan remains both a mystery and a myth to most Africans especially where culture and understanding the way of life of the Japanese people are concerned. With benefits from this enterprise, we may soon witness a shift from those days when the only film we watch at home from Japan were hooded men with swords known as NINJA.

Patrick Nwadike wrote in from Tokyo