Farouk Martins Aresa

Sexual harassment has exposed the hypocrisy of naturally born polygamists in the world of monogamists. They cannot keep their hands off ladies other countries usually take full legal responsibility for as wives. If the hypocrites have their way, the whole world will be full of deceitful serial monogamists, destroying cultures, women and families.

The last we checked, polygamy is still practiced by majority of people worldwide but less so amongst younger people. As some men get older and wealthier, desire for younger ladies creeps in, seeking more girlfriends or wives. The same is true of women polyandry as they become powerful and independent. However, lurking in the shadow is the risk of sexual harassment by those power drunk bosses, politicians, businessmen, Emir or Oba.


Since Clinton’s - because I can - those held in trust without questions; lustful disposition is falling apart. In those days, when an Oba “stepped” on a lady he liked, passing by, she was his. So if a lady wanted to get the attention of an Oba, she could. But today, she can flirt with him and still say no, just as anyone else. He may be the rich and powerful of any status. Few younger men or women would go for poor old folks just for the fun of it.

Sure, some highly placed people may get shafted but we must err on the side of those young ladies so that they are not taken advantage of, before they can attain a career. More restrain and control is expected from matured people.

Some studies suggest women cheat equally by hedonistic pursuit of happiness. Plastic surgery and better financial stability made the difference. Women without children or whose children have grown out of sight are accommodating more men just as older men are courting younger women. The fear that old women anatomy is not constructed to oblige younger men’s libido may have to be reassessed in view of V-reconstruction.

A friend warned that she would not be responsible for a new kid after hearing some rumbling in the guest room when the dad and mum were on a visit. She could not believe her parents were still doing it. They couldn’t wait until they got back home?

It is also true that some of the older men and women, spurred by confidence of wealth, status or in some cases fat pension go to places where their money can stretch far. Poor or ambitious young men and women may be available but at a higher price or blackmail. While the older folks may be looking for a partner for the rest of their lives, the younger people may be looking for fast money to inherit so that they could start a new life.

Since the bloody fights between older men and younger women, especially in United States, there seems to be a period of calm. One of the most important factors is that the older men felt their investment into a new family hardly paid off. If a man or a woman cannot invest in his or her new family, there is no better investment. As the numbers of men coming back home to marry has trickled, it is too early to condemn Oba as vulture.

Older folks live longer these days and sometimes do not know what to do with the rest of their time. Some may take on a new career, hobby or even go back to school. Some get drugged for libido to come alive. After retirement, some older adults reenter the workforce or go for a second career. They dye their hair and change their looks to be more attractive and may turn into tigers and cougars at a higher proportion than ever.

There are public health issues here, as disfigurement. We had the wife of a head of state and the mother of Kanye that died from plastic surgery. Some older folks suffered loss of partners or get divorced, still sexually apt. Many find partners in the same situation. It must be admitted that there are not many dating services for the seniors. So, the very active ones meet some younger men or women. Others are just addicted philanderer.

The chasing and capturing may be more fun for the older folks than the action itself. Both older men and women are limited by their age to less stress during intercourse. Yet most men never listen and end up dead on top of their younger partner. The rational is that, it is a better way to go than on top of some undesirable partner. We hardly hear about a younger man dying on top an older woman. Polyandry acts are more natural?

The society may therefore need recreational activities, apart from adult daycare, within the comfort of the elderly. Indeed, businesses springing up such as disco clubs, jazz clubs and elderly entertainment may be as useful as seniors’ daycare and nursing homes since they cannot have babies. Some societies have barred wealthy men from acting boorish behind Men’s Only Club. Though exalted, Obi is as susceptible as others to opportunists.

Everybody is not a gold digger as there are many happily married couples in spite of the age differences. There is the saying that – I would rather be the darling of an old man than “whatever” of a young man. Older women relationships with younger men do not usually last as long in spite of all the scientific discoveries made to keep them younger. Plastic surgery can be expensive for a limited time than genital reconstruction benefit.

Indeed, a healthy relationship can develop between the old and young without sexual relationship but of very little benefit to the partner that may want a new family or for the younger partner to start a family. Older women seeking those types of relationships have always insisted that sex is not just for procreation, a younger guy may disagree. The danger is there that in spite of replenished lubrication, he may tear it up. Eh!

In any case, the excitement of looking forward to sex has introduced a new behavior to the relationship of men and women in their later years as part of living longer. Longer life has brought the advantages and disadvantages of filling it up with excitement to be relevant to younger people. Advance age also mean we have to be able to live on what is saved and invested before the age of forty. But young men and women spend faster.

Older men going to old countries in Europe, Asia and Africa to live in paradise or marry younger brides has backfired because of increasing violence and some irreconcilable differences between each partner’s expectations. Those older women coming from Europe and America have been able to hook up with their toy boys in Africa and Asia as well, even for the purpose of regularizing their immigration papers.


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