If President Yar'Adua is a man of conscience, he should take 100% blame for the wrangling between the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (AGF). The reason for this is not far-fetched. Thus, when the AGF made the recommendation to Presidency for the AGF to supervise EFCC, after all the abracadabra from the Constitution, the President was not bound to accept the AGF's opinion. Honoring that ugly quest has put a question mark on his agenda, and of course, this is injustice to the people of Nigeria. At this point, the President can take two steps backward in order to achieve 100 steps forward, presumably the goal of any leader. Anti-graft war is paramount in a country where the pregnant women cannot swear that their unborn babies are not corrupt. It's no more a secret that corruption is certainly the most wide spread disease ravaging the whole country, and that is why the masses are suffering in the midst of plenty natural resources. 

It's disturbing that the fundamental issue in this matter between the EFCC and AGF is not being addressed. Thus, the question every reasonable Nigerian must ask is whether the EFCC had wrongfully prosecuted any public officer in the past. If not, why the supervision from AGF? It's only when errors were constantly found in the evidences from EFCC against public looters that the Presidency should have thought of making AGF look above their (EFCC) shoulders. This would have been necessary in order not to cause embarrassment to government because EFCC is an arm of government. Suffice it to say that the problem at hand is not legal but of management, and should not be confused with various sections of the Constitution or the rule of law. However, if Nigerians feel that EFCC is not doing enough by virtue of their selective prosecution, you want to give the benefit of doubt of too much workload on EFCC, and hence they have not been able to deal with all public looters. The ideal thing to do under such circumstance is to empower ICPC or set up another agency to go after the cronies of EFCC who are public looters. This way, investigation and prosecution of looters is widened because corruption is the bane of the nation's development. It has been repeatedly advocated that, those in authority must develop analytical skills in order to make sound decisions that would win the confidence of people both home and abroad. 

Disappointedly, some legal luminaries in support of the AGF's action are not seeing this ugly situation because they're obsessed with "the rule of law." With a deep look, they should have known straight away the objective of the AGF. Reuben Abati, "Guardian editor" told us on September 9, 2007 in his publication that, "it is not known that Mr. Aondoakaa (SAN) who is now AGF has withdrawn from this case as counsel." Apparently, the present AGF not long ago, as a legal practitioner had clients accused of looting government treasury. As such, he was in a legal battle with EFCC after receiving part of the loots as legal fees and miscellaneous expenses. On the other hand, it should not surprise any dummy that these legal giants backing the AGF are in the same boat of ruining the country because they all have these rogues as clients. Their excuse of, every accused person is entitled to an attorney is known to everybody. However, the injustice is that, the legal processes is orchestrated to accommodate their evil agenda, thereby making "the rule of law" synonymous with injustice. 

It's heart breaking to know that these Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) that the masses expect to put things right in order to uplift the general standard of living are the same people putting bottleneck on issues that would elevate their sufferings. Is it not clear to everyone that, it's only when public stealing is drastically reduced that there would be food, good water, healthcare, shelter, etc for all? This writer wants to remind these SANs that, scholarship money is group/public money. Justice was perfected when they got scholarship money to study at home and across the globe. The expectation was for them to return and improve their environment with the knowledge acquired. Sadly, what we see today is the injustices of the SANs haven't returned to swindle and impoverish the masses that funded their education. On the other hand, where is the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) in all of these and what do they stand for? Is it forbidden for them as NBA to champion truth and equity in a society? Before their very eyes, a public officer was granted immunity while in office and no sooner he leaves office, a court makes a bizarre pronouncement restraining any body or persons from investigating him as a custodian of public funds. Neither has the AGF in the midst of court hierarchy thought of using higher courts to remove whatever restrains and let the accuse defend his custody of trillions of naira/dollar entrusted to him as a public officer. The injustice here is for the AGF, the trial Judge, the accused (public officer), and the SANs to share the loot while the millions of Nigerians can go to hell. The AGF and his friends are telling Nigerians that unless the sharing formula follows this path, "the rule of law" has been breached. 

The word justice does not connote wrong doing but righteousness. It's devastating when the big wigs in the legal profession are misleading the stages of debate among Nigerians, all in name of amassing dividends of treasury loots. Not long ago, these same legal giants introduced "plea bargain," to Nigerians. This has made it possible for rogues who made their people poor forever to go scot-free in the name of plea bargain. Again, the same people are singing another dangerous chorus of putting EFCC in chains with their popular slogan, "the rule of law." To these law interpreters, "the rule of law" is an ass that does not come with equity. To them, you can go to equity with dirty hands of stealing public funds, and it is okay. 

Unfortunately, injustices in Nigeria have come to stay. Otherwise, how can anyone explain why only the civilians in Nigeria are being investigated? What has happened to any one in military uniform? That they are allowed to keep their stolen money and continue to manipulate the polity with their ill-gotten wealth is the height of injustice in an era when the National assembly is a democratic outfit. Well President Yar'Adua is in a position to correct this anomaly because he is well educated and was never a military personnel. Let's see what he will do in the next 4-8 years as President and Commander-in Chief. 

When you reflect on nature in Nigeria, you will say with confidence that God in His infinite mercy perfected justice in Nigeria. Just look out there, you will see the trees, good vegetation, sea, and land in abundance. If human satisfaction is all about comparison, then you should be amazed at the amount of natural resources in Nigeria. Most interestingly, is the fact that when you throw seed on any land in Nigeria, it germinates. What other thing of nature does any Nigerian want from God? If nothing, why all the injustices in the land of justice? 

Tosan Okotie 

Texas, USA.