I did not feel any anger, sorrow, or disbelieve when I heard that Jega's INEC had postponed the general assembly election earlier scheduled for April 2. Mr. Jega boldly announced on the D-Day that the election had been shifted to April 4. He shocked the nation when some voters were still waiting to exercise their voting rights…

Whereas Mr. Jega had told his nation; even boasted that he, Jega was prepared to conduct the freest and fairest elections in the history of a troubled nation! Of course he didn't use the word troubled. However his assertion came on the eve of the election…

This shouldn't be suspicious because an INEC man is always a sincere man. Don't you think so? Of course you do, and that is why you're so taken aback that election was cancelled on the D-Day in Nigeria.

Then the INEC chairman announced further that all the general elections have been re-scheduled. This basically means that elections scheduled for 2, 9 and 16 will now be held on 9, 16 and 26 respectively…

Now if the incumbent wins the presidential election – free and fair or do-or-die, his opponents will definitely refers to this false start. Part of this is obviously the insensitivity that has characterised our approach to implementation of conduct.

In postponing and re-scheduling the elections, Mr. Jega told Nigerians that he postponed the elections because of his earlier promise that he would tell Nigerians the truth, nothing but the truth about the controversial elections…

The man apologised to the nation, saying inter alia, "This is one such occasion. Indeed, it is an emergency. As you know the National Assembly (House of Representatives and Senate) elections are supposed to be taking place as I speak. You would also have noticed that things have not proceeded smoothly as expected with the elections. The reason for this is the unanticipated emergency we have experienced with late arrival of result sheets in many parts of the country. The result sheets are central to the elections and their integrity..." full text

Mr. Chairman appealed to the nation for understanding but many Nigerians dismissed it as the usual loud and confused and empty talk by public officials. Mr Goodluck, a president so lucky to have married Patience as wife, agreed with his INEC man, saying he Goodluck still trusts the professor to conduct free and fair elections…

In the history of Nigeria, has there been a time when an incumbent president was defeated? Oh, how can we even know when almost what we have had were military coup and civilian counter coup!

What continues to pain me is our social commentators' position. I feel anger, sorrow and disbelie when they try to analyse – in form of rebuke or praise – how things should be done concerning the elections.

Almost all of our social critics whom we look up to are intellectually fraudulent, criminally depraved in their crocodile tears' criticism. By insinuating that Jega be removed, they have either displayed their little knowledge of political situation in the country; or rather they know not what it is they are talking about. How come they do not know that whoever replaced Jega will follow the same depressivepath or even worse. Iwuruwuru, Jega-jaga and what have you.

With due respect, I passionately believe we would get the same result even if anyone or combination of these fine men – Awo, Zik, Kano – were to conduct elections in Nigerian of today. So I proclaim here that our orientation and values are genuinely responsible for Iwuruwu or Jega-jaga.

I think most of our critics just write for writing sake – and for goodness sake the part of the problem. Otherwise anyone who has been diligently and passionately and honestly following Nigeria's trajectory would definitely know it is impossible for INEC to conduct free and fair elections. Not when its chairman is under and always selected by the incumbent president.

Instead of asserting this fact, most of us are still busy analysing, predicting with a first class self-deceit. How can they be surprised about the postponed elections, especially in this context when they have already projected Nigeria a doomed nation? Don't they understand that INEC is part of that doom they have been mouthing about? So why the pretence about being surprised, why the anger; why the jega-jaga or Iwuruwuru?

The only way an incumbent can lose a presidential election in Nigeria is, if the INEC chairman or his associates decide to betray the moment. And unless Mr. Jega prefers to be a dead hero will he go against the norm.

Whether ironic or not, the funny thing about this, is the fact that none of the present presidential candidates would also appoint a disloyal man or woman to head the electoral commission if they were in Mr. Goodluck's shoes. So what exactly are we moaning about?

In fact, how can an informed and honest commentator write more than three words regarding the postponement? SUPER TRUST DUPER!

Ours, it seems an expression of agreement not supported by real conviction. Nna, we are all part of the problem confronting this "geographical expression" called Nigeria.

The way out is lost on us except of course our die-hard hypocrisy. The way out is perhaps saying enough is enough, but I guess we don't know how to do that. Until then let INEC remain what it is – a mirror – of our pretence.