In Scavengia With Boko and Blokos Haram

Welcome to Scavengia.
Major cities - (1) Predatoria (commercial capital). (2)  Parasity (political capital).

Scavengia's national flag is a black rag. Black to signify a perpetual darkness that covers the land. Darkness that exists because this is what elite Scavengians prefer. They prefer darkness because under its cover, men and women can indulge all appetites without fear of being seen.

But all is not well in Scavengia.

For a number of years, people in the north-east have been terrorised by a group of men who call themselves 'boko haram'. But this is not the real reason why all is not well in Scavengia. While a part of the country has been under seige fom boko haram, the more insidious activities of blokos haram covers the entire geographical space.

Meanwhile, the international community is less concerned about what blokos haram is up to because all know that without blokos haram, there would be no Scavengia for foreigners to exploit.

While out of the two harams, boko is the more assertive, blokos haram cannot be written off just yet. With its membership numbering in the tens of millions, it is still quite possible that blokos haram will eventually overwhelm boko haram.

The difference between members of boko and blokos is religion. Some who joined boko haram came from negro clans that worship Arabs. These believe with all their hearts that they are the progeny of congenital idiots who were too intellectually defective to recognise the fact that there are forces in the universe more powerful than Man. They believe that because Arabs were the first to inform their imbecile ancestors about the existence of a Supreme Being, then the Arab deserves to be worshipped. Not to put too fine a point on it, these are lunatics orbiting a reeking ball of excrement in a toxic universe that is not completely of their own making.

This is how they choose to express the divine gift of free will.

It was stated above that the difference between boko and blokos haram is religion but, this is not exactly true since many in boko haram are also members of blokos haram. To overstand how this is possible - especially since the two are supposedely engaged in a fight to the death - we must first look at the groundings of blokos haram.

Members of blokos haram have a lot in common with cattle that travellers on the Lagos-Ibadan Express-way will sometimes see slowly roaming through shrubs growing by the roadside. This is not an insult. After all, these cattle are contented creatures.

The men of blokos haram believe that negroes are the most fortunate creatures on Earth. They believe this because they do not think that negroes need to do much that is difficult in order to survive. Because unlike others who had to devise and then undergo religious, political, cultural, and industrial revolutions, negroes have no need to seek similar upheavals. Others have done the hard work and all that is left for the negro to do is enjoy the benefits. In short, members of blokos haram see no need to innovate in ways that will overthrow the status quo that they were born into.

If you ask one of them to elucidate on this lack of neccesity, he will tell you that blecks do not need to invent cars, this has already been done. All blecks need do is look for the money to buy cars. Similarly, blecks do not need to invent economic theories or any sort of concept that can be used to order society, they simply need to apply those already in existence - those first applied on other continents.

We therefore see how easy it is to drift from blokos haram to boko haram. A man has no need to change much of his qualities.

In spite of spite of all that they have in common, war between the two harams continue.

I end by saluting a few brave gladiators of blokos haram:

Stand up Maaazi Femi Fani-Kayode, your name will live long on the roll of valiant blokos haram warriors:

Stand up Ayatulla Ayo Oritsejafor, your name will live long on the roll of valiant blokos haram warriors. Stand up Presidont Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, your name will live long on the roll of valiant blokos haram warriors.

Unfortunately, I cannot pay the same compliments to gladiators from the other side as these are either nameless or operating under pseudonyms.

As for ones who are still spectators, may Edumare have mercy on you all. May Edumare preserve you from the plot to conscript you into either boko or blokos haram.