RUÔÇőLE 1 : Regardless of threat level presented, be aware of all visible/vociferous agitators and activists.

Where an imminent threat is percieved, then elimination is the most obvious solution. Otherwise, the object is monitored and contained within a discreet perimeter. In which case the object, which is now a controlled situation, can be used the same way a predator uses a watering hole - i.e. lie at a vantage point, watch what comes to drink, and pick off ripe prey. alt

RULE 2 : A human is primarily perception and emotion.

One affects the other : we see then we feel. This is the normal order. However, this order can be reversed by one who knows the triggers for specific emotions (i.e. what one sees can be affected by how one feels).

The most useful fundamental configuration of emotions in this case is when the target(s) oscillate between a range that has anger, sadness, frustration, and despair at one end and, faith-based hope/optimism at the other. This oscillation creates a set of handles that can be manipulated to engineer any (or all) from a set of secondary emotions that will unfailingly lead to false perception. These secondary emotions are more intense versions of the initial configurations.

The one who flies the kite called "Agent Provocateur" will direct it to perform certain acts - to use words or phrases that are calculated to arouse the required emotion(s). Following the proper implementation of this strategem and, provided that the Agent Provocateur has the neccesary credibility [see NOTE below], the perception which distracts from reality is created.

Again and more: The Agent Provocateur is not just used to initiate self-destruction; it can also be used to divert the energies into futile acts - to lead the targeted minds towards mirages, objects of distraction - and, eventually destruction.

NOTE: The credibility of an Agent Provocateur can be positive as well as negative (i.e. some are actually designed to be objects of hatred). There are times when we will respond to one who challenges us quicker and with more vigour than we would respond to one with whom we are on the same path. The objective is distraction.

RULE 3 : The target's self-importance/vanity is your greatest asset.

Find out what personal quality the target takes the greatest pride in, and challenge the credibility of its self-appraisal.

For example, if the target prides itself on being a great warrior, then it is vulnerable to being provoked into a reaction on the battlefield even when the disposition of forces/resources are unfavorable. The key to an inevitable precipitate reaction is a successful challenge to the target's sense of self-worth.

On the other hand, if the target prides itself above all on the quality of its brain-power, then it can always be provoked into revealing critical information about itself (and/or its plans) by subtle challenges to the level of its intelligence.