I feel constrained to write this letter to you. But before I go in perspective, I would like to state that my intention is neither to question your ability to head our embassy nor to cause any kinds of embarrassment whatsoever either to you or any of the five diplomatic staff manning the affairs of Nigeria in Hungary.

 However, I am presently suffering current affairs embarrassments after leaving through the official website of The Embassy of Nigeria Budapest, Hungary which apparently serves as a gateway to our country in this Danube area with concurrent accreditation to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia - Herzegovina.

Under facts about Nigeria, the website states that Patricia Etteh is Speaker of the House after almost a year she had disgracefully left the office. Of course, I quite understand what they mean when they say to err is human. Meanwhile, this is not the first time the embassy would make such a bad mistake.

And as a citizen I feel concerned and obliged to notify your office even though I do criticise most of the policies being implemented by the present administration on a daily basis. Whilst some people may think it's a minor error to muddle the Speaker's name, I believe otherwise.

Even long after the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (Iku baba yeye) left the office, the same website failed to replace his name with the incumbent - on time. I remember that I alerted the embassy then before it was finally changed. The same thing happened when you assumed office as the new ambassador. It took some time after your inauguration before uploading your name.

There's no doubting the fact that this website acts as a public relation contact for visitors willing to do business with the embassy and as such it is imperative to accurately and widely disseminate any findings, especially in this Information Age. Whoever in-charge is expected to use his or her best endeavours to promote the embassy's image - professionally.

The Speaker being the third in line for succession to the Nigerian presidency after the President of the Senate and Vice-President occupies a significant position in our polity. Therefore it doesn't augur well if after a year, the name of the current Nigerian Speaker cannot be accurately posted where it matters most.

There are many people including the diplomatic staff who need this kind of information to broaden their current affairs knowledge either for promotion or for other reasons. And what if they solely rely on this website for cognition needed to pass their exams!

In view of this, it should be noted that the current Speaker is Dimeji Bankole (PDP). He was "elected" on November 1, 2007 after his predecessor's ignoble exit.

Jaja Wachukwu (NCNC), the first indigenous Speaker of the House of Representatives, assumed office in 1959 to 1960, having replaced Sir Frederick Metcalfe of Great Britain.

Edwin Ume-Ezeoke (NPN) 1979-1983; Salisu Buhari (PDP) 1999-2000; Ghali Na'Abba (PDP) 2000-2003; Aminu Bella Masari (PDP) 2003-2007); Patricia Etteh (PDP) 2007-2007; Dimeji Bankole PDP) 2007-present).

I trust your Excellency or any designated officer will amend the website sooner than later in order to portray the fact about our country.

A Concerned Nigerian

Hakeem Babalola

Budapest, Hungary


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