Because Dem Say I Be Bank Robber

Me Africaness a crime in their eyes

Me Nigerianess a crook in their eyes

Cause I smart pass them in their own game?

They who enchant I with whiteness

Turning I into zombie functionally illiterate

Me forefather more harm they did him

When they forced him build their land

They rob his wealth and humaness

Buckle down his children children

But me dignity I must keep

Hence I enslave me soul

They make I guilty of me image

Dispower I from I and from I

They who define who I should be

But when I start to free meself

They remind I of me past

How it was they that empower I

Otherwise in darkness I waste

Though I believe not their thought

HumnÔÇŽ I'm I still not a victim?

Today their land I run for me bread

Today me father still borrow from them

Help shall come to bondage I ÔÇô again

When I start to know, me father they rebuke

Him not doing proper job on I

Help... me inheritance to seek

Else hunger become I ÔÇô forever

And when I enlighten me father

About whiteman's trick

Me papa disown I:

Oyinbo never go wrong!

Me father, victim himself

Is addicted to hooking help

The more I resist Oyinbo's trick

The more they trick I

Then Oyinbo return half me forefather's wealth

Deceive me father to feed I good education

Off they entice I to their land ÔÇô again

Not like slave but like Queen's servant

To drain me clan ÔÇô again

Now I know ÔÇô

Whiteman don't like beggar

Whiteman disrespect beggar

But beggar they want I to be

To remain what they want I to be:

Beggar, bank robber & laughing stock