"Let's look at another one whom you might say is verbose. Brother Jero! But go to church. Go to television. These people who work miracles. They are not satisfied with just working miracles, they are busy trying to hypnotizeÔÇŽthere is no other word for itÔÇŽ, through there sheer verbiage. They are trying to bludgeon their congregation into submission. They are dramatists. They extrapolate and annotate. And they never stop from beginning to end, except they are passing the tray round for offering, and when they allow the choir to sing. So, Brother Jero is using that technique, that rhetorical onslaught on his victims."

-Wole Soyinka

"[Jeroism] is an old canker; Jesus was hated by the Pharisees because of his free healing and forgiveness of sins without any demand of offerings, this is the precept of all [Jeroism] that inflicted Brother Judas. Honestly, the today billionaire Jesus has disabused their congregations of no healings without passing the tray around many times."

-Olayinka Olalekan

I certainly do no think we are unaware of the invasion of wolves among the sheep. Of course, the shepherd is to blame for accepting the repentance of wolves without removing their corrupt claws. Or who blames a lunatic king for beheading the chief priest? This is just it; the chief priest had consulted the all seen god ÔÇśIfa' before casting the village choice of king on Adegbolu, a chronic mad man who had just been healed by the gods! This is what brother Jeros are! They are healed by the gods, yet madness runs in their veins. They go on lunatic asylum from time to time to estimate the progress of their healings.  These people have characterized our societies, they are in every neighborhood. Honestly they are microcosm of this country. The likes of Brother Jeros will never make any society grows; they inflict the poor with more poverty although they are good at making promises. They raise the hope of their victims in God; they scare them with an unseen wicked god who will neither bless nor heal them when they refuse to give offerings and tithes. I have traveled wide and large, I have seen many Brother Jeros, and I have lived with them. These people are gluttons, they eat at ÔÇśOgun' shrine, dance at ÔÇśIfa' shrine, they are in mosques on Fridays, they are there to eat ÔÇśmosa', we know them, they are there on sundays for holy communion, they steal what belongs to gods, they steal from the poor, their children are like those of Eli, they rob Peter, and they don't even pay Paul. Who will deliver our crippled societies from activities of the Jeros? One thing I observed is that brother Jeros have aimed to ruin the lower classes and king Babus for the upper classes. Honestly, I thank the great Soyinka for idealizing king Babus and brother Jeros.

I understand EFCC is hunting for Brother Jeros. I hope it is in good faith? You may question my doubts. It is because this part of the world is full of talented dramatists. Who knows what brother Jeros has done to the other office of King Baabu? Smoke does not issue for nothing. That baffles me when I surf the net recently. I saw many faces of Brother Jeros, young and old, white and black, red and green. Brother Jeros is a strong cartel of Pharisees, an unprecedented height of Babel, another wall of Jericho against the poor masses. Honestly, Soyinka wasn't mistaking when he said, brother Jeros were not satisfied with working miracles, today Brother Jeros have institutionalized their cartels, they compete with king Babus in everything, they have polytechnics, universities that their poor victims cannot even afford the fees. Pray hard!! Brother Jeros will shout at their congregations for God's blessing. I am surprised for a brother Jero that was in possession of over N7 billion in his account, how much did brother Judas sell Jesus that the entire world could cast so much rejects on him or considered it sacrilege to even bear his name, was it not thirty shekel? What was brother Jero doing with such money? The officer of king Babu should ask him. I said it; there wouldn't be issuance of smoke without fire. I understand Brother Jeros had stolen from one other office of king Babul yesterday, and toady his sins are forgiven without returning his stolen loots. That is what Brother Jeros do from time to time, and tell their congregations that God will not bless them unless they bring offerings by whatever means. I can't even understand the doings of Brother Jeros recently; I think the evil spirits they had once cast out are repossessing them in vengeance. Would any one point me wrong for being angry with brother Jeros? Brother Jeros preach suffering and smiling, and cajole their victims to resist inflictions put upon them by the offices of king Babus all over the country. Brother Jeros have many ways of cropping their offerings; they are good in publishing business from time to time, sowing seeds of faith on whatever kind of soils. Although some brother Jeros could be lenient in their demands sometimes, others are sheer strict to reject any donation that is as low as N10; they frown at such members and condemn it as sins for anyone to be in church without a penny or with his hands in pocket.

Who becomes king Babu without having to pass through the tabernacles of Brother Jeros? No history of this country shows that from the time of colonial Babus till date. King Babus believe in gods of Brother Jeros, they are obedient servants when to be selected for kingship rituals. They come to the tabernacles of brother Jeros in bubbling cacophonies of thanks given, for winning elections that have been spiritually rigged by the gods of brother Jeros. Other king Babus pray more than five times in a day, raising their corrupt buttocks from time to time to seek God's favor in vain. I understand some king Babus work miracles like brother Jeros; they turn water to wine, divide the seas with strong policies at expense of others; and deliver sufferers from Egypt to Babylon. King Babus are as many as brother Jeros, they are magicians, they disappear here, reappear there all within a twinkle, king Babus are in London, in America, they fly in air with talisman! They fight devil and conquer, they overpower death day after day, when everyone grows old, king Babus are always 60; a king Babu is 60, his last child is 65! I said it, these people work miracles! Anyone can become brother Jero, but not a king Babu since only kinsmen are permitted for the royal rituals in Okija shrine. This is where the gods make their various demands to the chief priest, sometimes such demands can be as low as various anatomy of  human parts, heads, kidneys, hearts are common demands but most often the oracles demand increase in pump price of petrol from some high ranking king Babus especially for cleansing and protection rituals. This is the most expensive ritual for all king Babus, and must be renewed from time to time to appease the gods for more favor! Sometimes, some brother Jeros patronize the same WHO (World Health Okija) as king Babus, especially during the dry seasons of miracles. What would they do, when demands for miracles are so high and miracles refuse to happen? Honestly, if these brother Jeros refuse to meet the laws of demand and supply they may lose their fans to other brothers who can deliver on time.                                                                                                                 


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