One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of churches and mosques and other places of worship we have all over Nigeria. But there are some things that are really missing in the day to day life of average Nigerian: 'truth, honesty and  the real fear of God.'   If the latter is missing in some people's lives what then is the need  for all these places of worship in Nigeria?  There is almost ZERO morality in Nigeria society today.

It seems that the spirit of greediness and the deceptive nature of abracadabra is so entrenched in the heart of many of our people that the tendency of acts of money making by all means has got no limit among some heartless Nigerians that nothing is sacred anymore.

Or how else could one describe a situation whereby some heartless 419 Nigerians, according to the BBC World Service, on 31-05-08, duped a couple here in Britain of over ┬ú100,000.00, and it was reported worldwide.   How long shall we continue to endure all this shameless behaviour of some few idiots amongst us. One of them, Victor xxxxx, was sentenced to some few years in prison, while the rest are at large.    The worst part of the story was that, this heartless fellows sent the unsuspecting couples a box filled with worthless cardboard pieces disguised  as money, while they, (the 419 guys), laugh to the bank with other peoples money.   In fact, I don't know how they could sleep at night with this heartless behaviours.

These people thought that they are living in heaven with their ill gotten wealth, but they are living in hell.  There is no hiding place for the.   Time alone, only time will tell.

People are now becoming indifferent to most of the atrocities going on in our society and nobody cares about where it will all end.   For instance, I was travelling to Nigeria on a business trip a few years back, with someone I now called my ex-friend because we are no longer friends anymore because of his Nigerian mentality.  On getting to the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, he told me that I should get some money ready.  I said for what?   He said to bribe the Customs officers.  I said for what reason?   He said, if we don't, they won't let us go, they will delay us. I said no way!

You can see the usual barbaric pandemonium every time there's an international airline landed at the airport.  I refused and stood my ground, because I told him that I have got nothing to declare, why should I waste my hard earned cash on any government official for doing their jobs.   To cut the story short, we got to the Customs officers and you can see the usual greedy and anticipation of ÔÇśgive me your cash' look in their faces.   While I was there arguing and urging the Customs officials to do their duty and let me go, my ex-friend went behind me and settled them on his own, but I stood my ground.   When they saw the stubbornness and determination in my face, they had no choice but to let me go.

All we really need in Nigeria is a 'serious re orientation' and mass education of the whole populace, to know their rights and demand them.   There are always two sides to a coin.   If you don't give a bribe, nobody will take it. In fact, I would rather suffer the consequences of not paying a bribe, if it does not involve a matter of life and death. i.e. if you are face with the trigger happy police officers or heartless armed robbers. It is only a stupid person that will be staring gun in the face and prove to be stubborn.    Apart from the above scenario, there's no way I will subject myself to this type of  behaviour that is ruining our country's reputation as people all over the world. Enough is enough!!!  Nigeria is rated one of the most corrupt country in the whole world.

Talking about re-orientation, the only people that came close to achieving the noble tasks was the Generals Buhari  and Idiagbon administration, before they were rudely interrupted by the most EVIL person that ever walk the land of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Babangida.

I can vividly remember that majority of Nigerians were complaining about the inconvenience of the biggest tasks to restore sanity into our society through DISCIPLINE, especially the hardworking and no nonsense approach of General Idiagbon.   And everything was going on well in Nigeria, and orderliness was the order of the day.   Sanitation became a priority every weekend.   Nobody took bribes and nobody gave bribes.  The roads were cleaned, there was regular power supply and food was available in the market for the average Nigerian to buy.   There was a VERY BIG HOPE for Nigeria then, not knowing that there was a DEVIL incarnate lurking around the corner to ruin the bright hope of Nigeria.

Then  came the evil genius himself, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, and the rest, as they, is history, and Nigeria, was back to square one, and we are yet to recover till date.   Only God can help us.   But we must help ourselves by retraining our mind into positive thinking and restore the very important missing link, DISCIPLINE, back into our society, before Nigeria can move forward.

Taiwo T. Taiwo -


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