Go Siasia Go!

Sentiments should not drive the final decision of Samson Siasia employers ÔÇô Nigerian Football Federation, when they eventually sit to decide his fate. Siasia, in spite of what his admirers would want the rest of the country to believe, has proven that he is not as good as he claimed. The adulation heap on him in the past to say the least where wrongly made.

altCoach Samson Siasia is a disaster that would continue to repeat itself, unless someone out there is bold enough to call the bluff of his misguided supporters, who are bent on imposing this non performer on football loving Nigerians. A man who claimed to be a coach yet refuse to take the path of honour, which is what every coach who have failed to accomplished a task do, is not a genuine coach. Coaches in other climes, are known to throw in the towel immediately they failed their employers and supporters. But here we have a man who from all indications lacks all the requisite technical skills to handle a national team, doing everything he can to hold on to the job.

There is no patriotism in the desires of Samson Siasia to continue as chief coach of super Eagle; he only wants to remain because of the undeserved five million naira he earns monthly. His attitude is more like what our politicians indulge in; even when it's obvious they have nothing more to offer the people, they will always insist they return back to power at every election.

Recently, Siasia was a guest in a television programme (Kaakaki, in AIT) were he pleaded for a second chance. His plead made me worry; why

is he so desperate to remain chief coach? Is there nothing else he could do with his life? Is there no domestic club he could coach with his little technical skills?

Asking for a second chance, is like asking too much. He got a second chance as coach of under 21, and at the end of the day, he could not scale the group stage. He was made coach of Heartland of Owerri, when the club won a continental ticket with an unknown coach; the club never went beyond the group stage. Remember two unsung Nigerian coaches, took Enyimba of Aba to achieve that same continental glory that eluded Siasia's Heartland. Siasia's supporters would always point at his silver laurels at a world under 21 competition and the Olympics, to support their claims that he is a good coach; while not taking any thing away from him, I will like to crave the indulgence of Nigerians to go and check the list of countries, his boys played against in the two competitions.

The truth is, the only genuine football country we met in the competitions was Argentina; and Nigerians were beaten by them.

Without apology, as a player and later a coach, Samson Siasia is a nuisance to Nigerian football. My grievance with him is not personal; I am just amaze that a man who as a player belongs to a caucus, which holds the country at the jugular anytime they are invited to play for the country and later became the chief coach of the most unimpressive

super eagle of all times, do not see any moral reason to quit. Is he thinking the position is his birth right? Onigbinde, Amodu, etc, have been there in the past and left after failing to deliver. Why is Siasia and his supporters making his own a ÔÇśdo or die' affair?

A second chance for Siasia, will be the end for Nigerian football. The man is empty; he is just a lucky coach in the past; and now he had run out of luck. For the nine months, he was as the saddled as chief coach, can anyone honestly say there is any difference in the style of play of his super Eagle when compared to when Chukwu, Amodu and Oniginde were in charged? Is still the same boring display by tired and old legs on the football fields.

Nigerians are in need of the Westerhouf's magic years; Siasia cannot reignite that era in our football. Siasia said he only lost a match since he came on board as chief coach; how shameless can a man be. In a group that comprises countries who do not even have football leagues, this shameless Siasia cannot see the eternal disgrace he has brought on our psyche as a football giant in Africa.

After losing against Nigeria at the Olympics, Brazil Football Federation insisted they want to play Nigeria again. When their request was finally granted they came right here in Abuja and trashed Super Eagles. The same scenario was repeated recently by the Argentines. No ÔÇśsuperior' football

country feel comfortable after losing to a perceived inferior; Nigeria shouldn't be different. That's why Siasia must go now.

It's an established practise the world over, that when a coach failed to deliver; he takes the path of honour by resigning. Since Samson Siasia won't follow this path, then NFF should do Nigerians the favour of kicking him out.

There are better coaches in

our domestic leagues than Siasia, just as there are better players than those we call in from Abroad in the name of professionals. All they need is the opportunity and platform to show their skills.

I am biding Samson Siasia goodbye on behalf of millions of Nigerians whose health conditions he helped to worsen with his featherless Eagle. May his type never walk the path of our football again. I am already hearing a million

- Amen.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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