From Pyrates Confraternity to Jibaluka Confraternity: The Rising/ Jibaluka

Concoction! Authority grazing! They lined them up like foot mats and stamped on them from toes to neck. They were told not to speak and if they attempt, wicked opprobrium became theirs. Steeped in forbidden darkness, human beings with promise to change the world embraced violence.

Hands flew at random, threatening and hitting out. They stripped their minds bare and made them to frog jump. If the mind is truly the man, then, replace a convention with another convention. Pyrates found willing Avatars in young ones, fresh as green to inflict unwanton pain. True enough, those who came enjoyed the physical assault for without opportunity to compare, mpanaka light is it. Amazing how human beings are attracted to shock absorbing pains and humiliation. A failed foundation will produce the kind of leaders these Actors wants in their association. So, Pyrates Confraternity became a by word that has no resemblance to her founding fathers. What sin did CB commit? How, that in his life time, an adventure set forth to give meaning to life threatening needs steered away from original intentions, jumped ship and became so jelly-fish that the only recognition left is in its patches of barges, arraigned in the fashion of local chieftaincy titles bestowed by little Hitlerites and their travelling troubadours.

Men wore approved uniforms for no other reason than to demarcate and make unwanted noise: DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? An insult to daylight those uniforms turned out to be. Cap’n Blood simply wore his black toga with an inserted Skull & Crossbones and no more. Even when attired in his shirts, he can pass as a Spartan preacher or a School Master. It is passed hilarious to witness this penchant for vain-gloriousness inflicted on an association with high spiritual incubation at its early stage. Nothing beats those silly, but consistent interruptions, except when compared with the spirit of Rehoboam. It was then under the King, that his children went berserk, plucking fruits without approval. No admonition could stop them on their way to “vice and ribaldry”.

In their sworn vomit, Rehoboam did not look back. A rear view mirror could have made Rehoboam’s camp hear the peoples’ tired gongs that wept abundantly at nights. No, they used their ear for decoration, their eyes to visualise Adonis masculinity when strutting the skeleton of beating samba in masturbation. And so it was that when the tired gong died down, the rising erupted as a whole lot of Israel became affected by Rehoboams madness. The concoction of inertia has been proven throughout history to be contagious. So, the people tore open their tent, overthrew their camp and running amok, they desecrated their living spaces and screamed for a final time: “TO YOUR TENTS O’ISREAL”.  The only resemblance to Pyrates self-inflicted internal enmity is what Japan did to itself during the WW11. Atomic bomb as fine tooled as that of US of A was already mounted in the high seas. General Ariizumi waited for orders that never came up until America struck. Procrastination has its underbelly and for tarrying, Gen. Ariizumi committed Harakiri. If we are to look for any further resemblance, it would be to either visit Biblical Sampson the Strong or invoke Japan’s Kamikaze. Kamikaze after a war dance, would pen a letter to a heart throb, swallow a bomb like drug mules and ferrying such, detonate at destination, while the home-base celebrated the harbinger’s rite of passage. What a picturesque anime that was?

In order not to derail further, these hydra-headed Averters who by any hand extension are in no way prodigies of Capn Blood of Tortuga who has been made for umpteenth times to step out from his template and address the forbidden betrayals festered by lack of ideas and drowned by inept impunity. Last was not too long ago when he gave that succinct message: “Back to the basis.” Credit to CB is that this was not a high fluting expression, yet, as clear as it could be to any Pyrate initiate, those bandied and corrupted NAS members gave it filial and superficial interpretations. The life we live in has no respect. If it does and they were confused, they could have asked CB what he meant, especially as they had access to him. Cacophonous interpretations continued its wayward way by going to shop in supermarkets for bags of rice and spoons supposedly for orphaned children, to rent estates bigger than what it ever had, and to ignore the meta-content of CB’s admonition. An analysis of “Back to the basis” could have produced an acceptance that PC has lost the reason for being and her ways of being. The acceptance of steering from original platform could have reinvigorated three times the lost energy, channelling a clarion call to re-commit to that basis of programmes and making sacrifices that would affect the greatest number of people in a humanistic society.

It was as I was musing about these poor visitations that the Pyrates Averters manning Japan and Australia bruised my space. Their petition was that Pyrates are gentlemen and civilised, therefore, I must be tailored to suit that what? I made quick and had neither reservation nor hesitation in sending back signal that Pyrates are in no way groomed to be “civilised and gentlemanly”. Pyrates are not also civilianised. Yes, they are part of a community, but every soul hosting Pyratism understands that withdrawal from Civilianised society is the first step to observing and taking care of the same society populated by human beings. The Actor leading the Averters in Japan and Australia often makes the erroneous mistake of equating business/corporate staff management with leading National Association of Seadogs. No, Pyrates at all times has been swatch-buckling, groomed to dare and to risk, and to speak their mind without minding whose ox is gored. Surely, these are not Pyrates, but Ahab’s children just arrived to take over, albeit, in a state of castration.

Patrick Nwadike wrote in from the Isles of Jibaluka.

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